How To Fax A Resume To A Phone Number

How To Fax A Resume To A Phone Number – Because even if you are the most qualified person in the world, it won’t matter much if the hiring manager can’t contact you!

All kidding aside, of course, contact information isn’t that hard to get wrong. But then again, if you do that, you screw up your whole application.

How To Fax A Resume To A Phone Number

How To Fax A Resume To A Phone Number

Well, in this guide, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know about the contact information section of your resume.

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Before we get into the details of the contact information, let’s first talk about the content of the section.

We’ll walk you through all the sections and show you how to do them right, starting with your name.

Want to learn everything there is to know about the process? Check out our guide on how to write a resume!

To keep things simple, you’ll want to use the exact same name you use on all of your social media profiles (aka your full name).

Job Searching 101: Writing Your Resume And Cover Letter

Let’s say you’re applying for a digital marketing job, but your resume says you’re a “Junior Data Scientist.”

It is also important to use the same terms as in the job description. If they are looking for C++ developers, this is what you should use as your title. Some of the titles you MUST NOT use are:

Are you a recent college graduate with limited work experience? You can still use your desired job title as your resume title.

How To Fax A Resume To A Phone Number

When hiring, most recruiters look for people who live in their area. And unless the position is hard to fill, they will NOT be willing to sponsor your move.

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So, to make things simple, just mention your city and country name here.

However, you don’t need to mention your neighborhood or exact address. HR will not stop by for a coffee during downtime.

Now, you might be thinking, then why do so many resume examples I see on the web keep mentioning their exact addresses?

Well, that’s because that was the norm back in the day when email wasn’t the universal method of communication.

Resume — Natalie Roy

Now, you’re probably wondering, if I’ve already moved to the new city or country and I DON’T need a relocation package, do I need to include my location?

To keep things simple, stick to a professional email (and NOT the crazy email you did in high school).

Most, if not all, recruiters are already on LinkedIn and will give you a link to your profile.

How To Fax A Resume To A Phone Number

However, there are a few things you should consider when deciding whether or not to include your LinkedIn profile.

Telephone Resume Samples

If you think it’s relevant to your job and will help your chances, feel free to include it.

Now, if the answer to the above two questions is yes, feel free to add LinkedIn to your contact information.

As a general rule, if the social profile is relevant to your work, you should include them.

In this case, you can support your application by including your Twitter or Instagram profiles in your contact information.

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If you have a large following on either platform, this could tell the recruiter that you know how to manage a community or gain a following on social media, which can be valuable for a social media manager position.

Although, if this is a personal profile and you often make personal posts about politics or other controversial topics, you may want to keep the link away from your resume.

If you’re an expert on a topic that’s relevant to your job and have a solid reputation on Quora, you might want to link to it on your resume.

How To Fax A Resume To A Phone Number

A link to your active StackOverflow or GitHub profile can enhance your resume and be a great way to showcase your projects.

Clerk Of Courts

Whether it’s a website, mobile app, or something else, a link to the above platforms can be a great addition to your resume.

Having an active profile can help you showcase your writing skills and personality before you even get to the interview.

Finally, if you’re a writer or expert in your field with an online presence, adding a link to your blog or website to your resume can go a long way.

This can be very useful to show your knowledge and to position yourself as an expert in your field.

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However, you should use your discretion and only include a link if you believe it will be relevant.

If this is a personal blog where you comment on the latest news and post your controversial opinions, you should definitely keep it off your resume.

Even if it’s for your personal hobbies (for example, a photography account on Flickr), you should only include it if you think it will help your application process.

How To Fax A Resume To A Phone Number

Check out our comprehensive guide to over 40 hobbies and interests to put on a resume to see how they can enhance your resume!

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You don’t want your current boss to find out you’re looking for a new job, do you? Especially when using your work email.

This is also a bad practice because it shows little professionalism and the new hiring manager reading your resume may not feel comfortable contacting you with your current work email.

Even if your current employer knows you’re looking for a new job, your potential new employer may not appreciate the gesture and think you’re going behind your employer’s back.

Include your date of birth only if specifically requested in the job posting (eg, for a waiter position where you must be over 21).

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Just listing your phone number and email is good enough, you shouldn’t expect a “Congratulations, you’re hired!” Mail delivered by mail!

Great! Be sure to also follow our career blog for all the latest helpful tips and tricks on how to improve your resume and land the job interview!

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How To Fax A Resume To A Phone Number

The first step to properly listing contact information on your resume is figuring out where to put it.

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Here’s an example of how to format your basic contact information: First Name, Last Name Email Address (when applicable) Professional Email Address Phone Number

Notice how this example shows the name in a larger, bold font. It’s critical to make sure your name stands out from the rest of the information, as you want it to be memorable to the hiring manager.

Why it’s wrong: This example centers the name while aligning the contact information to the left. This can be visually distracting and interrupt the flow of the resume.

For example, if the job is remote, the hiring manager probably won’t expect to see the applicant’s address.

Alcoholism And Drug Abuse Council Of Orange County

If a job is in a different location than yours and you’re not sure how the employer handles relocation, omitting the address may be best.

This way, the employer will review your entire resume without ignoring it because of the location!

The point here is not to be dishonest, but to withhold location information until further along in the hiring process.

How To Fax A Resume To A Phone Number

Example Formatting: When writing your address on your resume, be sure to break it up on separate lines.

Business Card Related Glyph Icons. Stock Vector

Why it’s wrong: This example lists the entire address on one line. This can end up looking much longer than the other lines of contact information, interrupting the visual flow. It can also end up looking cluttered and difficult to read.

There is a lot of paperwork involved in the hiring process. Providing an employer with a non-legal name can confuse and complicate this process.

Pro tip: If you have a favorite nickname, tell the hiring manager during the interview process. This will keep your contact information simple. Also,   it will give you the opportunity to speak directly with the employer about name preferences.

Regarding your professional degree, keep an eye on job descriptions for specific applications that ask for a professional degree.

Work Search Log

If he doesn’t ask for one, you’ll have to decide for yourself whether a professional degree will help your resume.

When writing your job title, keep it short and concise. Place the title directly below your name and before your contact information.

Why it’s wrong: Professional title is not the place to expand your positions. Leave the descriptions for the work experience section. And don’t forget to check out our guide on How to describe work experience on a resume!

How To Fax A Resume To A Phone Number

Likewise, if you’re demoing a personal email, it might not sound as professional as you need it to.

Résumé — Leah Darby

For example, your personal email may contain nicknames or words that are not appropriate to share in a job application.

Why it’s wrong: Unless you’re a baker promoting your baked goods, avoid including personal interests in your username. Any words included beyond your name should relate directly to your profession or area of ​​expertise.

Pro Tip: If you don’t have a Gmail account, now might be the time to create one! Many business owners use Google Suite to collaborate and communicate. Using a Gmail account conveys to employers that you know the platform!

The typical set of numbers seen on old resumes include the house number,

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