How To Say You Managed A Team On Resume

How To Say You Managed A Team On Resume – Michael Jordan taught us the importance of team management: “talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

Trying to go it alone instead of utilizing all the talents of a group of people rarely leads to growth. This is why effective team management is so important.

How To Say You Managed A Team On Resume

How To Say You Managed A Team On Resume

In this article, you’ll learn why team management is important, what a well-managed team looks like, how to develop better team management skills, and six tips for effective team management.

Tips On Managing A Remote Team

Team management is a manager’s ability to execute and coordinate a team to accomplish their tasks and common goals. Team management usually involves a manager, a team, communication skills, active listening, goal setting, creating a positive culture, and often a project management software to help everyone stay efficient and organized.

To effectively lead a team, we must first determine what makes a successful team leader. We break down some of the essentials below.

While there is no single metric or leadership skill that defines a good team leader, there are several defining aspects of a high-performing team that demonstrates strong leadership.

A great manager also takes the time to listen to and act on feedback from employees as needed, lead by example – whether that’s by demonstrating a good work-life balance or getting tasks done on time – and be transparent with their own work challenges and how to solve them.

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Looking for more tips on what makes a great manager? Read our post on the hidden skills of a senior manager.

We’ve covered the qualities of a manager, but why is their role and influence on the team important?

In addition to creating a positive work environment and ensuring that all team members are aligned with team and organizational goals, there are other benefits to the practice. Below we break down three reasons why team management is important.

How To Say You Managed A Team On Resume

It is part of the role of a team leader or manager to ensure that employees feel good about where they work, as this can have a positive impact on the success of the company.

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For example, when companies effectively manage teams and employees feel happy and valued, their market value and financial performance can increase, employee retention levels can increase, there is often a higher quality of customer service, and as a result, customers become more loyal.

With effective team management, you can shape a culture where employees thrive. In one survey, 77% of American workers said that culture has a strong impact on their ability to do their best work.

Proper team management can build a culture where workers can focus on their work rather than worrying about external elements.

The survey reports that US companies spend $1.1 billion a year looking for replacements. It also reports that poor relations between managers and colleagues are the second most popular reason for employee resignation.

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With this context, it becomes more obvious that managers need to focus on hiring the right people. We came up with some tips for choosing your next team member:

Now that we’ve gone over the benefits of team management, let’s discuss how you can successfully manage your team.

As we have described above, a good manager is an important part of a team’s success. They regularly keep the team motivated, on track, informed of the company’s milestones and goals, and ensure that everyone is happy and contributing to the company’s bottom line.

How To Say You Managed A Team On Resume

Employees fear misunderstanding because it causes confusion and stress. In 2019, 80% of US workers surveyed said they experienced stress due to ineffective or poor company communication.

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Effective communication skills ensure team clarity on tasks, deadlines and goals. This transparency allows a team to focus on their productivity and collaboration.

On the other hand, poor digital communication management for teams lowers employee morale and productivity. This negatively affects customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

A workplace platform, like , can help managers and team members communicate better. For example, a manager might use a project communication plan for meetings, tasks, and progress reviews. Using this platform, managers can assign team members to actions and monitor their progress at each step.

In a study by Hypercontext, a majority of managers said that keeping their team on track to achieve goals was an important part of their role.

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However, managers who do not have their eye on the ball cannot ensure that their employees are moving in the right direction.

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Managers can often get sidetracked from their original goals by their own day-to-day tasks and solving problems, big or small.

Setting a clear vision that highlights short-term and long-term goals for projects, teams, and the overall organization is arguably the best way for managers and employees to stay focused.

How To Say You Managed A Team On Resume

Managers can use team management software such as OKR (Objectives and Key Results) template to list and track goals. Templates can help maintain focus while guiding teams toward achieving their goals.

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Employees who say they feel part of a team are 2.3 times more likely to be engaged at work.

To increase collaboration, managers can turn to collaboration programs. In fact, using technology to drive workflows and collaborative projects is almost expected; most Millennials (85%) and Gen Z (79%) employees say they want their direct managers to solve problems with technology, and this includes all the tools needed to complete tasks and projects.

Platforms with a customizable project tracking template can help managers set up projects. Everyone involved in the project can then track tasks, deadlines and make changes quickly. For example, if you run your website on a hosting service like WordPress, your team can benefit from a designated management platform to assign different tasks, keep everyone informed of changes and updates, and stay accountable to team KPIs.

A manager is expected to assign tasks to employees based on skill, experience and competence. They must trust that each team member can complete assigned tasks on time.

How To Build A Successful Team

But even good managers can struggle with delegation. In fact, 21% of employees feel overwhelmed by their workload “most of the time.” A solution to this problem can be to use workflow automations.

A task management template can help managers delegate tasks by easily identifying team members’ capabilities and making changes to reduce heavy workloads.

Constructive feedback sessions provide insights into areas for improvement, both for employees and managers. It gives employees clarity on where they stand and where they are going.

How To Say You Managed A Team On Resume

In Research by Reflektive, 92% of employees surveyed say they want more than an annual performance review. 72% of respondents want at least monthly review sessions.

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When employees give feedback, listen to what they say and, if possible, act on it. Changes inspired by these sessions can help employees, managers and the team perform better and build trust.

Appreciation of team members’ efforts and achievements has a significant impact on employee morale, while lack of recognition can lead to burnout.

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A recent study shows that a decrease in giving and receiving recognition increases the odds of burnout by 45% and 48%.

Scheduling feedback sessions while managing many other responsibilities can be challenging. One tool managers can use to easily schedule and manage feedback is a feedback tracker, like the one below.

Checklist! Managing Remote Workers During Covid 19

It is estimated that by the end of 2021, 25-30% of the US workforce will work from home more than once a week.

To manage a remote team, managers must identify and solve the challenges of hiring and managing virtual team members.

Some common challenges include scheduling and miscommunication. To overcome these roadblocks, managers can record all information—from new hires to team activities—on a remote work schedule template.

How To Say You Managed A Team On Resume

Managers can even use this template as a way to organize remote worker feedback. Research shows that remote workers who received feedback in the past week were 4.6 times more likely to be engaged with the team.

Strategies For Effectively Managing People At Work

A manager who excels in fundamental areas—such as setting goals, delegating tasks, and providing consistent feedback—is more likely to have engaged employees working toward the company’s goals. Your employees may be talented, but it is effective team management that steers them in the right direction and helps them succeed.

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