Kindergarten Teacher Resume Template

Kindergarten Teacher Resume Template – If you are looking for your next Kindergarten Teacher role, you should first review an excellent Kindergarten Teacher resume sample. You want to make sure that your resume immediately piques the interest of recruiters and hiring managers (within 6 seconds in fact, which is the average time it takes for someone to skim a resume and create a decision to shortlist or refuse).

The role of a Kindergarten Teacher is very varied, educating children in subjects such as social science, natural science, art, music, literature, and even personal hygiene. The purpose of the Kindergarten Teacher is universal however: to promote the social, physical and mental development of children at an early age and build a solid foundation for their future life.

Kindergarten Teacher Resume Template

Kindergarten Teacher Resume Template

Creating a stellar resume document may seem less of a daunting task after working through our Kindergarten Teacher resume guidelines below.

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1. Contact Information: First Name, Last Name, Phone Numbers and Email Address and Location. Also include social media profile links like Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook.

2. Career Summary: The introduction to your resume provides a future outline of your skills, achievements and work experience. A career summary may be the first paragraph or the last paragraph a hiring manager reads, so make it important. Powerful action verbs, wow factors, and credentials should be included in 4-6 lines, typed bold, and also in a different font to grab the reader’s attention.

3. Qualification Summary: Unlike pre-school teachers or teaching assistants, Kindergarten Teachers need a Bachelor’s Degree in early childhood education (or related disciplines) to teach. Include appropriate details about your qualifications (dates completed, name of qualification, institution, and location).

4. Relevant Teaching Experience: Previous experience in Kindergarten education is usually required to apply for jobs. Even if you are a complete novice who has just graduated, you get practical experience in a Kindergarten environment as part of your course curricula. Keep a resume length of no more than 2-3 pages and provide details about work experience in the last 5-10 years. Any previously acquired experience may be listed in a separate section indicating only the dates of employment, job title and company employed. Short sentences separated by bullet points are the best format for your experience section.

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5. Other Work Experience: If this is your first role as a Kindergarten Teacher focus on detailing your practical training served in an Elementary School or Kindergarten Facility. Then you can include other jobs related to teaching and child care, but not specifically in a Kindergarten setting. This may include, for example, jobs such as part-time teaching, summer teacher aide roles, study advisors, or substitute pre-school teacher positions.

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6. Summary of Skills/Key Skills: Relevance is key in the skills section. Select the most important skills mentioned in the job spec and match them with your skills and abilities. This is called Resume SEO and will ensure that your application passes the screening bots and ATS platforms to be reviewed by the human eye.

7. Education / Licenses / Certifications / Relevant Courses / Training: An appropriate state license is required for all Kindergarten Teacher roles. Some licenses are transferable across state lines, while others are only valid for that specific state in which you may be teaching. Kindergarten teachers are also expected to write industry exams and participate in state-approved internship and preparation programs. List all credentials by validation date, level, institution, and membership number.

Kindergarten Teacher Resume Template

Kindergarten teachers teach and develop children between the ages of four and six in their first school years. Both public and private schools employ Kindergarten teachers to provide foundational education to children that serve as cognitive, physical, emotional, and mental building blocks for their future education.

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What do you include on a Kindergarten Resume, considering the role could include anything from wiping noses, dealing with tantrums and educating children about basic math or recognizing color?

Let’s unpack some of the main highlights for a Kindergarten Teacher resume, giving recruiters, school principals, and school board members enough information to make a hiring decision.

First, define the main functions (purpose) of your role and work situation. Kindergarten teachers may specialize in a specific subject such as art or music and may work in private schools and public schools. If you teach art, then list some points related to art: working with clay, drawing with crayons, finger painting, or paper mache. If music is your discipline, mention the instruments you teach such as drums, tambourine, flute or guitar.

Second, comes your teaching methods. Show the reader how ”hands-on” you are as a teacher by using games, props or excursions as part of your lesson plans. Now link it to a result, for example, improving memory, improving motor skills or building self-confidence in your class members. You can discuss things like lesson planning, making games, organizing excursions or visitors (firemen, police, nature guides) to visit the class and talk about their careers.

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Then, touch on discipline, teaching and guidance. As a Kindergarten Teacher you are expected to instill general rules of acceptable social behavior, personal hygiene, table manners or social skills. Explain the methods you use to reprimand or discipline your class to correct inappropriate behavior or encourage and encourage self-confidence and self-esteem.

Next, describe the specific tasks or KPIs you are responsible for. Due to maintenance length limitations, it can be difficult to decide which KPI to include and which to exclude. Avoid generalizations and choose 5-8 specific tasks that you do every day. Easier, look at your lesson plan themes for the year where you can see KPIs such as teaching children about colour, shape and number recognition, table manners, social skills, or personal hygiene practices. Think about the typical structure of your day; You can start the day with a song, a prayer or a story, followed by a math or science lesson and then some free class games.

The classroom environment can be an incredibly creative place. Showing pictures of your classroom with all the props, bright colors, mentally stimulating tools, and energetic atmosphere will give prospective employers a unique insight into the teaching environment you provide in your classroom. . Just avoid posting any pictures of children! .

Kindergarten Teacher Resume Template

You can make a good first impression by including letters of recommendation from teachers, parents, teachers, or thank you cards and drawings from past students to increase your suitability rating. Add it to Instagram, Pinterest, or create a class portfolio on Google Drive and include links to your resume document.

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Use a career summary to wow the reader with a snapshot of your experience, passion for children, and credentials. Take it up a notch by packing some measurable achievements.

School principals, school board members and parent-teacher associations are responsible for hiring Kindergarten Teachers. Create a resume summary that immediately grabs their attention and interest.

A neat trick is to copy wording from the job advertisement to better match your application to the paper at hand. For example: if the job requires empathy, passion and the ability to motivate students, use these same phrases in your career summary. Then sprinkle in one or two unique qualities like your talent for connecting with disabled children or helping struggling students improve their reading skills. For the ”last” sentence of your career summary paragraph mention your highest qualifications and licensing credentials.

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NBC accredited Kindergarten Teacher with six years of experience and a proven record of improving reading and math skills for remedial children. Single handedly increased parent satisfaction scores by 45% in just six months and led the annual Christmas concert charity event which raised 100k for the school. Currently completing a Masters Degree in Childhood Psychology and is also a Registered Play Therapist.

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Enthusiastic entry-level Kindergarten teacher straight out of university who achieved summa cum laude results and was also awarded Dean’s Golden Honors Society student of the year three years in a row. Reached 90% and above all practical training attended in three different Kindergarten schools. Have two years of experience as an Elementary Teaching Aid plus teaching math to elementary school children on weekends.

Dedicated, tenured Kindergarten Teacher with over 15 years of experience in developing academic abilities and building character in young minds. Acted as the driving force behind the ports and recreation program for the school and sponsored the Young Engineers initiative where six-year-old children were introduced to the basic principles of mathematics and engineering through play therapy. Reading assessment scores improved by an average of 30% per student and math skills increased by 20% every year for the last four consecutive years. A skilled user of digital and online teaching tools backed by a Ph.D. in Early Childhood Development.

A school principal or board of education may expect specific foundational skills and job duties on a Kindergarten Teacher Resume. Below we provide a long generic list of responsibilities that can be customized and tailored to fit your current and past work experience.

Kindergarten Teacher Resume Template

Accomplishment statements are essential to a Kindergarten teacher’s resume. The purpose of the statements of achievements is to show your ability to teach, teach, support

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