How To Shorten Your Resume

How To Shorten Your Resume – CV writing is a bit of a dark art – there’s a fine balance between having a great CV and being overlooked. CV length is a big factor in that mix. Our studies have shown that most employers spend only 30 seconds considering a CV before deciding to reject it or set it aside for further review. This means that getting the employer’s attention quickly is crucial. You need to ensure that your CV is concise and contains the most relevant information that portrays you as the ideal candidate for this specific job position. A CV that is more than two pages long instantly puts off an employer as they perceive the document as having too much waffle and taking too much time to analyse.

As it will influence the success of your CV, it is worth spending some time editing your document so that it is the right length. Many people find their CVs too long and have trouble condensing them so that only the most relevant information is displayed. So, with this in mind, here are our top tips on how to make your CV shorter.

How To Shorten Your Resume

How To Shorten Your Resume

Constantly evaluate the information included in your CV as you write it. Is the information relevant to the role you are applying for? Does the information answer any questions the employer may have in mind? Does what you write match the job description? If the answer to all these questions is ‘no’, you should consider revising or skipping it.

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Tip: Make sure you include relevant and valuable information, but don’t over-explain your CV. The interview stage is where the points on your CV can be discussed further.

This seems like a pretty obvious point, but it’s easy to repeat yourself as you complete each section of a CV. You may find yourself mentioning an achievement in the work history section and a separate list of achievements. You can also mention that you have a certain skill or qualification more than once. Check your copy and remove duplicate points to prevent this.

Tip: It’s very easy to make small typos and grammatical errors in your first draft, so it’s important to copy-proof and edit your CV after you’ve written it.

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Are you creating your CV with a large font size? Is that font size really necessary for your job application? Most corporate documents range from 8pt size font to 11pt, where 11pt is definitely considered as large as you need. So check your CV content and try reformatting it in a different size, as this is a smart way to save space without losing content.

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Tip: If your CV is written in 12pt font size or larger, you should definitely consider reducing its size as most corporate documents are 11pt or smaller.

When thinking about the order of sections in your CV, you should try to include the most relevant and important information at the top – so you can always consider cutting content that appears in the last parts of the document. The most important information will vary according to the job role you are applying for, however, in general, the most important categories include; Personal statement/profile, work history and education and qualifications.

Tip: When ordering the sections of your CV, remember to think about what the employer is looking for and keep in mind what is important to them.

How To Shorten Your Resume

The CV designs we have here at Jobulo can be your friend. As well as designs that can lengthen your CV (if you struggle with length) we also have very space efficient designs. If you think your CV is too short, why not look at different layouts or designs that can make more efficient use of the available space on a page.

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How To Shorten Your Resume

If your resume is one page, will the recruiter think, “Meh, pretty weak”? If only they would sigh, “Oh,

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Want to save time and prepare your resume in 5 minutes? Try our resume builder. It is fast and easy to use. Also, you get ready-made content to add with a single click. View 20+ resume templates and create your resume here.

But don’t stop there. Read on for the reasons behind the answers and tips on how to lose fat.

Keep yours to a single page. Before sharing some tips on how to squeeze more into a single page, here’s a thought-

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Why not make your life easier and go for one of our tried and tested templates that help you save space and fit more on one page? See the gallery below, choose the template you like best and fill it. Minutes thanks to our helpful wizard and ready-to-use examples for each section. Then – download in one click.

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Nanica is an example of the right balance between a standard, formal one-page resume and a sprinkling of creativity. The two-column layout helps you save space and add a dynamic touch. Tons of white space makes Nanica easy on the eye of the beholder. A universal one-page resume that can be used by candidates across all fields and seniority levels.

Primo, like Nanica, uses two columns to save space and allows you to resume a page with little effort (even if you had to finish two pages before). Simple and elegant, Primo works great for corporate job applications like marketing, sales or help desk.

Cubby has it all: good shading, versatile color combinations, modern and timeless design. We have specially designed it to help you manage the space on your resume sheet. No other template available in our builder will allow you to fit it on a page. Highly recommended for experienced candidates.

How To Shorten Your Resume

This classic one pager is a favorite among our users applying for jobs in business and finance. This is a full-width resume that emphasizes your career progression over time. Choose this if you are aiming for a career in banking, consulting, or financial analysis.

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And last but not least, Newcast. The most basic of our one page resume designs. It has everything a good resume should include, but no extra gimmicks. Newcast is a great choice if you’re submitting a resume for academic admissions or targeting jobs in industries considered “conservative.”

. One-page resumes are recommended for candidates with a few years of work experience and those just starting out in the job market. Your resume

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