Is Resume Io Legit

Is Resume Io Legit – aims to help you quickly build a professional resume that wins job offers. They provide a sleek user interface that is quick and easy to use, yet consistently delivers great results.

With an effortless resume copy function, is ideal for quickly customizing your resume for each specific job application, without reinventing the wheel each time.

Is Resume Io Legit

Is Resume Io Legit

Their resume building tool is based on research-based “resume rules” that are proven to get the attention of hiring managers. As you build your resume, the interface gives you a real-time “resume score” so you know how your resume stacks up against others. Your goal is to get your resume to 100 points!

Awesome Resume Builders That Will Help You Stand Out From The Crowd

Application Tracker One of our favorite features, which we haven’t seen in any other resume builder, is their application tracker. When looking for a job, you can juggle 20+ applications at a time, and it’s important to know where you stand with each one.

No more searching through your emails for your last contact with a company—everything from creating a custom resume to tracking your application is here to keep your job search organized! has one of the sleekest and easiest-to-use user interfaces we’ve ever seen. From the start of the login page, their website is uncluttered, modern and straightforward. You don’t have to guess where to go or what to click here. offers a seamless 3-step resume building process. First, you add content using fill-in-the-blank prompts. Second, you choose your colors and template style. Finally, you download! How easy is that?

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There’s no way you’ll get writer’s block with, perfect for those who are overwhelmed with the process of writing a resume. is designed to walk you through everything from start to finish.

With, you can easily add sections that allow you to customize your resume for each application. These extra sections are great to use if you feel like your resume is lacking information or you’re struggling to fill an entire page.

On the downside though, only offers 12 resume templates, significantly fewer than other resume builders. That being said, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming for a lot of people (including us), and with, you know the format you’re using has been tested with real hiring managers and proven to get results.

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Is Resume Io Legit

With, we like that you don’t have to worry about formatting or layout until you’ve filled out your content. Once you have the information you need on your resume, you’ll move on to the preview and download stage. You can see how your resume is formatted in their 12 resume template options.

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All formats are predefined, and there is no editing tool available that allows you to move things around in the template. This means you cannot rearrange or delete the given sections. Again, this limits you a bit, giving you less room to think and play with different styles, which goes back to their mission of offering a quick and easy-to-use resume building tool. allows you to download your resume in PDF and TXT format. Starting from the review, we were hoping to finally find a word doc download option in their 2.0 version, we are still unlucky to find this much wanted option. However, they allow you to make an unlimited number of resumes, so you are highly encouraged to copy and customize each version for the specific job you are applying for. You can literally make and download 10 customized resumes in less than a minute! offers two amazing additional tools that we have yet to see with other resume builders. We’d give it an 11/10 if we could!

The first is the job search function. On your main dashboard is an interface that integrates directly with so you can find your perfect job right on the portal.

Professional Resume Builder

The second is the app tracker. Once you’ve found and applied for that dream job, you can enter your application information so you know where you stand with each job. There’s nothing worse than getting a call from a recruiter and not remembering when you applied or what resume you used. This way, you have everything you need for a quick and organized job search process at your fingertips. Review provides quick and painless support for those who have questions about pricing, billing or their account in general. They also welcome feedback about your experience with their resume builder, as they’re always looking to improve their tool. You can reach any time of the week or weekend, it’s one of the easiest resume building companies we’ve seen: Which Builder Do I Choose?

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It’s a job search no-brainer to use an online builder, but choosing which one can be very tricky. Given the huge return on investment, it makes sense to pay for a well-designed one, but it’s the individual nature of the device where preferences vary greatly. A good job pays tens of thousands of dollars a year and determines the trajectory of your entire life. In that light, paying for top-notch service doesn’t seem like much.

Is Resume Io Legit

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be picky when choosing what you think is the best builder. Before we jump into the details (if you’re pressed for time), here’s a brief list of our top 10 builders (Editor’s Choice) in no particular order.

Standard Resume: Build An Impressive Resume In 5 Minutes

Please Note: Both the Top 20 Builder List and the Top 10 Builder List are based on subjective evaluation. We have extensive experience in builder development and job search services, but we’re still human. Having said that, let’s dive into the analysis.

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Created with two main points in mind: Recruiting/HR knowledge and best software functionality. The online builder itself is constantly updated by experienced software developers and the team consists of experts from multiple industries/areas who review and write content.

Creative Resume Design: Free Templates & Tools To Use

It allows for constantly rolling out great features for the builder (like writing your suggestions based on data science/research) and providing expert professional advice for job hunting. It also has an ever-improving cover letter builder.

It is up to you to decide whether it is the best builder or not. That’s why we encourage you to test its functionality yourself!

VisualCV offers a management system for your , share it online and invite feedback from friends. The 18 templates offer plenty of choice and there are good customization options, but not as much writing help as other major builders.

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Is Resume Io Legit

Kik is another builder that allows you to link to a personal CV website and create CV documents. Some of the 35+ graphics-led templates can be difficult for ATS software to parse, and the pre-written content is aimed at entry-level job seekers.

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In fact is a leading global job board that has developed a free source builder to complement their service. The templates aren’t as attractive as paid providers and there’s minimal writing help, but the one-click fact that a job application can be tempting for some.

.com offers a free builder with 12 classic templates created from a simple step-by-step editor. A useful option is to upload your current one. 200+ CV templates provide inspiration, but the generic designs look like any other word-generated CV.

Genius guides job seekers through their builder, filling in their information step-by-step into one of their 17 templates. There are pre-written bullet points for certain job responsibilities and basic tips to guide you throughout the process.

Jobscan is more of an analytics tool than a pure builder, and its ATS-led content optimization techniques can make content feel a bit manufactured and unauthentic. 18 templates are included with job search advice, although live editing is somewhat lacking.

Moonlight App Review: Show Your Audience That You Mean Business

Nhancv offers a no-frills builder with 4 templates that are sure to pass ATS but less sure to impress hiring managers. There is an interesting collaboration section where friends can leave comments. Content help is limited to basic editing and spell checking.

Cake Lite allows you to put together your own tempting work cake with attractive designs and an innovative editing suite, although too much freedom to choose can be detrimental if you’re not sure what you want. An online shop window is more than a

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