How To Turn In A Resume

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Leaving a resume in person was common in job searches. Job seekers would go through there, ask for a manager and pitch themselves into the position. Today, online job portals are very popular, both for employers, who can mass-advertise and quickly resume, as well as employees, as it provides a quick and easy way to reach many employers simultaneously. However, a novel, personalized delivery mode has the potential to set you apart from your competition, if you approach it in a thoughtful and professional manner.

How To Turn In A Resume

How To Turn In A Resume

Every business has slow times and busy times, and it’s wise to measure the appropriate window to drop in. Some businesses are easy to find, for example, a restaurant in a business park is going to be packed in the afternoon, and you are unlikely to get the manager’s attention; In fact, if you choose an inappropriate time to pitch your skills, you may be considered a person of poor judgment. Use common sense to guide your timing, and if you walk during what feels like rush hour, recalculate and try again in half an hour.

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If you’re just dropping off a resume, you’re going to be interacting with someone in the organization, so it’s in your best interest to be well-prepared and dressed professionally. Your resume should also be in pristine condition. Consider placing it in a folder or presentation sleeve. You should also bring a writing tool, and a cheat sheet that lists your past employment and other frequently asked questions on job applications. You might be surprised how many companies will ask you to fill out an application in addition to dropping off your resume, so be prepared.

Introduce yourself when you go to business by extending your hand and saying your name. Don’t make the mistake of only being nice to the manager because front desk clerks, receptionists, and other employees can also weigh you as a candidate. Be kind and compassionate to everyone you meet.

Hi, my name is Grace, I am hoping to drop off a resume for a manager. Is he here today by chance?

Hi, my name is Dan. I am a big fan of this store, and I was wondering if you are hiring for sales associates?

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Hi, my name is Stella, and I am interested in your open financial analyst position. Is there an appropriate person to whom I can leave my resume?

Whenever possible, your objective should be to talk to the decision maker when leaving your resume. This will give the person a chance to put a face with a name, and if you’re lucky, you might get an interview then and there.

The purpose of leaving a resume in person rather than sending it via mail is that you want to make a personal connection and give yourself an edge. If the manager isn’t around, dive a little deeper for more information.

How To Turn In A Resume

I am sorry to hear that he is not available. Is there a good time or day for me to come back when I can give him my resume in person?

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Thank you for passing on my resume. Can I get the manager’s name and email so I can follow up in a few days?

I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me and send my resume to the right person. Everyone here seems to be incredibly professional. I would like a chance to get an interview.

After you drop off a resume or fill out an application, follow-up with the hiring manager to put your name at the top. If you’re lucky enough to get an on-the-spot interview or a brief conversation with a manager, send a thank-you email right away.

It was nice meeting you today. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule. As promised, I am attaching some writing samples. I look forward to hearing from you regarding the newspaper-reporting situation.

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While technology has revolutionized the way people search, trying to reach out in person and taking the right approach is likely to land you the job of your choice.

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How To Turn In A Resume

In the first of this series, I showed you how to create a junior web developer resume.

How To Transform Resume Negatives (infographic)

Now I want to take it a step further and show you how to build your resume if you are at the manager level.

Now, you won’t be able to do everything I did, because your situation will be different and there is no such thing as a resume template that works for everyone. But hopefully my approach will give you some ideas and inspiration.

Turning an average resume into a compelling marketing document will have a bigger impact on your job search. Nothing! Time and time again we hear from clients who had great feedback the minute they started using their new Blue Sky resume, or from readers of my DIY Guide to Resume Writing, who rewrote their own resume by following my system. The response is almost always the same – ‘Wow, I don’t get any feedback and now I am.’

Achieving these results is not rocket science. You have to apply some straightforward principles, so let me show you how.

Ways To Turn Resume Fluff Into Marketable Facts

The resume we’re going to look at was written for a real client, but every identifying detail has been changed to protect his privacy. The actual names don’t matter – what matters is the strategy.

Let’s start with the first page of the resume that Terius was using when he first came to us.

Terius loved what he was doing and wanted to stay in the field, but was getting no response. As soon as I saw this resume I knew why. It has some strong points – it’s clean and organized, it starts with an introduction and Terius has tried to show the influence and achievement in his most recent position.

How To Turn In A Resume

The first problem was introduction. The long laundry list of balls seemed unfocused and, well, long! Do any recruiters really read all that? And if they did, how would they know what to think? In fact, if you present so many strong points, each one weakens all the others. So it’s best to decide on three or four main points you want to make and then write an introduction that covers them.

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How To Use Resume Keywords And Phrases

Injecting some personality into your resume is also important, but Terius used words and phrases that have been used over and over again on resumes—so many times that they’ve lost all meaning. They say nothing about what makes him special and convinces a recruiter to pick up the phone and call him.

I also felt that every detail of his work was frustrating him. He had made an incredible difference at South Shore Medical Center but that was clearly not coming.

First, I wrote a headline and sub-header that communicated exactly who Terius was and what he had to offer.

I then described his personal style, and included details such as the fact that he was well known in all area hospitals.

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To support his sales pitch, I included two LinkedIn testimonials written by people he worked with and I chose quotes that expressed his personality and personal style.

Finally, I modified his job description and accomplishment bullet points to include the context and challenges he faced when he started the job. All managers must address problems and challenges, and if your resume shows that you can do that, you’ll be ahead of other candidates.

You can see that Terius looks like a different person now. Recruiters and hiring managers can clearly see everything he has to offer, and can easily understand what makes him different from other purchasing managers.

How To Turn In A Resume

You can do the same for your own resume – and you owe it to yourself to do it! If you’re ready to revitalize your job search, sign up

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