Lifeguard On A Resume

Lifeguard On A Resume – Whether you’re looking to work in an indoor pool or on the beach, we’re here to help you prepare for any wave resume.

Some may think that lifeguarding is all about fun in the sun, but in reality, the job Theirs is heavier than that.

Lifeguard On A Resume

Lifeguard On A Resume

Lifeguards are responsible for monitoring water whether it is a swimming pool, ocean, water park, and other water areas, and maintain safety at all times.

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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Lifeguards, Ski Patrol, and Protective Services Other peacekeeping is at a growth rate of 1.1%, and there are more than 113, 150 employment opportunities. Current work.

Even if you only work as a lifeguard in the summer, it is important to have a lifeguard resume, and we are here to help you with just that.

In this article, we are going to go over 7 steps to change your resume from a normal resume to a gnarly one. Here’s what we’ll cover:

Did you know that there are many ways to format your resume? From including headshots to having a progress bar next to your key skills, there are many ways you can format your resume.

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As a lifeguard, you want the hiring manager to focus on your experience, certifications, and what you can do for everyday swimmers.

Tip: Even if you are only a lifeguard as a summer job, create a resume for the sole purpose of being a lifeguard.

While the choice is yours, formatting your resume in a hybrid format is often the best way to show hiring managers who you are and what you’ve done without making your resume too long.

Lifeguard On A Resume

Tip: Because the hiring manager receives a large number of resumes and applications Apply for their job listing, it is important to make a resume Your cold is prominent. Be sure to look at the job description posted and implement some of the details and keywords listed in your resume.

Lifeguard Resume Template

See our guide on how to format your resume if you want to learn more.

Summarize your resume in 1-2 sentences that summarize everything your resume contains. It’s a quick and easy way to show hiring managers that you appreciate their time, which can help your resume stand out because not everyone writes. You can think of it as your elevator pitch.

Sometimes, it’s hard to summarize yourself in 1-2 sentences, but here are some elements you should include in your resume summary:

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Tip: Sometimes, it’s easier to write your resume summary after you’ve written your resume. That way, it’s easier to pick and choose which features to include.

Lifeguard Resume Examples & Writing Tips 2022 (free Guide)

College students currently enrolled in Marine Biology are looking to help keep life safe this summer in the water. Lifeguard with 3 years experience and CPR certification.

While this example may seem straightforward, it doesn’t give the hiring manager a chance to take an interest in going through your resume in depth.

Lifeguard position is not an easy feat. Therefore, having previous experience may be what helps you get that lifeguard job at a nice beach or cool water park.

Lifeguard On A Resume

Tip: If you don’t have experience, don’t worry. As long as you are CPR/First Aid certified, you may be able to get an entry level lifeguard position.

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When describing your work experience, it’s important to focus on the specific qualities you’ve brought to the job, and do so using good verbs.

Instructions: Show work experience related to the job. Do not include your work experience from working in an ice cream shop or retail store as it does not apply to this position.

Need more tips and advice on how to write your work experience description? Check out our guide on describing your work experience.

Working with people, it may happen that someone faints or in need of saving. Getting a CPR / First Aid certification can increase your chances of getting a job, especially if you put that certification on your resume.

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Certification as a lifeguard shows the hiring manager that, if an emergency situation occurs, you have the certification and knowledge on how to resolve the situation and help those in need.

Tip: AED Instructor Certified means you are certified to work with an automated external defibrillator. These are used to help individuals who are experiencing cardiac arrest, which can occur at work.

If you’re looking for more certifications to include on your resume or want to know how to list them correctly, check out our guide.

Lifeguard On A Resume

As a lifeguard, there are many important skills that will benefit your resume and help you land the job. An impressive and relevant list of skills gives hiring managers more reason to hire you.

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Having trouble identifying your skills? We have a guide with 100+ important skills that you can include in your resume. yours.

As a lifeguard, you can be rewarded for your service. Including an award on your resume is a great way to show the hiring manager that you are passionate about the job and hard work.

Tip: Be sure to include where you received the award from and what year. 7. List your education on your resume

With that said, it is important to list your education in your resume. Whether you’ve graduated or are still in school, this shows hiring managers that you at least have the educational qualifications.

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Not sure where to put your GPA on your resume? See our guide on adding your GPA to your resume, which includes tips and examples.

From the looks of it, there may be more to your lifeguard resume than you initially thought, but these tips and tricks are sure to get you the job anywhere.

Follow our advice, your resume will be ready for any body of water you decide to work. Good luck!

Lifeguard On A Resume

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Lifeguard On A Resume

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