How To Turn Off Resume Assistant In Word

How To Turn Off Resume Assistant In Word – Resumes are important for job seekers, but they can also be difficult to create. For additional help on what skills to include or how to best write your work experience, check out the LinkedIn Resume Assistant in Microsoft Word.

Resume Assistant is available to Microsoft 365 subscribers. It’s a feature in Word for Microsoft 365 on Windows and Mac. You can also use it with Word online with a personal account, but not with a work or school account. The tool is an English language feature.

How To Turn Off Resume Assistant In Word

How To Turn Off Resume Assistant In Word

You may already have Resume Assistant enabled and ready to use. To check, open a Word document and go to the Review tab. You should see a button for “Continue Assistant” on the right side of the ribbon.

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If it is there, you can move to the sections below. If you don’t see it, you can enable it in just a few clicks on Windows and Mac.

In the Word Options window, select General on the left and go to LinkedIn Features on the right. Check the “Enable LinkedIn features in My Office apps” box and click OK.

In the settings area at the top, uncheck the “Turn off resume helper” box. You can then close the Preferences window.

You can use the Resume Assistant with a blank document, an existing resume, or a resume template. Go to the Overview tab and click the “Continue Assistant” button on the ribbon as shown above. A sidebar opens on the right side of the document.

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Before you click “Get Started,” note the statement at the bottom of the sidebar on the right. If you agree and want to continue, go ahead and click “Start”.

Enter the role (job) and, if desired, the industry in the appropriate fields. As you start typing, you’ll see suggestions in the drop-down list. Choose the one that best suits your situation.

The rest of the sidebar will be filled with useful information for your resume based on the position and industry you entered (if you entered it).

How To Turn Off Resume Assistant In Word

Starting at the top, you’ll see work experience examples from LinkedIn. These are little bits of how you might articulate your experiences. Click “Read More” to do exactly that for any of the examples.

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You can also use the filter at the top of this section to narrow down the examples based on the best skills.

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Below the work experience examples, you’ll see the best skills and knowledge you need for the position you’re looking for. These are the skills that other job seekers in your field highlight on their resumes.

This is a good way to get an idea of ​​the potential of the skills employers are looking for. Add them to your resume if they apply to you.

Next in the sidebar is a list of articles you can refer to for additional help. If you select an article, it will open in your default web browser where you can read it in its entirety.

How To Use Linkedin Resume Assistant In Ms Word?

Before moving on to the next section, you can turn on the switch for extra help in writing your resume. This editor checks your resume for things like style issues, inappropriate vocabulary, and more.

You can then view the Suggested Jobs area in the sidebar. This displays open jobs, along with their titles, locations and descriptions. Expand the section to read more and see the link to view the job directly on LinkedIn.

Finally, you have a link to go directly to LinkedIn and work on your profile. Click “Start using LinkedIn” to open it in your default web browser.

How To Turn Off Resume Assistant In Word

With its examples, lists, and resources, the LinkedIn Resume Assistant in Word is definitely worth the time you spend creating or editing your resume. The first two sections (with examples and top skills) are the most useful. But check out the other useful features as well. They might just give you the edge you need as a job seeker.

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How To Turn Off Resume Assistant In Word

We’ve scoured every virtual nook and cranny to bring you a handpicked selection of the best free Word resume templates.

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We’ve grouped them into five popular categories so you can quickly find the ones you like best and start building your resume right away.

Save hours of work and get the kind of resume that will land you a job. Try our resume builder with 20+ resume templates and create your resume now.

What users are saying about: I had an interview yesterday and the first thing they said on the phone was, “Wow! I like your resume.” Patrick I love the variety of suggestions. Well done guys, keep it up! Dylan My previous CV was really weak and I spent hours tweaking it in Word. Now I can deploy all the changes in minutes. Absolutely wonderful! George

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You’re probably thinking, “Why are you even asking? That’s what I’m here for – free resume templates for Word!”

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But are you sure you won’t accidentally mess up the whole design when you drag something by a few pixels?

And are you 100% sure that the best way to write a successful resume is to stick with a fill-in-the-blank resume template in Word?

Before you even start digging around in Word, try a dedicated resume builder that guides you through the entire process and has a library of easy-to-use, customizable resume templates like this one.

How To Turn Off Resume Assistant In Word

Our users agree that Cubic is one of the best resume templates they’ve ever seen. A carefully planned layout can showcase all your achievements without looking cluttered, and the bold color blocks make it perfect for a modern CV.

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Enfold is a professional resume template with a contrasting sidebar and an easy-to-follow layout that directs the reader straight to your key accomplishments. As with all our resume templates, you can rearrange the sections to highlight your unique value.

Emploia, the job application muse, visited our designers and inspired them to create this elegant resume template with subtle pops of color. Customize the color to create a confident, creative resume that melts recruiters’ hearts!

Crisp is designed for professionals who want a clean, modern resume template. Flexible icons and generous use of whitespace around titles create a stunning visual balance.

Shine like a diamond among all other job candidates with this unique resume template. Diamond is designed for job seekers who want to showcase a few carefully selected accomplishments and skills in an aesthetically pleasing way.

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Still want to download a blank resume template for Word and play around with it to your heart’s content? Well, we won’t judge you – just scroll down a bit to discover our handpicked selection of freebies

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