How To List A Double Major On A Resume

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Choosing a major marks one of the most important and complex decisions college students face. For many people, the difficulty lies in narrowing their many interests down to just one. But students need not limit themselves to just one major. Many schools offer students the opportunity to double major. Students who choose this path graduate with a degree at two different degrees.

How To List A Double Major On A Resume

How To List A Double Major On A Resume

The percentage of students pursuing dual majors varies from school to school. The College Board reports that about one-quarter of all undergraduate students take dual majors. That percentage rises to about 30-40% in more selective settings.

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Students must consider many factors when deciding whether to double major, including employment outcomes and course workload. In this guide, we provide the information students need to weigh their options and to learn how to double majors.

Students pursuing a dual major need to complete the requirements for both majors or majors to earn a degree. They will still receive a diploma but with two majors listed.

Dual majors often require additional planning to meet all of their requirements in four years. Students often need more than 60 credits between their two majors, which is no small task. Dual majors may not pursue as many electives as single major students, who prefer more “clutter space” to try new things. Students who report their major earlier will have more success than students who plan later.

Students pursue dual majors for a variety of reasons. Many students want to prepare well for the workforce or graduate school by combining their skill sets. For example, a student interested in both business and computer science can strengthen their chances in coding and business-conscious jobs by majoring in both.

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The majors do not need to be related to each other. Students interested in seemingly opposing paths, like the arts and sciences, can still study majors in both fields to better reflect their interests and career aspirations.

Dual majors students can declare both majors at the same time or at separate times. Additionally, students with a major and a minor can eventually turn their minor into a second major.

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Different schools maintain different declaration deadlines. As a general rule, students should consider declaring a major at the end of their sophomore year. However, many schools allow students to declare a second major later, allowing students to try classes in that major before deciding.

How To List A Double Major On A Resume

Some schools require students to obtain departmental approval before enrolling in both majors. Students must speak with their academic advisor to ensure they can specialize in both of their desired concentrations. They may also need to provide an additional statement of purpose or route to claiming their second major.

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Like students claiming a major, dual majors typically require the completion of 120 credit hours to earn a bachelor’s degree. Students don’t need extra time to complete a second major if they plan accordingly. However, dual major students often have to complete a longer list of required courses than single major students.

Each school has different requirements for its majors. Students should talk to their advisor about the specific requirements and which classes fulfill obligations for both majors. For example, a political science major and a sociology major may both require the same statistics course. A student will only need to take the course once to fulfill the requirements of each major.

Dual majors graduate with a double major. Dual degree students graduate with two degrees in two different fields.

Undergraduate programs often offer dual majors, while graduate schools often offer dual degrees. Some universities also offer dual degree programs, but these often take longer than a double major. For example, a student can earn two degrees, such as a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of science, and need more credit hours to do so. Typically, students earning two bachelor’s degrees take five years to graduate.

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Some schools offer dual degree programs that combine undergraduate and graduate degrees. Students begin undergraduate classes and then graduate with a master’s degree, usually in five or six years. These programs can save students time and money because they don’t need to apply for graduate school, and instruction is generally succinct.

Master’s programs may also offer dual degrees that save students time and money, including programs that offer students degrees and certificates.

Dual majors are much more than single majors when it comes to choosing classes to take, graduating in four years, and managing their time. Students can use a variety of ways to stay on track. Here we offer some tips.

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How To List A Double Major On A Resume

Mentors act as guides for students through their academic careers. Learners should prioritize finding a mentor who understands how to navigate dual majors. Ask older students who they recommend. After a student chooses their advisor, they can sit down together to map the path and plan their course.

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Time management is especially important for dual majors. Students need to find a planning system that fits their needs. Examples include a paper planner, a Google calendar, or a unique productivity tool. Learners can benefit from finding a routine to manage their time and leave space in their schedule for study.

Dual majors have twice as many requests as students with a single major. Learners should consider printing out the requirements for each major and storing them somewhere they will see them frequently. Then, when signing up for classes around, they can easily find what they still need to do.

Graduate schools often offer dual degree programs, sometimes combining graduate and undergraduate programs. However, there are many graduate programs that allow students to graduate with two degrees, like Stony Brook University’s master’s program in English as a Second Language. This program offers students the opportunity to earn a teaching certificate.

Medical schools often consider applicants’ GPA and MCAT scores above all else, so many experts advise against double majoring unless students can maintain their scores. Admissions counselors also assess the type of classes an applicant attends, the rigor of the course, and how active students are in the classes. A double major does not necessarily mean that an application will stand out.

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Law schools take GPA and LSAT scores seriously, so students shouldn’t feel pressured to double their majors if doing so could lower their grades or grades. Some schools outright say that dual majors will not help a candidate’s chances. However, some schools seek out diverse educational experiences, especially those that combine qualitative and quantitative reasoning.

Fresh graduates should put their education at the top of their resume. They should also consider bolding or italicizing their major to make them stand out. Usually, the best way to mark a dual major is to write “Dual major in…” or “Major…” next to the name of the degree. Good practice also involves putting a major more relevant to the job first.

Many schools allow students to accept more than one minor because they require far fewer credits than a major. Students may unwittingly complete a minor, and like majors, many minors may overlap in requirements. Students with two minors will graduate with a degree in their major and with a minor in two different disciplines.

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How To List A Double Major On A Resume

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Undecided? You Re Not Alone You Wil Excel At A Major That You Enjoy Studying. Your College Major Puts Few Restrictions On Your Career Choices.

In this article, we provide tips and suggestions on how to list a dual major on your resume so that it can catch the attention of potential employers.

Right! If you’ve completed a double major, be sure to include it on your resume – and this goes double (no pun intended) if the job you’re applying for seeks expertise from both of your majors.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to list dual majors on your resume, along with do’s, don’ts, and do’s.

There’s no need to get too fancy with this – just title it “Educational” so it stands out and recruiters can find it easily.


In most cases, your education should be underneath your work experience. The exception to this is if you are still a student or have graduated very

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