How To Fax A Resume

How To Fax A Resume – In this guide, we’ll talk about how to list contact information on your resume to make sure employers know how to get in touch.

The first step to properly listing contact information on your resume is figuring out where to put it.

How To Fax A Resume

How To Fax A Resume

An example of how to format your basic contact information is: First name, last name Mailing address (when required) Professional email address Phone number

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Notice how this example lists the name in a large and bold font. It’s important to make sure your name stands out from the rest of the information, as you want it to be memorable to the hiring manager.

Why it’s wrong: This example centers the name while the contact information is aligned to the left. This can be visually distracting and disrupt the flow of the resume.

For example, a hiring manager may not expect to see an applicant’s address if the job is remote.

If a job is in a different location than your own and you’re not sure how the employer handles relocation, it may be best to leave the address.

Construction Assistant Resume Sample

That way, the employer will see the entirety of your resume without ignoring it because of location!

The point here is not to be dishonest but to withhold location information until you are further along in the hiring process.

Formatting Example: When writing your address on your resume, be sure to break it up on separate lines.

How To Fax A Resume

Why it’s wrong: This example lists the entire address on one line. It can appear significantly longer than other lines of contact information, disrupting the visual flow. It can appear confusing and difficult to read.

Word Of Simple Personal Resume.docx

There are many documents involved in the recruitment process. Providing an employer with an illegal name can confuse and complicate the process.

Pro Tip: If you have a preferred nickname, let the hiring manager know during the interview process! This will keep your contact information straight. Also, it will give you an opportunity to speak directly with the employer regarding name preferences.

As for your professional title, keep an eye on the job description for specific requests asking for a professional title.

If not requested, you will need to decide for yourself whether a professional title will help your resume.

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When writing your professional title, keep it short and concise. Place the title directly below your name and before the contact information.

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Why it’s wrong: A professional title is not a place to expand on your position. Leave a description for the work experience section. And don’t forget to check out our guide on how to describe work experience on a resume!

Similarly, if you are proofing a personal email it may not be as professional as you need it to be.

How To Fax A Resume

For example, your personal email may contain nicknames or words that are not appropriate to share on a job application.

Resume — Pearl Rhein (she/her)

Why it’s wrong: Unless you’re a baker promoting your baked goods, avoid including personal interests in your username. Any words added beyond your name should be directly related to your profession or area of ​​expertise.

Pro tip: If you don’t have a Gmail account, now might be the time to create one! Many employers use Google Suite to collaborate and communicate. Using a Gmail account relays to employers that you are familiar with the platform!

A common set of numbers seen on old resumes includes a home number, work number, and fax number.

Even if you know your area code by heart, your employer may not know what it is!

Résumé — Leah Darby

Also, if you are applying for a job in a different country you need to consider the dialing code of your country.

For example, the US The dialing code for is +1. This is what your phone number will look like:

As with the area code, it is not important that employers in different countries automatically know your country’s dialing code.

How To Fax A Resume

If you don’t have a cellphone or landline, be sure to include alternate forms of contact such as your email and mailing address.

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When sharing your social media accounts, it’s important to only share accounts that are designed for professional use.

Still not sure how to include social media on your resume? Take a look at our free resume examples to see how to include social media links correctly! If I have a website, should I include it on my resume?

When considering whether or not to include your website on a resume, keep the following considerations in mind:

You may have created your resume years ago and constantly updated it as you grew your professional experience.

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It is very important to double check your contact information every time you update your resume.

Not only is incorrect information unprofessional, but it could potentially deter an employer from contacting you!

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If you’re struggling with the entire resume writing process, check out our guide on how to write the perfect resume!

How To Fax A Resume

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How To List Contact Information On Your Resume In 2022

Maybe you’re hesitant about including your address information or have questions about what contact information to include on your resume. Learn how to properly list your contact information on your resume and when to avoid listing your address.

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How To Fax A Resume

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How To Fax A Resume

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