How To Set Up Resume Alerts On Indeed

How To Set Up Resume Alerts On Indeed – The Candidate Management tool (via the Candidates tab in the Recruiter Dashboard) helps you organize and manage your hiring pipeline.

As a recruiting site, Candidate Management is a single place to collect and store all your applicant information so you can filter it to your liking – without the extra work of creating spreadsheets and/or a cumbersome folder system.

How To Set Up Resume Alerts On Indeed

How To Set Up Resume Alerts On Indeed

We’ve heard from other employers like you that Candidate Management saves them time so they can focus on hiring the best candidates. Below, find out how to search and manage candidates on.

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As applicants show up on your candidate dashboard, you can assign a Status (Active, Pending Review, Review, Contact, etc.) You can use status assignments and filters to focus on candidates who are the best fit for your role.

As well as assigning applicants a status, you can invite matched candidates to apply. This feature, Instant Match, is only available when you sponsor your job and allows you to see a list of candidates that match your job criteria as soon as you pay to send. You can then invite matched candidates to apply immediately when you sponsor a job, or any time from your Employer Dashboard. Learn more about how instant play works.

Filters save time and help you narrow down your job search. When you use them, candidates that match your filter criteria will fill your screen, front and center. This way you can quickly review candidates and reassign positions.

*Applicants whose responses do not meet the required criteria will be marked as rejected. These candidates will not be notified of the status of their application, unless you send them a reply via one of our easy-to-use email update methods.

How To Search For Qualified Candidates On Indeed Resume

As a bonus, when you review and offer a candidate again, your hiring colleagues will receive one of the following notifications:

Applicants who log into your dashboard will be assigned this status automatically. Each applicant is marked as yes – √, or maybe – ? it will be moved to Review status.

Candidates who are ready for you to take action on them. Once your candidate is screened, you can record your thoughts and impressions as a Note. From there you can reach out to candidates (using one of our templates) to set up a virtual interview or let them know where they stand.

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How To Set Up Resume Alerts On Indeed

Once you start communicating with candidates, you may notice that. This mode is useful as you conduct phone screens, set up a person or interview or send a status update.

How To Post A Resume On Indeed

You can mark the candidate as Hired. This way you will have a historical record of every candidate you hire AND you can measure ROI over time.

We’ve provided a template that allows you to thank applicants for their effort while informing them that they will not be moving forward in the hiring process at this time. Job seekers really want to hear back from employers, either way. Use an email template to provide closure to job seekers so they can move on to their next application. This type of communication also supports your credibility as a company.

With it, you can make candidate management a collaborative process. You can share access to your dashboard using Communication Settings, which allows you to share notes about candidates with each other.

Taking candidate scores gives you an easy way to compare reports on resumes, skills and interview performance. You can also send it to members of your hiring team for review by clicking Continue.

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To export candidates for a specific role on the Candidates Page, select the job, select all candidates by clicking the check box in the top left and select Export Candidates. If you don’t see the Export Candidates button, make sure you enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your account.

No, any articles you write about candidates will remain confidential unless you choose to share them with your colleagues. Candidates will never see your notes.

When you move a candidate to Rejected status, you can choose to send a rejection letter by clicking the Compose Rejection Email button. Here are some tips for writing effective rejection emails to candidates. Alternatively, you can choose to send them an automated email letting them know they are no longer being considered for Employer Assistance.

How To Set Up Resume Alerts On Indeed

* provides this information as a courtesy to users of this site. Please note that we are not your recruitment or legal advisor, we are not responsible for the content of your job description, and none of the information provided here guarantees performance. – but there are other ways to find quality candidates who meet your hiring criteria.

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How To Create A Job Search Website Like Indeed: 3 Fast Solutions

According to research, 73% of employers say that candidates found in a resume database – such as Resume – are “very suitable” for the role.[1] With Resume, you can instantly search and connect with job seekers who are open to new opportunities. Our talent database of 225 million resumes allows you to find candidates with the exact skills and qualifications you need.

Candidates who apply for job vacancies are known as “active” candidates. As the name suggests, these candidates are eager to find a new job and are always available quickly. Resume databases, like resumes, include a mix of active and “unprofessional” candidates. Disinterested candidates are not actively applying for jobs but are open to new opportunities.

When active candidates apply for your job vacancies on , you can easily filter out those who only meet your desired criteria. You also have the option to add skill tests to the screen for specific skills such as typing, personality aptitude and more. If you find that your job posting isn’t attracting the right candidates, check out these tips on how to improve. You can pay to sponsor your work to increase its visibility.

If you’d like to target both active and passive candidates, you can search for the right resume. This strategy can be especially useful if you’re looking for highly skilled candidates or if your job openings aren’t bringing in the right candidates.

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Resume is a resume search engine that helps you find the best candidates for a specific job. In one workspace, you can search over 225 million prospects and quickly connect with those you are interested in. Refine your search by job title, location, work history, education, availability and more.

When you find a candidate who would like to discuss your career opportunity, send a message to start the conversation. (

Note: You must have a Resume subscription to view resumes and contact candidates. Here’s how to buy a subscription.

How To Set Up Resume Alerts On Indeed

Beyond being able to search millions of resumes for your industry and location, there are many other benefits of using Resume Search, including:

How To Search For Candidates On Indeed

To start searching for a ride on , go to the Continue home page. Type in the criteria you want (for example, skills, job title, company name) and where you are employed. Click “Search” to view available candidates that match your job description. You can use the left sidebar to filter your results further.

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After narrowing down your list of candidates, you can view full resumes that match your criteria and reach out to candidates you’re interested in (if you have an active Resume subscription).

Deciding which candidates to message or invite for an interview based on resumes can be challenging. To determine which candidates are the best fit for your open position, start by running a quick resume scanner. Look for skills, experience and education that match the job description and your candidate profile. You’ll also want to check for any prerequisites—for example, if the job requires a specific certification, does the applicant have it? If not, put your resume in the “no” or “maybe” pile.

If the resume seems consistent at first, do a deeper dive. Previous job titles, years of experience, achievements or measurable impact in previous roles, and specific tools, processes or other hard skills listed can give you clues as to whether a candidate might be a match.

Indeed: Searching And Applying For Jobs

Additionally, consider creating a grading scale or scoring rubric to use throughout your resume assessment to help prevent bias. If you want to prioritize certain things (eg years of experience, hard skills), you can rate them by putting a percentage on each thing, as long as the number stays at 100%.

When you find a candidate who might be a match for your job opening, send a message to gauge their interest and/or schedule a phone screen or face-to-face interview. Once the candidate responds, you will receive an email with their message and a link to their resume and contact information.

Note: Only message candidates about a specific, relevant job opening – not a list of jobs they might be interested in.

How To Set Up Resume Alerts On Indeed

Use the candidate’s name and introduce yourself and your company. If you’re using a message template, replace all the handler fields with the appropriate information. You can even implement it

Using Indeed To Optimize Your Job Search

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