How To Sell Yourself In A Resume

How To Sell Yourself In A Resume – Many freelancers struggle to write resumes and talk about themselves in announcements, emails, or on social media – and don’t forget about website pages. I have a friend who exclaims, “I can write a lot about other people, but I can’t do it for myself!”

What’s worse is that companies are improving the process of selecting contractors by using parsers like Sovren to scan all posts or resumes for specific keywords. If they are not, no decision maker can see the fruits of your labor.

How To Sell Yourself In A Resume

How To Sell Yourself In A Resume

So, how do you find the right words to sell yourself, how do you catch the eye of both the computer and the client in a pitch, email, or resume? Also, how can you increase customer interest through your website and social media platforms? The answer is to use a lot of ‘power words’ – active, special words and phrases that will give your proposal a real face, and get your work the attention it deserves.

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In this article, we’ll explore some of our key strengths, and show how you can use them to great effect. Let’s see!

The first thing to do is research – check the job description, especially the title and any subheadings. What words stand out the most? Create your own resume, along with other features that the job description emphasizes.

These words will be the framework for your tone of voice, and they need to be placed appropriately in the relevant sections of your submission as they flow from your main text. Here’s an example, from Upwork, showing the key words of “experience”, “email marketing”, “fashion” and “jewelry”:

Why is this important? Clients aren’t just looking for a freelancer, they’re looking for someone who understands the industry, and has experience in their field. Organize your pitch by emphasizing any relevant experiences from the past, and weave in the keywords you noticed on your first look. This method will also help you bypass the automated assessment mentioned earlier.

Ways To Use Power Words To Sell Yourself

When you have a set of power words for your sound, one way to get more impact is to identify and add any related words. These should be words that will resonate with your potential customer, and add to the effectiveness of your submission.

You can find these second power words by searching Google (which often helps bring up related words) or by using an online thesaurus.

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Take the above example of requirements for freelancers “experience”, and knowledge of “fashion” and “jewelry”. A quick thesaurus review suggests the following:

How To Sell Yourself In A Resume

With a little bit of lateral thinking, you can put all this together and say that you are “expert in writing email campaign copy and the latest trends in fashion tools.”

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Whether you’re writing a newsletter, an ‘About’ page, or a customer notice, you’d think that mentioning “the ability to handle pressure”, or “having problem-solving skills” is a good bet. However, what can happen is that your opponents are saying the same thing, meaning that your influence will be reduced or restarted. Also, clichés are off. Yes, you are organized at work – yawn!

Make it fun by adding new words. For example, say “I do well under pressure”, “I like to manage people”, or “I like to solve problems”. These types of phrases are easier, say something good about your personality, and are more interesting and accurate.

The key is to use active language – active verbs and positive words. For example, use “made” instead of “made”, and “won” instead of “got”. Effective words go into your power. Instead of a meaningless sentence like “I am a team leader”, try “I manage a team of 15 professionals” – it says more about your strengths. Try not to repeat yourself – again, the thesaurus is your friend here.

Emails and cover letters stand a good chance of being actually read, so they’re great places to use power words.

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Resumes and cover letters are often short, so be specific. LinkedIn career expert Nicole Williams advises that the first sentence should be about the client, the second about you, and the third about the client’s company.

Go to your company’s About page and identify key terms, using a thesaurus if necessary to change something. Look for the message that the page is conveying, and choose keywords that you can use to describe your skills and goals. Here is a great example, with keywords from AECOM…

My friend’s bug story mentioned at the beginning involved not being able to write about each other. Here, you have to think more about what your customers might be looking for, instead of focusing on just one service. A deep search of a job website like Upwork can pay dividends.

How To Sell Yourself In A Resume

Look at job postings in different departments, and identify recurring keywords in job titles, keywords, and introductions. Find words that reflect what each client is looking for, whether those are specific skills or personal qualities.

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If you’re looking for clients with a specific expertise needed, you’ll also want to identify buzzwords in their area. To get an idea of ​​domain-specific issues, try using the tools found on O*NET. Their report contains a list of jobs, as well as tools and technologies related to the sector, and the type of knowledge required for a particular job:

The site has hundreds of job categories that provide useful keywords, which you can transfer to your website to describe your own expertise.

In the diverse world of social media, often the only opportunity to talk about yourself is in a few words (For example, Quora allows you to describe yourself in a sentence for each category you are in – write in the paragraph for your bio profile. ).

This is where I declare that I am the ‘Most Viewed Author’, with over 18,000 upvotes and one answer. I’ve tried to analyze its incredible popularity – and that of other high-profile answers, YouTube videos, and blogs – and I’ve decided that success requires good psychology.

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The first question you should ask is: Why are visitors coming to your page? Are they there to be entertained, to be told, or to buy? The keywords you choose must match what your visitors are looking for.

What do the experts recommend? They point out that people connect with emotions more than words, especially ‘extremely motivated’ emotions such as amusement or disgust (which clearly explains my Quora success). Curiosity is also a strong driver, so if you promise to “reveal” or “reveal”, or suggest that you can offer something “unique” or “without example”, you play with that feeling. Here are some great examples from the 2016 Facebook Award winners:

Writing about yourself in a way that will connect you with interested customers is not as major a challenge as it is often thought to be. However, in order to jump over the many hurdles it will take to reach that customer, your pitch or resume needs to find his face.

How To Sell Yourself In A Resume

Interesting power words can be the answer, and by using them correctly, they can change the tone, About page, or resume. Remember:

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Have you experimented with power words and found them useful in your own writing and other writing?

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