Kenan Flagler Resume Template

Kenan Flagler Resume Template – MBA Program Overview Our MBAs are different because we are different. UNC Kenan-Flagler’s culture is unique in the world of graduate business education. Since 1919, we have fostered an unparalleled learning environment, characterized by rigorous academics and a deep sense of camaraderie. UNC Kenan-Flagler MBA students are a diverse group of highly competitive individuals who thrive in a collegiate atmosphere that emphasizes teamwork, risk-taking and innovation in the pursuit of results. Why do we value our learning culture so much? Because it works. We are consistently ranked among the best MBA programs in the world, and Bloomberg BusinessWeek ranks us #7 in leadership development. Our Core Values ​​Excellence, leadership, integrity, community and teamwork. These are the core values ​​by which we learn, work and live in our academic, professional and personal lives. At UNC Kenan-Flagler, we strive to uphold the highest standards in everything we do. Our People Our students, alumni, faculty, staff and Dean make the biggest difference in the culture of UNC Kenan-Flagler. We have a wealth of different ethnicities, races, experiences, lifestyles, perspectives and talents — very competitive, yet open heart and hand to lift others up.

MBA Exchange Term Dates for 2019/20 Four modules available – Individual Fall term 1: 19 August – 8 October (exams for some subjects October 9 & 1 0) Fall break: 11 October – any 20 classes Fall term 2 : October 21 – December 11 (exams for some subjects December 12) Winter break: December 20 – January 13 Spring term 1: January 14 – March 4 (exams for some subjects March 5 & 6) Spring break: March 7 – 22 without classes Spring Term 2: 23 March – 7 May (examinations for some subjects 8 May) Compulsory Orientation will take place 4 days before the start of each module Nomination deadlines for the joint school For each Fall term: The nomination deadline is is 15th April or as discussed For the entire Spring term: The deadline for nominations is 15th September or as discussed Simply submit your nominations including the student’s name, address and gender!

Kenan Flagler Resume Template

Kenan Flagler Resume Template

See below for links to lists of courses, concentrations and curriculum (courses by term & program) Grading System Grades: H – High Pass; P – Passport; L – Low Pass, F – Fail. Students with a Low Pass in more than 20% of their courses will be academically ineligible. Exchange students come under the same policy as our FT MBA students. If a student receives an F, the home school will be notified and the student is at risk that their visa is at risk. Course Load & Credits The optional MBA period (year 2) is divided into 4 modules (2 in the fall and 2 in the spring). A student must enroll in a minimum of 3 courses and 4.5 elective credits per module to be considered full-time. For the semester exchange, this equates to 9 elective credits and 6 courses. A student cannot take 2 courses in one module and 4 courses in the other, as there must be at least 3 courses. We recommend that students take no more than 5 courses per module. A student can only take 6 courses per module with approval if required by their home university. A class generally has 20 in class contact hours and 30 out of class (study groups, case reading, etc.). Transcript A transcript will be sent automatically to the international office of the partner school nominated by its students. If the student has a hold on their academic account, a transcript cannot be released.

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Application Process Visiting exchange students will receive support during their application process. Students must submit a current CV (resume), a short biography (edit the template), and a passport photo. Financial support documents as well as a passport copy are uploaded to an internal system. Housing There is limited availability on campus. All 2 bedroom apartments are furnished with basic furniture. They are shared with another MBA exchange student, of the same gender. Assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Campus Health UNC Campus Health requires all students to have health insurance. Visiting exchange students can waive CNA insurance as long as their insurance policy covers CNA minimum requirements. Immunization is compulsory for all students entering the university. Exchange students have access to health facilities and resources on campus. Boarding orientation at the beginning of each term. 2 days of mandatory sessions covering legal services, health insurance, academics, honor code, class attendance policy and more! Airport pickup & Friends program available

Career Resources While on exchange students have access to a variety of career management services, including: Regular job search discussions: Exchange students will be invited to attend a number of career related events on a regular basis, to help them find a job and discuss US field issues. Sample Topics and Events of the Week: Career exploration resources Resume LinkedIn LinkedIn Elevator Interview Networking EPIC Global Education Leadership Forum (Fall) Leadership Day (Winter) Also: Resume review and mock interview practice from the Business Communication Center Participate in Student Career Clubs, managed by the MBA Student Association Company (MBASA) research databases Access to Career & Leadership Coach Open Hours

UNC Kenan-Flagler Career Clubs bring together students with a common interest in industry or practice to educate, network and provide support in each student’s career exploration. This is accomplished in a variety of ways including meetings, case competitions, conferences, career tours, mentoring, training, alumni networking, cross-club collaboration, international exposure and prospective student outreach. Consulting Club Business Technology Club Corporate Finance Club Emerging Markets Energy Club Entrepreneurship and Venture Club Family Capital Club General Management Business Club Healthcare Club Investment Banking Club Investment Banking Club Marketing Club Net Impact Club Operations Management Club Private Equity Club Real Estate Club Sports and Entertainment UNC Kenan-Flagler Club Activity Clubs Adam Society MBA Society Adventure Basketball Beer Society Blockchain Dance Cricket Golf Kenan Link (Partners Association) Ping Pong Running Pocket/Bike/Swimming Soccer Wine Tennis Squash

UNC Kenan-Flagler Diversity Clubs Coalition of Minority Business Students Carolina Women in Business International Jewish Business Association Latina Business Association UNC Kenan-Flagler Pride MBA Events Gala International Food Festival Global Night Karaoke Scavenger Hunt Community Service Days MBA Olympics Sons Association Study: Mission Statement The MBASA is made up of student-led organizations within the MBA Programme. The goal of the MBASA is to enhance the UNC Kenan-Flagler experience for students by offering educational, professional and community-building opportunities. There are over 40 different groups in the MBAASA, covering careers, diversity, activities, and more. We encourage all students to consider the many opportunities available in the MBASA and get involved as both a member and a leader.

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Sireesha Gangavarapu, IIM-Bangalore – Fall 2018 Thank you UNC for giving me the opportunity to participate in the exchange term. I have enjoyed my stay here. On the academic level, the main difference from my home school is the diversity of classmates from different countries and industries, which brings different perspectives to the class. Professors are very friendly and supportive, most are very knowledgeable, and have industry experience. I liked the “campus bolts” open course feedback forum. Kenan Flagler offers courses in various disciplines such as healthcare, energy, sustainability along with the regular ones. As part of the exchange, I got the chance to make so many friends, participate in EVC career paths, network events and conferences. The student led clubs are very active with many activities. I haven’t had any significant cultural clashes but I recommend having a sense of different cultures and ways. The students work hard and party hard too. Every Thursday, Carolina Casual is a perfect place for students to meet and develop friendships. I like Chapel Hill, which has a combination of pleasant weather, lush green environment, lively Franklin street, and RTP industrial area. If you have a car, there are scenic places to go around. Staff from all departments are collaborative. Patricia Collins, the exchange coordinator, is especially helpful in the whole process and has been the US mother to all exchange students. Overall, it was a good experience for me. Go Tar Heels!

Advice on fitting into a new culture: Living in an unfamiliar culture and trying to fit in is one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking experiences one can have. If you have the opportunity to enter a new culture, you will go through a complex and profound change and you will never be the same. Everything changes. The smells are different, the people are not the same, the landscapes are unique, the sounds are dissimilar, the language is strange, the greetings vary, the accepted and unacceptable behaviors are different, the tastes are contrasting and because of these differences all and many. more, it’s a great time to change. Walk a lot, go into unfamiliar places and stop to look around. Embrace the unknown. Try looking for directions and advice instead of relying on Google, TripAdvisor and your mobile phone. Try new bars, hang out with different people, do things you’ve never done before. Your attitude will never be the same. You will never be the same. Eduardo Flores Gordillo, IPADE Business

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