How To Make Your Resume Scannable

How To Make Your Resume Scannable – Does the job search sometimes feel like throwing away resumes and stuffing papers into a black hole? You may wonder if your application has even been read.

You’ve probably heard that IT service providers reject requests before they reach human hands. And yes, in many companies that get a lot of requests, that’s true.

How To Make Your Resume Scannable

How To Make Your Resume Scannable

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The internet has completely changed the world of job hunting. Long gone are the days of “paving the pavement” or “walking in and asking to speak to a manager” for all but the smallest local businesses. Instead, you apply online—which is a double-edged sword for everyone involved. Because you no longer have to physically fill out and deliver applications or send resumes and cover letters via snail mail, you can apply for more jobs. But it can

. This means that the open space can get far more applications than the company has to read.

Just ask Muse Career Coach Yolanda M. Owens, founder of CareerSensei Consulting, who has more than 20 years of experience recruiting in a variety of industries, including healthcare, technology and services. ball. As a corporate recruiter, he posted job openings and got back, he says, “more than 300 applications for entry-level positions within a week.” On average, he has between 15 and 20 participants at a time, meaning he may have 6,000 applicants to review at once!

That’s why hiring managers and recruiters like Owens often use an applicant tracking system (ATS) — software that helps them process job applications and ensure that there aren’t any shortfalls in a short amount of time. If you’ve applied for a job since 2008, it’s likely that your application went through the ATS. More than 98% of Fortune 500 companies use some type of ATS, according to Jobscan research. Whenever you apply for a job through an online form or portal, your application is guaranteed to go through the ATS.

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But an ATS does more than just track applications – it can also act as a filter, filtering all submitted resumes and sending the most relevant and qualified job seekers to the hiring manager or recruiter. . This is the resume scanning technology you’ve probably heard of.

Fortunately, passing the ATS is easier than you think. Follow these dos and don’ts to craft a great ATS interview that will get on board – and impress the hiring manager.

ATSs get a bad rap as the “robots” standing between you and your new job, and when you hear that Owens only reads 25% of the requests he receives for most messages, it’s probably reassuring. that feeling.

How To Make Your Resume Scannable

But why did he look at a small part of the application? Most of the candidates were not qualified for the work they did. And some made no sense at all. “If I look at an entry level [accounting] position and see someone who is a dentist or a VP,” Owens said, it’s perfectly fair for ATS to exclude them.

Make Sure To Include These 4 Key Items In Your Resume

So, first of all, make sure you are actually qualified for the role you are applying for. This does not mean that you have to hit the job qualification or apply for a job if you don’t have the traditional way of doing it. Owens said he’s “always tried to cast a wide net and not rule out too many factors to pass up a candidate who might not be traditional” — career changers looking to break into a new field, for example, or impressive person. transferable skills. But if you don’t have

The applicant tracking system also allows recruiters to see all the roles you have applied for in their company. Owens has often noticed a person who applies for every opening in the company or one of its departments. When you do this, a recruiter can’t tell what you’re really interested in or if you know what you’re capable of.

If a company has two similar roles open, it applies fully to both. Or if you have many skills and interests and would be happy in two different roles, then

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Apply to both, although you should tailor or target each resume you submit to a specific job.

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Video editing site. And you certainly shouldn’t apply to every business opening. It just shows that you haven’t taken the time to consider what the role is right for you – and the recruiter won’t take the time to do that for you.

At its core, any applicant screening system does when it “reads” a resume the same way a person does: It searches for relevant information to see if you’re a good match or not. job openings. “ATS algorithms are not the same as human algorithms, ​​​​​​we all do the same thing,” said Jon Shields, Marketing Manager at Jobscan. So, when writing a resume that can bypass the ATS, you want to make sure that key information is included and that it’s easy to find.

One of the ways ATS narrows down the applicant pool is by searching for specific keywords. It’s like Google search on a smaller scale.

How To Make Your Resume Scannable

A recruiter or hiring manager can decide which keywords to search for—often which skills, qualifications, experience, or attributes are most important to filling the job. For an entry-level role this might mean some major, but for a tech position it might be some coding language.

How To Write The Perfect Business Analyst Resume

So if you want to pass the ATS, you need to include these important keywords in your resume. Tip: Look for hard skills that appear more than once in a message and are mentioned near the top of job requirements and responsibilities. Hard skills include software types, procedures, languages ​​used, and other skills that are easier to quantify. (The most important keyword can even be the job title!)

Depending on your industry, certain qualifications and certifications may also be important keywords. Especially in fields like nursing and teaching where state licensing is required, employers want to know at a glance that you are licensed to do the job you are applying for.

If you have trouble identifying important keywords in your job description when creating a resume in an ATS, there are online tools (such as Jobscan, Worded’s Targeted Resume or SkillSyncer) that can help you.

Note: In some cases, ATS keyword searches will identify and count the correct matches. So if you have real experience, but you wrote it in a different language than the system wants, you may not be among the qualified applicants. For example, if you write “LSW” but the ATS verifies “Licensed Social Worker”, it may leave your resume. (To be sure, write the full name, and put the abbreviation in parentheses.) Or if you wrote “Excel expert,” but the ATS is looking for someone with “spreadsheet experience,” your resume. may not reach the hiring manager. When in doubt, match your phrase to what’s in the job description, because that’s probably what the ATS is looking for.

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The Ultimate Guide To Writing A Resume

Applicant screening systems can recognize that basic skills or experience are available. But interpreting the strength and value of that experience is still for people to do. And people want to see

It’s obvious to a recruiter that you’ve only worked on a keyword because it’s in your submission, without linking it to any specific performance—and that doesn’t score you points. “Instead of focusing on repeating the job description, focus on your accomplishments,” says Owens.

Also, remember that you’re not the only one adding these important keywords to your resume. “If you all use the same job description and the same slogan, what will make you stand out from the crowd?” Owens asks. Answer: your performance, which is unique to

How To Make Your Resume Scannable

When defining where you are now and where you’ve been, “make sure your milestones are real, and use numbers and metrics to highlight them,” says Rohan Mahtani, founder of Resume Worded. Instead of just telling recruiters and hiring managers that you have a skill, show them how you’ve used it and the results.

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The ATS has brought a lot of new problems with applicants “trying to cheat the system,” Owens said. You may have seen advice on how to edit your resume to fool applicant tracking systems – by white-lining keywords, white-lining the entire job description, repeating keywords as many times as necessary. optional, or add a section labeled “keywords” where you paste various words from the job description.

Any strategy that has to do with putting keywords in white will be immediate

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