Instacart Shopper Job Description For Resume

Instacart Shopper Job Description For Resume – For many drivers, ridesharing can be a temporary gig when you’re between jobs, or it can be an extra job you do outside of your regular 9 to 5 job. Either way, should you add rideshare driving to your resume and, if so, why? Today, RSG’s senior contributor Will Preston answers those questions and more, helping you to accurately reflect your work experience on your resume.

Rideshare driving can be visible or invisible on your resume as you wish. Some use their shared business to showcase their business acumen, while others don’t want to mention it at all.

Instacart Shopper Job Description For Resume

Instacart Shopper Job Description For Resume

Let’s talk about the reasons why you might want to include it on your resume, and a few reasons why you might not want to. Next, we’ll share some creative ways to put it on your resume if you want.

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The main reason some may want to add rideshare driving to their resume is to fill a gap. The idea is that the difference in your resume makes you look less important. An employer may believe that a gap in your CV means that you are not trying to find a new job, which means that you are lazy.

Hiring managers may also mean that you’ve tried hard enough, but no one wants to hire you. It is like a house on land that has been on the market for a while, or an item on the shelf that has been sold for a long time. Maybe there is something wrong with it, or in this case something wrong with you.

Students may want to include a rideshare drive on their CV to show that they can manage  work while commuting to school. Then you graduate with a degree and some experience. Someone with more experience (even a little) is always more important than someone with no experience.

But what if you are currently employed and not a student? Is there a reason to put rideshare driving on your resume? Absolutely there are! In addition to other skills that we will discuss later, running a rideshare business while working shows several aspects of your personality.

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The defining feature of rideshare driving is the versatility. If you can manage a job and business on the side, you can do a lot. It also shows your willingness to go above and beyond to achieve a certain goal. Harry would probably refer to this as your ability to run.

You may not want to add a driving resume if an employee would consider it a violation of the moonlighting clause in their employment contract. Although it may sound absurd today, many companies still have a clause in the employment contract that prohibits you from doing any work outside of the company.

In most cases, this clause is in place to prevent you from doing things outside of your job that could interfere with your job performance. For example, if you work 8 hours a day, and drive several hours at night, you may be too tired to do your day job. Companies put this clause in there to prevent you from doing that.

Instacart Shopper Job Description For Resume

So if you put rideshare driving on your resume in a way that shows you want to continue (like June 2017 – Present as your date), it will ask you if you want to continue doing that if you get this job.

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If you are planning to answer yes to this question, you should be prepared to explain how it will affect your career. For example, you can say that you only drive on weekends, and you only do it a few hours a week.

Some employers may interpret continuing to drive as not committing to your day job. If they see it as your main goal or your exit strategy, they may not be willing to give you a job.

Both of these possibilities are easily solved by saying that you only drove a rideshare car as a way to make money while you were unemployed, or you had to do it at your old job because you weren’t making enough money. You can say that when you get this job, you’re done driving. That way you get all the benefits of having it on your startup without the worry.

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But don’t shy away from a rideshare car. You learn the art of driving. Also, you can use the internet while driving and you never know when a job opportunity will appear / enter your car.

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You should be prepared to outline the skills you needed to learn and use as a rideshare driver, as many of them are valuable in any career. You can specify those skills directly in your resume, or be prepared to provide a summary of them during the interview.

When you’re an Uber driver, you’re a greeter, a driver, a customer representative, and a manager. You must manage all of these responsibilities in the field without direct supervision.

You should greet passengers, confirm their information and destination, and answer any questions they may have along the way. You also have to answer questions about usage, about the city and things to do there, and many other topics.

Instacart Shopper Job Description For Resume

Because there are no managers available, you have to deal with all customer complaints to their end. You’ll have to deal with angry travelers who are upset about how much they’ve been charged, drunk travelers who want to act inappropriately, and even violent travelers. You have to deal with angry passengers and answer their complaints until the trip is over and they get out of your car.

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Rideshare is more than just driving a bus. To become a rideshare driver and maintain a good rating, one must be versatile. You have to deal with the questions and complaints of customers while doing your job, travel to unknown parts of the city using GPS in the busy street, and respond to requests coming from the program.

In an oral interview, for example, you can explain the idea of ​​hiking and pool trips and how you had to do both at the same time.

Being a rideshare driver requires understanding and practicing a lot of accounting concepts. This includes understanding the difference between ordinary mileage deductions and actual expenses, researching all the other expenses that are part of your business, and explaining the contents of multiple 1099 forms. Depending on how you find some of these, you may want to consider including them on your resume.

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I wouldn’t just put in “Uber driver” or “Lyft driver.” You can say “rideshare driver,” or you can say “self-employed.” You can also enter your legal business name if you have one. (Most states allow you to call your business anything you want as long as it has your name on it.  My tax returns have said Preston Services for years, and that has included everything from writing to a rideshare car.)

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Rideshare driving is a unique position that requires a lot of customer service skills, because you are the only representative of the company that most customers will see. You are the greeter, the operator, the customer representative, and the “manager” if they decide they are unhappy with the service – usually for reasons beyond your control. You have to do all this while traveling to and from unknown places; it really requires multitasking skills. Add in the accounting requirements of managing a small business, and you have the most difficult responsibility for anyone.

Don’t be ashamed of your rideshare driving experience. Just be aware of the challenges they may present to the hiring manager, and guide them forward. Your resume should focus on the many skills you need to demonstrate at the same time during each visit. Explain to the hiring manager why this makes you valuable to them as an employee. Finally, it wouldn’t hurt to have a few interesting stories prepared, should you be asked. Make sure they are the right fit for the job!

Readers, do you put rideshare driving on your resume? Do you list it as a skill if you put it on your resume?

Instacart Shopper Job Description For Resume

Discover a flexible way to earn money when you need it, around your education, family, and other commitments. Choose your own hours and be your own boss. Giving only when it suits you. Eat with Uber Eats using your car, motorbike, scooter or bicycle.

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Will Preston is a part-time rider with over 4,000 rides under his belt. He runs the San Diego market. Like most people, Preston has a day job and is

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