How To Write A Resume For Contract Work

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Freelance work is becoming more common. Most people today are freelancing or doing a side hustle in some capacity. When updating your resume, it can be confusing how to add freelance work to your resume. This article will tell you how to add freelance work to your resume.

How To Write A Resume For Contract Work

How To Write A Resume For Contract Work

Your work as a freelancer will play a significant role in landing the desired job. You can use your contract work experience in your application. Follow these tips to correctly list your freelance work on your resume.

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Don’t just list your freelance projects. Market yourself, your accomplishments, contributions you’ve made, and performance results as a contract worker. Hiring managers are looking for results and how you helped your clients meet or exceed project goals. When adding freelance work to your resume, list more than just your job title and client name. Also, consider giving yourself a job title that describes the freelance work you were doing.

As with any work experience, list your contract work chronologically, starting with your most recent job. Doing so provides a more organized resume that is easier for the hiring manager to read and understand.

You can group similar projects or roles to save space, as long as they occur in the same time frame.

If you have been a contract worker for a while, you should include an explanation of why you are looking for a permanent position. You can include this in your career objections section (if you have one) on your resume or in your cover letter.

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Potential employers don’t need to see every contract show you have. Look through your contract jobs list to find notable roles, comparable companies, and any roles that catch the hiring manager’s eye. Your freelance work doesn’t have to be an exhaustive list. Remember the timing of your contract work so you don’t leave work breaks you can’t explain.

Do yourself a favor and consolidate your contract work into one place on your resume. Keep it separate from other work experience if possible. Hiring managers can quickly view your work experience in the context of the experience category.

Don’t be afraid to list every client you’ve worked with, including staffing agencies you’ve worked with. A hiring manager can see the scope of your freelance experiences, the range of clients you’ve helped, and the knowledge gained. You can list more than one project per client if you’ve worked with them on multiple projects.

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How To Write A Resume For Contract Work

Indicate that you were a contract worker by listing “Contractor” after the company name. Focus on measurable results whenever possible and include a brief description of the work you did.

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Yes, your freelance work experience should be included in your resume, especially if it is relevant to the position you are applying for. Your freelance work can have a positive impact on landing a job. Contract work carries as much weight as full-time roles in many cases.

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If you start your own business, you should list it on your resume. Whether your business succeeds or fails, starting a business is no small feat and requires hard work and many transferable skills that match the job you’re applying for. List your own business as you would any other company you’ve worked for.

Yes, freelance work counts as any other work experience, full or part time. In some cases, contract work carries more weight, especially if you work with well-known companies or excel in your freelance projects.

If a potential employer asks for proof of your freelance work experiences, you have a few choices. You can ask your freelance clients to provide you with a letter stating how long you have worked with them and your role. Another way to prove your work experience is to provide other documents such as tax forms, invoices or other documents (unless they contain sensitive company information).

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How To Write A Resume For Contract Work

Your freelance work experience will play an important role in landing a new job. Include it in your resume to position yourself as a viable candidate in the eyes of potential employers. If you need more help listing your contacts, enlist the help of a resume writing service to create a professional-looking resume. If you have contract work in your work history, it can be difficult to know how to list it. This includes contract positions, temporary work (directly or through an agency), freelancing, consulting or intentionally short-term work.

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Listing these jobs at any other level can give the appearance of job-hopping. On the other hand, giving up on your resume can leave big gaps in your work history. One is a huge red flag for employers – so how do you avoid it? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what contract jobs you should include or leave off your resume, as well as how to include them to make sure they stand out to a recruiter.

In your application. If listed correctly, these jobs can reinforce your work history and demonstrate valuable skills. The trick is to have them work against you, and not.

Like everything else on your resume, contract work should emphasize your accomplishments, not just list how you spent your time. Your achievements should be measurable, results-oriented and relevant to the positions you are applying for.

If a particular job doesn’t strengthen your application, leave it out! This is especially important if you have a long list of temporary experience. It’s okay to only add positions that are most relevant or best showcase your skills.

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If you’d like to check that you’ve listed contract work correctly, upload your resume to the tool below – it’ll let you know if your temporary experience highlights measurable achievements and valuable skills.

Your Name Consulting Services, Columbus, OH Social Media Marketing and SEO Consultant (June 2017 – Present) Developed strategic insights for seven mid-sized companies ($5M+/year) to improve SEO, web traffic and conversions. Updated and implemented new websites for four companies. Selected Projects Project Name – 1-3 bullet points in [action verb] [achievement] [metric] format, e.g. Search Engine Optimization Program for US Pet Store – Analyzed data from 25000 monthly active users and outputs to guide marketing and product strategies; 2x increase in average user engagement time and 30% decrease in bounce rate Website redesign for top 5 hospital in USA – Driven redesign of internal tracking system in use by 125 employees, resulting in new features, 20% reduction in save/load time and 15% uptime – two Replaced obsolete legacy source code of production applications resulting in increased usability and reduced runtime performance by 50%

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Keep scrolling for more details on how and why to follow these steps and some alternative examples.

How To Write A Resume For Contract Work

If all of your contract work is provided by the same staffing agency, list that agency as your employer. This format allows you to group a large number of jobs under one heading, making your work history more consistent and making your resume easier to read.

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You can also include the company you worked for – this is optional, but it can help provide more context. Make sure you are not misrepresenting the nature of your work.

If you have held certain positions with different companies or agencies, it is still possible to group these together. Think about what they have in common – like a similar profession or type of role – and list them accordingly.

If you’ve done a lot of freelance or contract work directly and not through an agency, there’s nothing wrong with creating your own company and listing your experience under that heading.

Using a grouped company name — even if it’s your own — looks more professional than a collection of unrelated freelance or temp jobs (it doesn’t show you don’t have a break), and it gives you the opportunity to list your work under one heading. Emphasize the most relevant skills you have picked up. It also shows recruiters that you are focused on a specific field or industry.

How To List Contract Work On Your Resume

If most of your work experience is full-time, you are

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