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Inland Empire Resume Service – Job seekers are used to hearing the same advice, over and over again: Always be grateful. Don’t lie on your resume. Oh, and that resume — make sure it’s no longer than one page.

Except… that last one might not be so true anymore. As more and more recruiting is done online, the one-page rule seems to be going out the window, according to hiring managers and several surveys.

Inland Empire Resume Service

Inland Empire Resume Service

“Anyone can knock off a one-page resume,” said recruiter Donna Sway. “The one-page resume didn’t have the information I wanted, and it made me feel like the person who sent it didn’t want to put in the effort to get the job.”

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Longer resumes are reserved for executive-level searches, which is Svei’s specialty: it’s hard to fit decades of experience onto a single page. But they are also common for mid-level and entry-level jobs.

Last year, a survey by staffing firm Accountemps asked managers what the ideal resume is for staff-level hiring. Almost the same number of respondents said that two pages are ideal for choosing one page: 47 percent and 46 percent, respectively. Twenty years ago, respondents preferred a pager three to one.

ResumeGo, a resume writing company, recently conducted an online simulation of the hiring process among 482 recruiting professionals. It found that hiring managers chose a two-page resume twice as often as a one-page resume — for both entry-level and experienced hires.

Sample two page resume from ResumeGo survey. The 482 respondents selected a two-page resume at twice the rate of a one-page resume. ResumeGo

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Tech recruiter Brianna Rooney almost never gets a one-page resume these days, she told CBS MoneyWatch, and when she does, she goes back to the candidate to ask for more.

“I’ve had companies tell people that there’s no detail. They think there’s no detail, so there’s no enthusiasm,” Rooney said.

More detail is needed because the hiring process now involves many entities — a computerized application system, staff and external recruiters, and one or more HR screenings, as well as hiring in addition to making manager, Rooney explained.

Inland Empire Resume Service

Applicants once could skip over basic job descriptions because they would be familiar to an industry-savvy resume reviewer, but they now need to write for a broader audience, which usually means more words and more requires more space.

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“People need to understand that they are no longer writing their resumes for a hiring manager. There has to be a balance between high-end and low-end writing, and I don’t think you can do that in less than two pages,” he said. Rooney.

For workers in specialized fields such as healthcare or technology, the education and technical knowledge alone can take up an entire page. In IT, resumes can be longer than two pages.

The use of applicant tracking software, which evaluates resumes and assigns scores based on how often certain keywords appear, added another incentive to length.

“These technologies actually rank you, so if you don’t have relevant information on your resume, it puts you lower,” said Brandon Seigel, who runs the consulting firm Wellness Works Management Partner and regularly gives presentations to medical schools. . on resumes.

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Seigel estimates that 70 percent of the recruits he recommends have two-page resumes, and he has a simple explanation: Most people aren’t good enough writers to handle a one-pager well. Often, a single page will change a candidate.

Seigel has some effective one-page resume examples. But when he shares them with candidates, he says he often backslides. – 75% of people say “menu”. It’s not like a resume,” he said. “Some people like it because they see his creativity. But it’s polarizing.”

While the two-page (or more) resume is on the rise, the one-pager isn’t dead. People with less than five years of work experience never need a second page, recruiters agree (some extend that limit to 10 years of work history). And no matter how long the resume is, beware of extraneous information. Introductory “objective statements” and extensive volunteer experience usually do more harm than good, such as too much personal information.

Inland Empire Resume Service

“Be sparing with your words and resist the urge to overshare,” advises Yasmin Sahami, senior talent acquisition manager at recruiting marketplace ZipRecruiter. “Your employer doesn’t need to know how many children you have.” Copyright © 2022, Los Angeles Times | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | CA Collection Notice | Do not sell my personal information

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Residents seeking to overturn the health orders will attend an emergency meeting of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors in early May.

The past three days have brought significant changes to the Inland Empire as Riverside and San Bernardino counties have been given the green light to reopen.

After Gov. Gavin Newsom’s announcement last week easing reopening rules in some counties, restaurants and shopping centers in Riverside and San Bernardino have been cleared for business, but with some restrictions.

The two counties also ordered houses of worship to limit total attendance to 25 percent of building capacity and offer plates until Monday after the state issued new coronavirus health guidelines for religious services. said he should stop. in addition to taking other precautions.

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The state’s plan would dramatically alter religious services and is unlikely to stop some churches from allowing regular worship services.

Employees, visitors, and congregants are encouraged to sing, chant, shake hands, and hug. Religious institutions are being asked to “strongly consider” outdoor services.

Other state-mandated guidelines require temperature checks for parishioners, disinfecting common areas and installing hand sanitizer dispensers.

Inland Empire Resume Service

Riverside County officials on May 15 applied to the state for a separate review of reopening religious services.

Jobs Hiring During Coronavirus: See List Of Companies Hiring In Southern California

“People of all faiths are looking forward to the day when they can worship together in person again,” said Superintendent Karen Spiegel. “An important part of getting through this together is keeping our faith strong. By taking these safety precautions, we can choose to exercise our faith personally again, and do so safely.

The occupancy limit for services will remain in effect for the first 21 days after the county health department approves the resumption of religious services and cultural events in its jurisdiction.

After 21 days, the California Department of Public Health, in consultation with county health officials, will review and evaluate the impact of the restrictions imposed and determine the next course of action as part of the phased reopening of places of worship. will give.

The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a resolution supporting the resumption of private religious gatherings starting later this week.

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County officials called the church’s plans a step forward, but warned that the coronavirus still poses a threat.

“The COVID-19 virus is still present in our county,” said Supervisor Kurt Hagman. “As places of worship, restaurants, shops and malls suddenly open, it is more important than ever that we maintain physical distance, wear face masks in public and wash our hands frequently to protect ourselves and those around us.”

Riverside County officials recently reported 135 new coronavirus cases and 11 virus-related deaths. A total of 303 people have died and 7,139 confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic.

Inland Empire Resume Service

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