Keywords For Software Engineer Resume

Keywords For Software Engineer Resume – Just like an ATS, the hiring manager scans for relevant keywords that match what they’re looking for.

If you know how to use resume keywords correctly, you’ll get a leg up on the ATS (and the competition).

Keywords For Software Engineer Resume

Keywords For Software Engineer Resume

Well, as we’ve already covered, your resume is often screened by an applicant tracking system (ATS).

Resume Action Words & Resume Verbs For Strong Resumes

If you don’t have the right amount of them, your resume will be thrown into the software void and never reach a recruiter.

We’ll get into more details in the next section, but here’s an example so you get the idea:

“A detail-oriented and qualified senior architect who excels in developing construction drawings, creating 3D models, and conducting architectural research and analysis.”

But because the ATS doesn’t read it, it doesn’t count, and you might get rejected at this very first stage.

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Well, imagine you’re looking for a new laptop online and the seller’s website doesn’t provide you with the crucial details you need in terms of resolution, RAM, processor or graphics.

You will scan the page looking for these keywords. If you don’t find them, you will move on to another site.

This is the same process that recruiters go through to track down the best person for the job.

Keywords For Software Engineer Resume

Even if all those resumes fail the ATS, hiring managers don’t have time to read line-by-line all the resumes that pass through.

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However, remember that resume keywords won’t do much unless you use an ATS-friendly resume template. After all, if the ATS can’t even read your resume, it won’t be able to scan for keywords!

Novorésumé’s resume templates are built with ATS in mind. Pick one and you don’t have to worry about formatting!

If your resume keywords match those given in the job ad, you have a better chance of getting an interview.

There are two main types of keywords that recruiters or managers look for: (1) job-related skills and (2) verbs.

Software Engineering Resume Samples

Job-related keywords describe your core skills (both hard and soft) and your primary qualifications for this particular job.

Action verbs, on the other hand, demonstrate action: they show what you have accomplished and how you succeeded from your previous experience.

Once you’ve identified all the relevant keywords from the job description, it’s time to put them on your resume.

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Keywords For Software Engineer Resume

With the following example we will demonstrate how you can correctly identify relevant keywords and use them in your resume.

Full Stack Developer Resume Example & Writing Tips For 2022

Select two to five job ads similar to the one you’re applying for and identify frequently used keywords. Make a list and include them in your resume (as long as they match your qualifications, of course).

We are looking for a software developer with 5+ years of experience creating and implementing functional, practical programs. Throughout the work, you will have to collaborate with other programmers and software developers. Your primary objective will be to develop powerful, high-quality, user-centered programs and systems.

Remember not to include all keywords in the resume: only qualifications and achievements relevant to your experience.

Melissa went through all of the steps described in this example and integrated all of the relevant keywords into her resume.

Software Engineer Resume Writing Guide

Although resume keywords are tailored to the job description, there are some valuable skills that recruiters are always on the lookout for.

Check out our complete list of verbs and adjectives for your resume, complete with 340+ action verbs for all occupations.

To provide a secure experience, the best content and great communication, we use cookies. Learn how we use them for unauthenticated users. Software engineers are in high demand, so there is no dearth of opportunities for people with the right skills. But just because you know how to design cloud solutions or build server-side web applications doesn’t mean you’ll instantly line up an interview score the moment you decide to look for a new job. You will need to write a great summary first.

Keywords For Software Engineer Resume

“A great software engineer’s resume should have a clear narrative about who you are as an employee,” says Pinak Inamdar, director of engineering at The Muse. “For example, are you great at executing, are you a self-starter, do you thrive in vaguely defined roles, or are you a hitter in your skill set?” Beyond simply listing your work history, your resume should capture the full breadth of your experience as it relates to the roles you’re after and thus paint a complete picture of what you bring to the table. Here’s how to do it.

Free Electrical Engineer Resume Sample

Most candidate applications pass through an applicant tracking system (ATS) before reaching a pair of human eyes. These programs scan each resume submitted for a job posting for relevant keywords to determine if an applicant’s skills match the job. If your resume lacks relevant terms, the ATS will likely reject your application—even if you have the right experience. So for starters, you’ll want to include as many job-specific and industry-specific keywords as possible Software Engineering, Product Manager, Training and Recruitment Agency Renaissance Solutions Inc. notes professional trainer Stephen Davis, owner of Muse. and project manager opportunities.

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Beyond that, “try to tailor your resume to specific job postings whenever possible,” says Inamdar. “Hiring managers will compare your resume narrative to their role to determine if your experience is compatible.” Think: What does the recruiter or hiring manager need to know about your experience to understand that you are qualified?

So when you read a job description, take note of the skills, responsibilities, languages ​​and programs mentioned and remember: if you have experience with anything listed, it belongs on your resume.

On the other hand, try not to include irrelevant skills or experience. “Using words or descriptions that don’t match the job requirements,” according to Davis, is one of the biggest mistakes software engineers make when crafting their resumes.

How To Write A Killer Software Engineering Résumé

Relevant keywords will vary from one specialty, company or job posting to the next, but depending on your area of ​​expertise here are a few to get you started:

Software engineers rely on specialized programs, systems, and languages ​​to perform their jobs, so recruiters will be especially interested in the technical skills section of your resume. That means it’s worth investing some serious time and effort into creating a comprehensive technical skills section. “When I review a candidate’s resume, I want to see how the technologies they list align with what we use. Does their technical experience mesh well with where we are as a company? Inamdar says.

Breaking this section of your resume down into more specific subsections makes it easier for recruiters and hiring managers to identify the specific skills they’re looking for (see the example below to see how this works), so write your resume before you sit down and get to work. Make a list of specific systems, methodologies, and platforms that have been done, and note your corresponding level of expertise in each (eg, are you fluent in JavaScript? Familiar with AngularJS? Expert in Python?). Bonus points if you’ve attended a training course or received a certification!

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Keywords For Software Engineer Resume

Need some examples? Davis has you covered. “Front-end developers should include frameworks like Angular or React, back-end developers need to highlight their knowledge of the inner workings of web applications and server-side architectures, and full-stack engineers should specify their use of Node.js or serverless” Davis also has a reminder for full-stack engineers: “It’s essential to include experience in both front-end and back-end development.”

Software Engineer Resume Example

“A great software engineer’s resume will demonstrate quantifiable success in areas such as designing and delivering cloud solutions [or] using the latest technologies and development methodologies in DevOps, or [their] experience in microservices, Lean, Agile, Serverless, containerization . , and cloud platforms,” Davis says. Describing your experience using specific details (such as type of project, technologies used, or type of client) and results (such as a completed website design, successful app launch, or % reduction in code cycle) can help bring your resume to life. Help recruiters better understand how your experience fits the opening they’re looking to fill.

“Make it a priority to provide context and highlight not just what your skills are, but when and how you applied them,” explains Inamdar. “If you know Scrum, when have you used it? If you’re an expert in Python, what job did you use the language for?”

So instead of writing bland bullet points like “responsibility for delivering end-to-end solutions using cloud-native platforms,” ​​you can create something more compelling, like “leveraging the architectural expertise of the Kubernetes cloud-native platform to deliver mature end-to-end unique internal applications.” Final solutions for 20 groups.”

Notice how the second example includes the platform this candidate uses (Kubernetes), who they develop solutions for (internal application teams), and the scope of their responsibilities (20 separate teams). Including key details, technologies, or quantifiable metrics wherever possible will help your resume stand out.

How To Write The Perfect Software Engineer Resume

Try using the formula below to create bullet points that paint a more detailed picture of your experience.

“It’s important to choose a resume layout that allows you to create an easy narrative.

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