How To Put Shadowing On A Resume

How To Put Shadowing On A Resume – Struggling to create a resume for your CASPA application just before submitting is less than ideal. But since the need for a resume often comes as a surprise, creating a resume at the eleventh hour is the approach most commonly used by PA school applicants.

Being caught off guard is not a future PA’s fault. CASPA does not require a resume, so a request for a resume may come unexpectedly by a target program as part of an additional application.

How To Put Shadowing On A Resume

How To Put Shadowing On A Resume

The need to create something from scratch can get you down a rabbit hole causing additional stress or delaying submission of your application.

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However, creating a PA-school-candidate resume can be simplified. Planning your own starts with clarifying the purpose of the resume, so let’s start there and then move on to what content should appear in your overview.

To understand why a PA program might want a resume, you must first zoom out and see it from the perspective of the entire application.

Your PA school application shouldn’t be a compilation of everything you’ve done in life. When you add experiences and write your personal statement, you compile your collective experiences down to PA-school related material.

Includes pre-PA activities; Activities such as volunteer work and doing college sports have a place because they have helped you develop the skills that prepare you to work as a provider. But you

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It’s your job to narrow down your experiences as an applicant. Being selective about what you add to an application shows PA programs that you understand what activities help build your foundation for becoming a PA.

First, they likely receive thousands of applications, and once an applicant has passed the first stage, it can be a quick way for faculty to review the contenders.

The CV may be the only summary seen by some faculty members who have not done in-depth application reviews, or it can be used to quickly refresh candidates before an interview.

How To Put Shadowing On A Resume

The ability to process copious amounts of information and get down to the basics is what medical providers do. When you create a concise, focused resume, you demonstrate your ability to prioritize and make decisions, just as PAs do in practice.

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As such, it would be a mistake to use the app as a dumpster for everything you do in life, as well as to pull every part of your application onto your resume and leave it to the PA school faculty to decide what is relevant. .

Editing the content of your resume will allow you to provide a summary that gets to the core of why your target program might want one.

Before you decide what to include on your resume, it’s helpful to have some guidelines from the start.

Working within this framework from the start will help you avoid the slack in being picky and avoid the tendency to get stuck in activities that need to be cut.

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1. Limit yourself to one page, no exceptions. Programs requesting a resume ask for a summary of what they can view in CASPA.

They have access to your entire application, so even if your resume highlights the features of your application, it shouldn’t be a complete refactoring.

This approach may mean that if you have 12 shading experiences, you will choose the two that are most important. Or if you’ve been researching for ten years and have dozens of publications, you’d choose three of your most recent or relevant articles.

How To Put Shadowing On A Resume

2. Do not use small fonts or small margins. This is the favorite “trick” of those trying to break the one-page rule, but it’s not fooling anyone.

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Dealing with formatting to bring your resume to a single page will make the content look clunky and show a lack of selectivity.

3. Put the most relevant categories first. This means that anything you work for that helps prepare you for PA school, such as education and patient care experiences, should be at the top of your resume.

Other aspects that may be slightly less relevant, such as a career in a different field, or less work-intensive, such as membership in PA organizations will be further down the page.

4. Avoid single-item categories. Listing “leadership” as a category and adding a single experience below it not only takes up unnecessary space, but also draws attention to the lack of leadership experience.

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Instead, it may be appropriate to combine related categories into a single section title, or to eliminate a section altogether if it’s not your most relevant experience. (The possible exception to this rule is “Training”, which will be discussed later.)

Because every applicant will have a unique set of experience, not every resume has a single set of categories to include. Some future PAs may have healthcare experience but not patient care experience. Some have a lot of involvement in leadership or volunteer work, while others have none.

However, every applicant will have an educational background. Starting from there, you can prioritize the inclusion of other experiences, even if you haven’t yet determined which category titles to use.

How To Put Shadowing On A Resume

To get started, think about and write down which three specific items (not categories) should definitely appear on your resume other than your education.

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These should be your most important experiences. If you’re a five-year school teacher, this should be making the shortlist, although it’s not as directly related to being a PA as your AAPA membership. This shortlist is about the quality of your experiences, so pick the ones that are most valuable.

After listing your education and three other experiences, choose your next three and be specific. If you have several shading experiences, don’t collect them as one experience, each one is important.

Stop after you’ve listed your education and the six best experiences. Don’t melt if everything you plan to add hasn’t made it to the list yet.

We’ll get back to other possibilities as soon as we edit the content, but for now it’s important to keep the list short.

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When you proactively select your most valuable experiences on the front-end, you save the trouble of landing a page on the back-end while building a stronger resume.

Now that you’ve identified the “must-haves” for your resume, you can start thinking about the layout of your content.

5. Additional work experience (if you are transferring from another career that will not appear as patient care or healthcare experience)

How To Put Shadowing On A Resume

Your shortlist will not cover all these priorities, and some priorities may include more than one item from your shortlist. This is expected. Arrange your selected events in the order of priority they fall.

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Now, based on what you’ve edited, you can determine which category headings make sense to use on your resume.

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But if you have a patient care role, some hospital volunteering, and you have a few shadow experiences, you may choose to group them under the following headings.

You can then do a mini-prioritization within the category, starting with the PCE role and ending with the least relevant experience of the group, such as the oldest shadowing activity.

If you have other experiences you want to include, but they appear to be stand-alone, you can combine similar related categories. Therefore, instead of listing a single leadership role in its category, you can create a leadership role.

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, categories are not fixed. Instead of feeling compelled to tailor your experience to strict category titles, you can decide what you want to share first and then build your resume categories around these activities.

No matter how you decide to label the resume sections, remember to move from the most basic to the least necessary, both between and within categories; for example, patient care experience tops the overall resume, and your most recent patient care experience comes before other patients. maintenance work.

When detailing entries, it’s important to keep in mind that a resume for PA school is 1) an intense, curated version of your application and 2) it should focus on the key points.

How To Put Shadowing On A Resume

Therefore, a resume entry should not include a complete re-list of supervisor information or experience details that appear in an application entry. Instead, you should direct your attention to where you want it to go.

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If you have a high GPA, go ahead and give it more attention by listing it next to your degree on your resume. If your post-graduate academic performance is strong, you can create a list for these bulk courses.

And add your GPA for those credits (even if you choose not to do the same for your undergraduate study if you’re shooting for academic pay).

Entries do not need to be accompanied by a lengthy description, if any, which is slightly different from a traditional resume. However, traditional resumes are not supported by multi-page applications that give detailed descriptions of experiences.

However, if you think a little detail would help highlight something important that wasn’t obvious in the introduction, go ahead and add it. But rest assured the property is worth it

How To Put Shadowing On A Resume [+examples]

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