Jenna Palek Tiktok Resume

Jenna Palek Tiktok Resume – After graduating from Kent State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising, I am excited to share that I will be joining TikTok as a Brand Development Manager this July in Austin, Texas. After I made a TikTok about why I should work for the company, my viral video helped me land the job. It just goes to show the power of social media and the many ways we use our platforms. #TikTok #Baptism of Work #Virus

It’s been almost a year since I started my podcast, Fun Weekdays, and quit my corporate job at Tik Tok to become a full-time creator. Business Insider is truly honored to tell my story! #tiktok #tiktokresume

Jenna Palek Tiktok Resume

Jenna Palek Tiktok Resume

I posted my resume on Tik Tok and the company offered me a job. Here’s how…

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Since starting my career in social media a year ago, I have had the opportunity to work with countless brands that believe in me, align with my values, and pursue quality products. I am always particular about the brands I agree to work with, as the partnership is a reflection of myself, my beliefs and integrity. When I agreed to a 3 month contract with FitTrack, I truly believed in the product. I was very disappointed, upset and embarrassed when many of my followers ordered products from my link but never received them and they said they didn’t get a refund after I bought them. Also, my contract series stories were delayed, pushing the campaign back by 2 months. It means that the company kept the price 2 months before my post date. The delay was due to “stock issues”, which now makes sense. After going live with my first series in September, 2 months of my series were canceled by the brand due to supply chain issues. I signed a $6,750 contract for the partnership but I technically owe $2,250 because it’s only been a month since I went live. It’s been 9 months, and I still haven’t gotten paid. After I shared my story on #tiktok, many frustrated customers and other content creators shared similar experiences. I’m sharing this to reach out to their CEO, Jeff Sawyer Lee, and advise other creatives and influencer agencies who are still looking for paid social partnerships to stay away from this company. #content #socialmedia

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After a year at TikTok since my viral #TIKtokresume, I was able to leave my corporate role at the company to become a full-time content creator. My following began with my viral report because people were moved and inspired by my story, and soon became more compelled by who I was than my work. I now share lifestyle, fashion and beauty content on Tik Tok – and host the top US Spotify podcast, Weekday Fun! What an amazing journey it has been since my inspiration TikTok went on. Post the video, take a risk and believe in yourself – you never know where you’ll end up. 🙂

Young people are trying to get hired through social media and creative expressions. When 23-year-old English student Elle-Louise Wilmot left university, she found a role in the creative industry straight from her heart. She decided to apply to TikTok’s graduate scheme with a resume based entirely on the short video app, thinking it would increase her chances of getting noticed. She did and now works as an intern at TikTok in its indirect graduate program. Jenna Palek, from Austin, Texas, also had a role at Tik Tok, but as a brand development manager, Insider previously reported. Palek applied for a sales planner position at Tik Tok through the official portal, but realized she needed to do something different to stand out. She posted a video on TikTok, it went viral and she was offered a role. Thinking of making a creative resume? Let us know in the comments. To read the full story, subscribe to Insider: #socialmedia #tiktok #ನಿಕ್ತ್ತ್ಟ್ #ನಿನ್ದ್ಯು #ಸ್ರ್

After working on Tik Tok for a year since my first #TikTokResume, I am so grateful to share my journey and grow my community as creators on the app. Leaving TikTok to pursue my full-time creative career was a very difficult decision. I’ve started a fun weekday podcast available on YouTube, Spotify and Apple. With over 300K downloads after 10 episodes, I’m excited to see the endless possibilities to come. I encourage any potential partnerships on Instagram, TikTok and Podcast – feel free to email my manager at [email protected] 🙂 Follow my journey here: As I pursue a less “traditional” career path, I want to encourage others to follow their passions and be bold. Any dream you want and have can be achieved if you #do it. #Podcast

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Tiktok Resumes And More Tech Powered Ways To Get Hired

What an incredible full circle moment. Last week I celebrated my 1 year anniversary with TikTok and after carelessly working on a “TikTok resume” it finally landed me a job. My idea is such an honor to inspire this initiative. It all starts on TikTok. 💙

Want your resume to stand out when you’re looking for your dream job? Try #TikTokResumes. You can use TikTok Resumes to create a video resume that highlights your internship, career, and best work.

What an honor to be named Tik Tok’s very own Head of Global Marketing! April 19th marked the 1 year anniversary of the 60-second TikTok post that changed my life and launched my career. What an amazing journey on Tik Tok so far! I believe Tik Tok can be the future of recruiting… it worked for me, it can work for you! How can your brand use our platform to identify new talent? #TikTokResumes

Jenna Palek Tiktok Resume

This Washington Post article is thought provoking…but I need your help. We’re thinking of launching #TikTokResumes, a new video resume program designed to support the TikTok community and help you stand out in the hiring process. This program offers brands an exciting and innovative way to hire talent on our platform. If you’re a brand interested in getting involved (did you see what Nerf did?!?), DM me. Also, shout out to Jenna Palek for getting shot and hired by TikTok in her TikTok video.

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In the year Tik Tok was truly my light in 2020 despite the difficult circumstances. I can’t say enough positive words about my experience working for this powerhouse for 6 short months. Time really flies when you’re having fun and enjoying “going” to work every day, (shout out WFH)! If you’re looking for a diverse work culture where your individuality and creativity is not only encouraged, but celebrated, check out these roles! We might even be teammates. 🙂

The TikTok team in Austin is growing and I’m hiring for three roles! If you think you might qualify – or if someone comes to mind while reading these descriptions, let’s get in touch: Team Leader, Brand Development, Acquisition Team Leader, Brand Development, Retention in/gXK3yEm Brand Development Manager

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Ratatouille the TikTok Musical is an amazing example of the level of creativity and collaboration in our TikTok community! We are beyond excited! #tiktok #tiktokforbusiness #tiktokmarketing

“The opportunity to become a featured employee creator is an exciting next step because it speaks to what I love most about TikTok as a platform: you get rewarded for being you.” This past week, we spoke to four members of our new Employee Creator Program — Tim, Sophia, Jenna and Yen — to find out what makes them most excited about making creative videos and sharing their experiences on TikTok. Coming from different backgrounds, their shared love for both the platform and our community is what #LifeatTikTok is all about! Read the full article here: Stay updated with the latest videos from our staff creators: #TikTok #creator #community Jenna Palek just turned 24, and she has a lot to celebrate this year. . She lives life to the fullest and shares it with listeners on her podcast, “Weekday Fun.” Jenna started the podcast in July 2021 when she quit her 9-5 dream job at Tik Tok. The Ohio native now lives in Austin, Texas and has changed her routine to have fun every week instead of just hanging out on the weekends. In the episodes, Jenna shares stories, tries new things, and gives advice to everyone.

Tiktok: The Next Big Thing In Job Search?

In the podcast, Jenna talks about how she used her skills to go viral and land her dream job. Jenna has a creative eye and studied fashion merchandising at Kent State University. When graduation rolled around, Jenna was looking for a job and saw an opening for a brand development manager role at Tiki Tok. When she joined TV and film designer Sherry Hill, she had the experience of leading a TikTok research project and was tasked with finding influencers to promote Sherry’s brand.

When Jenna is ready to apply for Tik Online, the job posting disappears. Jenna had applied to dozens of companies, but knew she had to do something new to stand out.

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