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Jessica Hernandez Resume Writer – Ready to update your resume? Whether you haven’t written a resume in ten years or are updating your resume for your next career advancement, writing a compelling resume is one of the more challenging aspects of the job search.

When my husband recently started his job search, I first started updating his resume. Here are eight strategies I used to help him go from search to interview to hire in 19 days.

Jessica Hernandez Resume Writer

Jessica Hernandez Resume Writer

Before sitting down to update your resume, ask yourself the following five questions. As you write down your achievements and focus on the future characters you’re targeting, they’ll help you zero in on the things that matter.

Here Are 31 Resume Tips That Will Impress Any Recruiter

Knowing the type of company you’re targeting can help narrow your research and be more specific in your writing. When you research them and know what they need, you can speak to the company’s pain points.

The answer to this question can tell you exactly what keywords and hard skills you need to include on your resume. If you don’t know where to look, start by searching for a location on . Will give you the top 15 skills/keywords needed for this role.

Your resume must demonstrate how you add value in a way that is meaningful to the employer. Focus on achievements that resonate with your target companies and meet their needs.

Before updating your resume, make sure you are positioned correctly for your target job. This is why the above questions are so important to your success.

How To Give Your Resume An Impressive Wow Factor

Your experiences, achievements and qualifications are all part of your resume, but just as important is what you include, how, where and why – all based on your next career goals.

When you write a resume, you’re not just writing about your past. You are writing to the future. You are positioning yourself for your next professional development.

A resume is not a historical career narrative. It is a marketing tool. The content on your resume needs to point to where you want to be, not just where you are now.

Jessica Hernandez Resume Writer

One of the quickest ways to improve your resume is to replace passive language with active language. This daunting top 10 list of words and phrases consists mostly of passive phrases or terms that fail to show employers the value and contribution you can make, reducing the impact of your resume on hiring managers. If you want your resume to make a good first impression, replace these useless words with more meaningful alternatives.

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Finally, I strongly recommend that you use this word sparingly: team player. Research shows that it’s OK to include the phrase or its synonyms once on a resume, but using it or a similar phrase multiple times can actually leave a negative impression on employers.

Instead of “proofing success” or “proofing results”, use data, numbers and metrics to show employers the results. You can do this by writing bulleted statements about your achievements using the CAR formula.

Share the challenges you faced, the actions you took to address them, and data/figures related to the results. This proves to the employer the value you can add, and is much more specific than saying you’ve demonstrated results.

The same goes for using the terms success, success, results-oriented, or results-oriented. Don’t use these vague terms, but simply tell what you’ve achieved using the CAR formula.

Best Military To Civilian Resume Writing Services

Replace the phrases “excellent communication skills” and “team player” with examples of how you use communication skills and how to be a team player. Words that could help you enter these examples might be “influence”, “authorize”, “negotiate”, “advocate”, “suggest” or “enable”. You always want to show not tell. Just like in an interview, give employers examples of your past accomplishments to paint a picture for them.

Instead of the phrases “responsible for” and “responsibility included,” focus on sharing achievements. Look at the job description you’re applying for. What are the main requirements for the role? Contract negotiation? Budget management?

Replace “responsible for budget management” with “manage the $3 million annual budget.” This way, you’re not only showing employers what you can do, but you’re also giving them concrete examples of what you’re doing.

Jessica Hernandez Resume Writer

“Experienced” and “Done” are two overused resume phrases that are often interpreted negatively. These terms can be interpreted as seasoned, outdated, or worse, an implicit age bias prevails and assumes the candidate is too old. I don’t condone this, I hate it even more, but I bring it up because it’s there, it happens, and I see it a lot. So until things change and companies figure out progressive ways to prevent bias in the hiring process, avoid these terms to protect your resume.

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The Recipe For Resume Success

It is more effective to discuss the field you have experienced, listing industries, hard skills, role functions, professional or technical skills, academic qualifications, etc. These terms are specific and convey more clearly to executives or accomplished professionals than general statements like seasoned salespeople. I see both of these on a lot of resumes, but they rarely tell me who you are or what you can do.

I also don’t like “cooperating” or “acting”. Both are passive terms. If you collaborated on a project or led a budget committee, be specific about who you worked with and what you accomplished while working with them.

Action verbs are one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve your resume. Each bullet that begins with an action verb not only conveys an achievement, action, etc., but also opens up the sentence to lead directly to the challenges you faced and the results you achieved. It’s hard to start sentences with “convert,” “increase,” or “achieve” without keeping up with something concrete, measurable, and relevant.

You can download the full list of 170+ action verbs and high-impact phrases for your resume here: This is a free PDF I created to help you refine your resume, remove overused phrases, and communicate your performance and accomplishments to potential employers.

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The first challenge I hear from job applicants when writing a resume is that they struggle to write about their accomplishments.

It’s not easy being able to tell your story to potential employers in a way that communicates what you can achieve.

Most people have a hard time writing about themselves. To help make the process of writing about achievements easier, I encourage you to use a formula (which I also mentioned in the tip above). It’s called the CAR formula, which stands for Challenge, Action, Result.

Jessica Hernandez Resume Writer

If you’re struggling to find quantifiable data to work with, try comparing and contrasting past and present performance — whether it’s your own, your competitors’ or the company’s previous data.

Resume Tips And Advice For 2022 [with Expert Insights]

Ask yourself questions like how much, how much, when, before/after, what to end with. . . these questions will help you discover the data you can use.

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Providing background information to readers will help them understand and appreciate your accomplishments. It will only make your achievements more impressive.

It’s also a good idea to let them know if you were recruited to a position for a specific reason. Maybe you’ve been recruited to turn around declining sales, improve company culture, or revamp operational processes. Add meaning and impact to your resume by sharing the context of the situation that existed when you were hired.

We’ve all been there. .. where you want employers to read your resume and say “wow.” But what exactly is a wow factor, and how do you give your resume a wow factor? Your wow factor is the most important, impressive, and valuable information about you as a candidate. Here are the top two or three things you want employers to know about you right away, so they’ll be impressed and eager to learn more.

Resume Writing Tips For 2020. Did You Know That The Average Job…

Your wow factor is part of your personal brand. This is what separates you from other equally qualified candidates. It has to be prominently featured on your resume, especially at the top, so it doesn’t get missed and immediately brings out your best.

Your wow factor or personal brand statement must contain some specific elements to ensure it is memorable and impressive.

It has to be specific. Your wow factor must state what you accomplished, not what you were responsible for or might have done. If possible, include quantifiable or measurable data.

Jessica Hernandez Resume Writer

It needs to show action. The easiest way to do this is to replace passive language like “responsible” and “involved responsibility” with action verbs like “grow,” “develop,” “pioneer,” or “transform.”

Resume Writing Tips

You can download a list of over 170 recovery action verbs here to help you craft better recovery bullets.

You can include amazing content throughout your resume. It can go anywhere, but here are some specific places to include it:

I’ve never been a big fan of the bland,

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