Indexing Is Paused How To Resume

Indexing Is Paused How To Resume – Search indexing is an integral part of the Windows 11/10 operating system, which ensures that they can be shown when a user tries to find a file or folder. Without indexing, searching on WIndows will be much slower because files will be searched in real time, and the process will have to be repeated for each search. Sometimes, you may see an Indexing Temporarily Paused message in Windows settings. If you do and are wondering what happened, then this post will help.

There are many reasons why indexing may pause, and it may not be an error. Below are some of the reasons that could be causing the problem.

Indexing Is Paused How To Resume

Indexing Is Paused How To Resume

Most of them can be fixed and if nothing else works, you can always use system tools to replace the damaged files. Search indexing is temporarily paused

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The troubleshooter will run a few scripts that can fix some of the known or common issues, and if it’s one of them, you should see the issue resolved. 2] Restart the Windows Search service

Most of the processes are built as services in Windows. If the service is down, the feature will also stop working.

There are two types of searches on a Windows 11/10 computer – classic and enhanced. As they define, the

Search does not work or gives problems, you can opt for Classic and vice versa. To toggle the Find My Files setting in Windows 11/10, do the following:

Pause/resume Auto Follow Patterns · Issue #48008 · Elastic/kibana · Github

Then restart your computer and check if you still have the problem or not. 4] Change the group policy setting

There is a Group Policy setting that may be responsible for this error. However, it is mainly for laptop users. To verify this, do the following:

The same aforementioned setting is also available in the Registry Editor. To check it, follow these steps:

Indexing Is Paused How To Resume

Another way to solve this problem is to rebuild the search index from the ground up. Windows offers this as an option which you can start by following the steps below:

Solved] Windows 11 Search Not Working

When your laptop is on battery, most background services are stopped. If so, you can simply plug in the laptop and start working again. However, if you want it to continue working, you can change the settings.

Sometimes, Outlook indexing problem is causing the problem, hence skipping Outlook files from Windows indexing can solve the problem.

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Run the Windows Troubleshooter Index again and check if the issue is resolved.9] Delete the files in the TxR folder

Sometimes files created by certain applications can also cause the problem. One such known is the TxR folder which contains files with TXR extension. It belongs to Corel Graphics by Corel.

Ways To Fix Windows 11’s Search Indexing Was Turned Off

And delete everything inside. You will need administrator permission to access the folder and delete files.

If you face any problems, you can go to safe mode and delete the files. This mode provides only minimal services running in Windows and nothing else blocks it.

If nothing else has solved your problem, now we come down to the last measures. A system restore is known to fix problems by returning them to a date when everything was working.

Indexing Is Paused How To Resume

Next on the list are DISM and SFC tools that can help you repair damaged system files. If Windows Search or any of its files are corrupted, DISM and SFC scans may fix the problem.

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Follow the SFC and DISM guide to learn how to run and fix the problem. Both tools work differently, so make sure you use them correctly.

I hope the post was easy to follow and you were able to fix the Windows Indexing has paused error if you are still unable to resolve the issue, it is best to contact Microsoft support for further assistance.

To restart Windows Search Indexing in Windows 11/10, you can use Task Manager. Since it is a background process, you can restart this service from

If you chose to index only the metadata, this should take a few minutes. However, if the crawler is set to read the content in the document, then it will take even longer. Another factor that increases the time is the number of files on your computer.

Search Indexing Has Been Temporarily Paused In Windows 11/10

Search results will take longer to display and this will happen every time you search. The Windows Search service uses the old way of finding files without crawling. How to restart paused indexing in Windows 11/10?

To restart paused crawling in Windows 11/10, you need to follow the above-mentioned guides one by one. That said, you can try troubleshooting using the appropriate Troubleshooter. Next, you can switch between Classic and Advanced Search. On the other hand, you need to verify the Group Policy setting, Registry Editor setting, etc.

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Anand Kanse is an administrator at , a 10-year Microsoft MVP (2006-16) and a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post and comments first, create a system restore point before making any changes to your system, and be wary of third-party offers while installing free software. Windows 11/10 has a powerful search feature that lets you quickly search for files on your computer. Windows Search creates and then uses what is called an Index to perform a very fast search of your computer. This article will tell you how to configure Windows search and its indexing options to get the best out of it.

Indexing Is Paused How To Resume

Here you will see the sites that are being indexed. You can also change index locations. If you want, at any point in time, you can pause the indexing here, for 15 minutes at a time, by clicking the Pause button. The Advanced button gives you a few more options, which we’ll see below. All this is managed by SearchIndexer.exe.2] What is SearchIndexer.exe

How Can I Stop Indexing Intellij Idea?

You may have come across a process called SearchIndexer.exe in your Windows Task Manager. This process is the actual service that manages the indexing of your files for Windows Search.

If you right-click this process and select Go to Service, you’ll see that a Windows service called WSearch is associated with it. The WSearch service provides and manages content indexing, property caching, and search results in the Windows operating system. If at any point in time you find that you want to terminate this process, you should click on the End Process Tree to terminate it and its associated processes.

Read: What is search indexing and how does it affect search in Windows 10?3] Windows Search Index Location

. But if you want to change its location, you can easily do so. Go here to see how to change the location of the Windows Search Index. This operation will restart the Windows Search service, and the indexing will be performed again and saved to this new location. 4] Add or remove folders to be indexed

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The easiest way to add something to the search index is to include it in the Library. But you can also do that through the Indexing Options. Clicking Edit will open a dialog box showing all currently indexed sites.

Here, you can add or remove index locations and decide which folders you want to add or remove.

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By default, most of the common user files on your computer are indexed. Indexed locations include all folders included in Libraries, Email, and Offline Files. The Windows folder, Program files, and system files are usually not indexed.

Indexing Is Paused How To Resume

You should only include those folders that you routinely search, otherwise your index may become too large, which in turn may slow down your regular searches.

Pause Updates Or Resume Updates For Windows Update In Windows 10

The Windows search indexer has a set list of standard file types that it indexes. But you can change these file types if you want. To do so, click the Advanced button in the Indexing Options.

In the box that opens you’ll be able to check , uncheck file types to select or deselect them, and even add a new file extension to the list.

Under the Advanced tab of Indexing Options, you can also set it to encrypted index files. You can see the last picture in this post.

But before adding encrypted files to the index, it is recommended that you have Windows BitLocker (or non-Microsoft file encryption software) turned on on your system drive for security purposes. If you don’t Windows may show you a yellow security warning saying

Indexes List View

People often recommend disabling the search index to save resources and make your Windows computer run faster. But this is not exactly true. Indexing only takes place when your computer is idle. When busy, indexing is paused.

But still, if you don’t use Windows search often and want to disable Windows search, you can do it as follows:

Turn Windows features on or off. Here uncheck the Indexing Service checkbox. Click OK and restart your computer.

Indexing Is Paused How To Resume

If you find that your search index isn’t working properly, you might want to check out our guide on how to fix Windows search index errors, from which the first MVP Fix It was published. If you are facing problems

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