How To Put Hackathon On Resume

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How To Put Hackathon On Resume

How To Put Hackathon On Resume

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Showing that you’ve participated in a popular web3 hackathon will look great on your resume because it shows employers your skills, hustle, and ability to deliver products at a high level.

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Developers looking to get a job in Web3 should put hackathon information on their resume and LinkedIn profile because it will immediately communicate to recruiters that you are motivated, have a source of knowledge, and now how to do business.

Additionally, if you’ve received awards, collected awards, or received prize money for one of your winning Web3 hackathon ideas, your resume will take the power of the hackathon judges, and make you a candidate. the better.

Due to the rapid growth of the Web3 industry, hiring managers and recruiters are trying to find qualified professionals with first-hand experience in building and working on Web3. Participating in a Web3 hackathon builds a foundation of knowledge, and enhances a candidate’s application.

How To Put Hackathon On Resume

Also, hiring managers for growing Web3 companies need to know their employees can perform at high speed and under high pressure. Because Web3 hackathons allow developers to do exactly that, adding hackathon content to a resume can greatly influence the hiring decision.

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So, before going to a hackathon, please focus not only on winning the hackathon but also on making decisions and writing them down so that you can create a compelling resume. If you need more tips on what to do before a web3 hackathon, check out this page on preparing for a web3 hackathon.

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Adding a hackathon to your resume is as simple as adding a section for projects, and listing bulletpoints to describe your project in the same way that you list a work experience or internship experience.

In addition to an “education” and “information” section, create a new section to include hackathon “projects”. Since resumes for high-level and non-high-level positions should be kept on the same page, if you don’t have enough room for a new section, consider opening a smaller section such as skills, courses, or volunteer experience.

In addition to your web3 hackathon projects, this category can include school competitions, apps you’ve built as a side project, or school-built projects.

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Every hackathon project you build should be listed under the “project” section. For example, if you participated in the ETHDenver BUIDLathon, your title for the category could include hackathon, project name, and date.

Your role description is the most important part of your hackathon resume – it shows the hiring manager what you did, learned and excelled during the hackathon.

First, write down everything you can remember about participating in the hackathon. Here are some helpful questions to start thinking about your role in the hackathon:

How To Put Hackathon On Resume

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can start writing bullet points that describe your role. Make sure these bullets focus on the important, important, and surprising aspects of your hackathon participation from above.

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A general rule of thumb is to write about your responsibilities and experiences using active verbs in the tense related to project continuity (eg.

Writing about your experiences with action words clearly shows what you did rather than giving too much detail about the project.

Then, choose the most specific keyword for your hackathon activities. For example, you can use two bullets like this:

Finally, don’t include the word, “I,” as in “Developed,” because it’s clear to start the review that your resume is about you. Just start your sentence with the verb to be clear.

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Avoid repeating the same word to show your breadth of knowledge. Even if you have developed the front and back pages for your project, use different terms like “Developed,” for one bullet point, and “Architected.” This will show your range as a writer and strengthen your Web3 resume.

Resumes are used by hiring managers to see if your credentials match the specific requirements of the company they are hiring for. Therefore, it is best to match your web3 hackathon content with the job description and the products you are applying to build.

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For example, if the job is remote blockend development, you might want to emphasize your skills with different programming languages ​​and the ability to deliver projects on time without problems in the Web3 hackathon.

How To Put Hackathon On Resume

In contrast, if the job you’re applying for is a team-based project management role, then you’ll want to emphasize your ability to effectively organize and lead a hackathon team, manage staff, execute deadlines, and deliver an integrated project during a human Web3 hackathon.

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Finally, if you have multiple projects that fit on the same page, make sure you include the hackathons that best fit the job you’re applying for.

For example, if the task is to develop the first website for a web3 startup that is developing an NFT market. In that case, you want to participate in a hackathon where you designed a successful initial application rather than one where you focused on backend development.

High-growth Web3 startups need people who can multitask, so it’s important to show off the breadth of skills you’ve honed in your Web3 hackathon experience. Make sure your bullets address not only creative skills, but management, leadership, planning, and cross-functional skills as well.

If all your bullets discuss your creative achievements, the recruiter may think you’re one-of-a-kind. In contrast, if you write about your leadership and management role then the hiring manager will see that you can be a good team player in a web3 company.

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When writing about a Web3 hackathon in your resume, include numerical results in your bullets. Specific data points add emotional context to your resume where general language can be used to convey the truth.

Putting these results together will allow your hiring manager to better understand how hard you worked at the hackathon and what you got out of it.

Because the reviewers tend to start looking quickly, and often review the resume for only the most important details, keeping the bullets short and to one line makes their job easier.

How To Put Hackathon On Resume

Although you may want to write more, the person reviewing your resume won’t read every word. Instead, group your most interesting contributions, accomplishments, and responsibilities into a few supercharged bullet points.

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Also, the shorter you can write your bullets, the more information and responsibilities you can include in your resume.

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Update your resume so the most recent projects are at the top of the projects section, and only relevant ones are included.

By including your most powerful hackathon experiences and ordering them in chronological order (like the most recent experiences above), potential employers can see your progress and your dedicated to building on Web3 over time.

Another common mistake is using confusing language in your bullets. Despite what you may think, using big words and confusing words doesn’t make you sound smarter or smarter. But it confuses your reader and dilutes the accomplishments and skills you’re trying to convey.

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Be proud of your accomplishments. Don’t delay the truth or lie in your resume because it can destroy your credibility on the Web3 site. Hiring authorities have a lot of resources to check you out, so lying is the fastest way to get your resume rejected. Because the Web3 hiring network is small, the authorities can convince other companies not to hire you.

If you don’t have much to say about a hackathon, it’s best not to include it on your resume, and instead use a section to showcase the web3 courses you’ve completed.

This feature does a good job of showcasing ZeroKash’s achievements at the hackathon. However, depending on what the applicant is trying to do, they may want to simplify and adopt the acronyms “zkEVM” and “DeFi.” In general, large companies and web3 companies will see these terms.

How To Put Hackathon On Resume

Here are some Web3 hackathon resume examples that you can copy and update for any project you plan to include on your resume.

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Using keywords, acronyms, and including relevant context about the role you’re applying for will help you stand out.

LinkedIn is another great way to showcase your Web3 hackathon accomplishments to Web3 recruiters and startup founders looking for candidates.

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