How To List Independent Contractor On Resume

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How To List Independent Contractor On Resume

How To List Independent Contractor On Resume

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Professional Construction Resume Examples

The construction site is like a microcosm. Only a select few have the skills in this field. And you are one of them. Working as a contractor, you have extensive knowledge of planning construction projects, selecting equipment, overseeing legal compliance, and setting budgets.

However, the competition is fierce. In order to land a new job, you need to convince prospective clients and business partners that you know the drill. Your company name on your truck is not enough.

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How To List Independent Contractor On Resume

Licensed contractor with 8+ years of experience. Skilled in project management and residential construction. Wants to provide construction expertise for Hall Brothers Construction. Belcher Construction Co. The project also resolved construction issues 18% faster than the company average. Coordinated plans to build 100+ homes per year between $1M–$2M.

How To List Contract Work On Your Resume

Acting on behalf of others. In the construction world, general contractors manage subcontractors (including independent contractors) during the completion of projects such as home construction or industrial buildings. A contractor’s resume should demonstrate leadership and interpersonal skills, such as project management and budgeting.

Tip: Unless the job ad says otherwise, keep your contractors’ resumes in PDF format. PDFs are not degraded in transit.

Tip: How Long Should Your Resume Be for a Contract Job? One page (unless you’ve built a lot of different structures, you can’t fit them all).

Tip: Want to read more about your hiring team’s general contractor resume? Use strong resumes

How To Write Independent Contractor In A Resume

Tip: If you’re new to the business world, consider adding an education section to your resume. In one fell swoop, you can list a study section as its own section with its own arrows.

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Tip: Don’t overdo it. Putting 25 skills on a resume for contractors makes you dishonest. Look for a number of technical skills and soft skills to target in online advertising. Proof them in your arrows.

Drag and drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff as we create your resume in our resume builder. Spell check?

How To List Independent Contractor On Resume

List language skills in your resume on your resume, unless you state in your online posting that this is not the core of the role. If so, add it as a separate section with a bulleted list.

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Tip: Not sure how to describe volunteer work on your resume for contractor jobs? If you’re doing freelance work for free, put it in the Volunteer section. If not, put it in Actions.

Tip: How to follow up on a job application: Once a week, send a one-sentence note that says, “Dear [HIRING MANAGER NAME]], I’m following up on my application for your open contractor position. Sincerely…”

Also, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an edge over other applicants. You can do this in our cover letter here. Here’s a look:

Does your subcontractor continue? Worried that your resume will be passed over for contractor jobs? Give us a shout in the comments. We love to talk!

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How To List Independent Contractor On Resume

Check out the best blank resume templates. Choose a resume type, fill in the blanks. Prepare your resume in 5 minutes. Download your resume in PDF format. If you have contract work in your work history, it can be difficult to know how to list it. This may include contract positions, temporary work (directly or through an agency), freelancing, consulting, or other work that is intentionally short-term.

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Presenting these tasks as your other job looks like getting a job. On the other hand, omitting them from your resume will leave large gaps in your work history. Both of these are major red flags for employers—so how do you avoid them? In this article, we’ll learn which contract jobs to include or leave off your resume, and how to include them to make sure they look good to potential recruiters.

On your resume. These jobs listed correctly can enhance your work history and demonstrate valuable skills. The trick is to make them work for you, not against you.

Like everything else on your resume, a contract job should highlight your accomplishments, not just how you spend your time. Your achievements must be quantitative, results-oriented and relevant to the position you are applying for.

If a particular job doesn’t enhance your candidacy, leave it out! This is especially important if you have a long list of temporary experience. It’s not okay to include only the most important or skills-based tasks.

How To List Self Employment On Your Resume [+ Examples]

If you’d like to check whether the listed contract is the right fit for you, upload your resume to the tool below – it’ll let you know if your temporary experience demonstrates identifiable accomplishments and valuable skills.

SIZIAME CONSULTING SERVICES, Columbus, OH Social Media Marketing and SEO Consultant (June 2017 – Present) Created strategic insights for seven large companies ($5M+/year) to improve SEO, web traffic and conversions. Updated and implemented new websites for four companies. Selected Projects Project Name – 1-3 bullet points [Activity] [Priority] [Metric], e.g. Search Engine Optimization Project for American Pet Store – Analyzed 25,000 months of active user data and used results to guide marketing and product strategies; Website Redesign for Top 5 US Hospitals – Internal control system redesign used by 125 employees resulted in new features, savings/load time reduction of 20%. and 15% uptime – You overhauled the old legacy source code of two production applications, resulting in increased usability and a 50% reduction in uptime.

Keep scrolling for more information on how and why to perform these steps, as well as some alternative examples.

How To List Independent Contractor On Resume

If all the work in your contract is provided by a single staffing agency, list that agency as your employer.

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