How To Fluff Up A Resume

How To Fluff Up A Resume – Your resume is the most important document to advance your career. And given employers will only scan it for about 7-10 seconds, you need to make sure you shout, “Here’s what I can do for you!”

There is a difference between a resume that only showcases your personality and characteristics and one that demonstrates specific accomplishments and achievements. Unfortunately, too many resumes are filled with fluff statements anyone can say and they don’t really set you apart as a top candidate.

How To Fluff Up A Resume

How To Fluff Up A Resume

A resume filled with terms like “visionary” (how many of these do you really know?), “motivated,” “team player,” “problem solver,” “results-oriented,” “dynamic,” And many other phrases are examples of overused words.

Seemingly Harmless Things You Should Never Have On Your Resume

Replace the use of terms that describe character with specific content to demonstrate how you have achieved or achieved something. Shed some light on your method of execution. A resume should not include soft skills.

For example, to show you were “results-oriented,” indicate on your resume how you increased sales in your department by xx percent in a year or increased the number of attendees to an annual meeting by xx percent compared to previous years.

If you don’t actually have numbers, you can approximate percentages: “Introduced new procedures that slashed cycle time by approximately 20%.”

These are examples of quantifiable achievements. Don’t be afraid to quantify your results on the job and prove that you are the best fit for the position.

Resume Tips To Up Your Game Instantly

Numbers and symbols quickly jump out at employers, so use them when you can. Resumes have their own special rules and I always show all numbers as digits when they catch the eye. Percentages are always best because they show the impact of your efforts.

For example, saying “increased sales $750,000 over previous year” is fine but for some companies that is worthless money and your company doesn’t like you giving out their private information. It is better to say “increased sales 43% over previous year.”

The problem with writing down responsibilities you held on the job is that it doesn’t tell an employer how successful you were in executing your plans. An employer only cares about how well you did your job and how what you did can apply to the job they are offering.

How To Fluff Up A Resume

Statements like “consistently recognized for delivering quality results at less cost than budgeted” showcase your effectiveness, especially when you back up the statement with approximate numbers.

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Sales Resume Examples To Win Your Dream Job

Today’s employers expect candidates to know basic computer skills and programs, so only list specialized technical skills that are relevant to the job. An employer does not need to see you know programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Also, when you list any technical skills, show an employer how well you know the specific program by detailing what you may have created or done with it. Simply listing a specific program won’t help an employer understand how well you know it or what your capabilities are.

Fill your resume with performance statements instead of fluff and you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your job search results.

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How To Fluff Up A Resume

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Congratulations, you scored the interview! But, now what? You’re going to do your homework to research the company, practice your elevator pitch, and pick your suit from the dry cleaners… just like your competition.

Getting an interview is a huge hurdle to clear and a wonderful sign that you are on the right track with your job search efforts. Now it’s time to shift your focus to becoming a rock star candidate.

Approach your interview with the expectation that your competition is equally qualified. Having the skills and wanting the job badly is not going to cut it in today’s market. You need to find specific ways to stand out and be interesting.

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Resume Examples & Writing Tips For 2021

We know that the more you make me talk, the more interesting I’ll think you are. People are so funny. Use this knowledge to your advantage, and immediately engage all the people you meet in conversation – about yourself.

Whether it’s the receptionist, the HR manager or your future boss, ask people questions about themselves and do as much as you can to draw them out. At the end of your interview, they will have a much more positive impression of you.

Don’t ask the same old, tired questions as every other candidate. You can combine this strategy with the above and ask your interviewer about his or her experience at the company or perspective about a hot new product or service.

How To Fluff Up A Resume

You can also use this as an opportunity to flex your creative powers and ask questions that show you not only did your homework and research on the company (and the people who work there), but that you went above and beyond to create solutions for the problems with them.

One Page Resume Templates For 2022

Most people will answer situational and behavioral interview questions with simple examples from their careers. It is very important to do this in your job interview, and highlight the results you have achieved on the job. But the truth is, employers hire for three things: personality, ability and experience – in that order. You need to let your personality shine in the job interview in some way to show that you fit into the company culture.

Differentiate yourself by being prepared to share stories from other areas of your life that are equally impressive. Did you survive a solo ride on your motorcycle to the Arctic Circle? Creating a hip-hop website that gets hundreds of thousands of unique visitors per month? Start a non-profit to save a historic building in your hometown? Share these stories in ways that highlight your problem-solving skills, intrinsic motivation, and unique experience (and always relate it back to the job opportunity).

Conventional wisdom says that you should stick to neutral, conservative styles for your interview appearance. In general, it is best to go with classic suits and subtle accessories. But if you’re the type of person who normally has some artistic flair to your look, you don’t need to stifle it completely.

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Choose one or two ways to let that style and personality shine through – a bright accessory, unique jewelry or moderately funky hair. As long as you look professional, it’s okay to have an accent.

Fluff Up Your Resume By Thesunshineunit

When preparing for your interview, make an overview of how you plan to tackle your first 30, 60 and 90 days on the new job. This is called a 30-60-90 day plan, and it never fails to impress hiring managers.

If you’ve done your research on the company and position, you’ll have a sense of what kind of strategy you’d use to start adding value right away. Write it down on a page or two, and pull it out at the end of the interview to leave behind as a form of marketing collateral for you, a business-of-one.

Interviews are stressful, and it’s easy to become tense and physically uncomfortable. Pay attention to your interviewer’s body language and do your best to mirror it. Mirroring tends to disarm people and make them feel more comfortable with you.

How To Fluff Up A Resume

To really impress them, use power poses right before your interview, in private, and avoid weak poses at all costs. Everyone’s subconscious will see you in a more flattering, confident light.

Non Obvious Things You Can Do To Make Your Resume Stand Out

What have you done to be interesting in job interviews? Are there techniques that you have found to be particularly successful? If you think you need to work on being more interesting in job interviews, try one or more of these tips during your next job search to stand out from the competition!

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