Interactive Resume In Tableau

Interactive Resume In Tableau – This post is for everyone who has ever asked, “How do you create an interactive resume in Tableau?” If you want to be noticed as a Tableau visualization/problem developer, then building an interactive resume using Tableau is a great place to start. It’s a great initial visualization to build on because you already have all the data! Data is inherently about you, but you just need some inspiration on how to start building out your resume.

That’s where I come, to share with you a place to start for inspiration, and directions on how to build out some of the graphics I leveraged to build my interactive resume.

Interactive Resume In Tableau

Interactive Resume In Tableau

The first place you should start looking for interactive Tableau resume inspiration is the Tableau General Resume Gallery. The Tableau community has done a great job sharing resumes so you don’t have to start from scratch related to idea generation. As I looked at the gallery, I started to notice that most resumes have some common DNA, especially timeline charts (either linear or Gantt charts) and abacas charts (both of which I’ll show you how to build. video).

Tableau Interactive Resume

My resume was inspired by an offer from Ann Jackson and Lindsay Betzendahl. When you look through the gallery you can find resumes that match your personal vision. I am sure you will use some of the techniques I will share as well.

I finally got my resume together. No, I’m not going anywhere. I’ve always wanted to make a #Tableau resume and the resume gallery on #TableauPublic is a huge inspiration. ► — Anthony B. Smoak (@) September 8, 2021

You can also do a simple google image search on “Tableau Interactive Resume” and you will find additional images that link to resources that are not in the official Tableau Public Resume Gallery.

To build the charts needed to support your resume, you’ll use Excel to format the data. I covered the format for the timeline chart and the abacas chart in the video, but below is an overview of how I formatted my data for the abacas skills chart.

Swdchallenge: Visualize Your Resume — Storytelling With Data

The data above supports the buildout for two separate abacas charts. One chart is for self-rating my skills (rows 2-6), while the other chart represents LinkedIn endorsements (7-11).

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Column E represents the maximum value of the skill that I want to display in the abacus chart. Because I self-rated my skills from a scale of 1 to 5, then 5 is the maximum value represented. For LinkedIn endorsements, 51 was the highest number I received, so for all the rows supporting this chart, 51 was the maximum value.

Every resume needs a timeline! Although I explained how to build a single linear bar chart in the video above, I have another video that explains how to build a Gannt chart in Tableau. For some of our experiences, we have more than one activity going on at the same time, so the following video will help in your resume to build out well.

Interactive Resume In Tableau

Remember that we all have a story to tell and an interactive resume in Tableau will help you share your experience and get noticed if done well. Good luck!

Resume, A Story

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As part of the assignment, we were asked to convert a professional CV/Resume into a Data Visualization. So, here I start to think of a way to do it with sketches so it’s easier for the rest, but more complicated for me. Sometimes, it’s flexibility that gets in the way.

Tableau as a data visualization tool has been frequently used in presentations, dashboards, statistics (quantitative as well as qualitative analysis). But using it for interactive resumes is an application that in my opinion is not very useful. After going through this exercise, if someone asks me which resume do you prefer, I will be in a dilemma. Not because I do both, but rather given the effective way in which the visualization can be shown to the user (the reader in this case).

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Interactive Tableau Resume Template

The data for this visualization is not available online or the summary can be used in its original form. Tableau is strong enough to receive data from a range of data sources (JSON, PDF, MySQL, Excel to name a few) but it involves a lot of data so that it can be used. To do this, I focus on using data to show my skills and contribution to the project. Although the content is available on my LinkedIn, Github profile but that’s not how Tableau can be imported and used directly (at least I still found a way to import website links and use the information on the fly).

The goal is to better visualize Github contributions. I used a simple text table but in Github fashion. Instead of the usual allocation of time on one axis and quantitative features on the other, I used time (date) on both axes. Days of the week for rows, Quarters for columns. Github drills it down further to a monthly basis giving an overview of the whole year. Due to space limitations, I had to be content with the Quarter. One can see my Github contribution and compare it with Tableau.

I want it to be a vertical timeline (like a traditional resume) but Tableau doesn’t allow vertical timelines (until now). I have shown the skill timeline as a trend of the number of Skill Levels throughout the year. Color shows details about Skills. The view is filtered on Skills, which keeps 9 out of 10 members. Additional information such as Organization and Work have been coded as Labels.

Interactive Resume In Tableau

Dashboards on Tableau help users to stitch together different worksheets. It helps integrate all the data and uses the link feature to trigger interactivity across multiple sheets. Moreover, Tableau Public allows users to publish their Tableau Dashboards on their platform to easily share their work. This is a great tool to make your visualization quick and easy.

Quick Steps To Making A Resume In Tableau

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Recruiters spend only 6 seconds reading each job application, so it is important to make your resume stand out from the crowd. And in a world where data literacy is one of the most in-demand skills in the workplace, your resume should demonstrate your ability to convey information and data in a clear and useful way. As a recent graduate in a data-focused role, I have found that an interactive resume is more impressive to potential employers than a standard PDF or Word document. No longer do you have to sacrifice design for content and the days of endless pages of text are over. Why tell your recruiters Rockstar Data, when you can show them?

Use a Gantt chart to make your timeline quick and easy to understand. Unlike a list, a Gantt chart focuses on the most important items on your timeline. Add dates and specific details to tooltips, and use visual tooltips to highlight additional key points. With a Gantt chart, you can provide a detailed timeline of your career and experience, allowing recruiters to quickly understand your history. Smart filtering and tooltips help provide context.

With interactive resumes, you no longer have to choose between clean and detailed designs. You can keep the design simple, and use tooltips to let the viewer dive into the details as they wish.

Examples Of Interactive Resumes With Tableau

You almost certainly want to link to your LinkedIn profile. And depending on your social media usage and the type of job you’re applying for, you may also want to link to your Twitter profile. This is a great way to give viewers a sense of your personality. But don’t just stop there! In cases where you want to include multimedia—to showcase your portfolio assets, for example—you can add YouTube videos, Wikipedia pages, and even music to your resume.

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