How To Do A Resume Without Word

How To Do A Resume Without Word – Creating a resume falls somewhere between the common areas of tedious, necessary, and difficult. It takes careful consideration to choose a format that is easy to use, understands the amount of experience you have, and clearly presents all the information you need to include.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of resume templates online to help you get started—and many of them are free! Templates do most of the design work for you, so all you have to do is plug in the right information in the right places. Even better, some templates are tailored to specific industries and career stages, making it even easier to figure out what to include the most relevant information and help you get started.

How To Do A Resume Without Word

How To Do A Resume Without Word

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How To Make A Resume In Word

Below you will find 41 great free resume templates that you can choose from. You may notice that they are fewer-than-many options you see elsewhere—with fewer graphics, charts, and sections. That’s why we’ve chosen options that stand up best against applicant tracking systems (ATS), computer programs that parse resume materials before a human reads them. Resumes with too much fancy formatting often go through the ATS and never make it to employers (or read like gibberish if they do). But these options are designed to pass right by and help you land at the top of the stack. Scroll down to see which option is best for you!

ATSs won’t always “read” as well as a person and can’t handle a lot of formatting on resumes. Certain design elements such as columns, text boxes, headers, footers, images, graphs, and graphics can cause an ATS to read out of order or skip things altogether.

You’ll want to keep these limitations in mind when choosing and using a template, because not all templates you’ll find online will follow best practices. Even the best, including some on this list, slip up here and there. Some common changes you may need to make to templates include: moving all text out of text boxes, headers and footers and into the body of the document; Changing any creative section titles conventionally; and removing any graphic elements or replacing them with text.

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However, not all jewelry is off limits. Bold and italicized text is fine, and underlined words are fine in headings and hyperlinks. Color won’t affect ATS, either, and dark blue, green, and red are popular because people can read them easily. (Read more about using resume templates—and making sure you still get through the ATS—here.)

How To Write A Resume With No Experience [21+ Examples]

Here are some traditional templates with streamlined, date formatting and classic section headings. These are tried and true templates that won’t run in any trouble with ATS.

Our downloadable template uses blue for the section headers, adds a little pop to an otherwise plain design, and is fully customizable.

HLoom offers templates that work on letters for ATSs. Some add color and bullet points, but they do away with even horizontal bar divisions. A “basic” resume is a straight-forward resume with space for experience, education, and skills. We recommend changing the title “Professional Profile” to “Summary”. And there’s no need to include your street address these days — city and state are enough.

How To Do A Resume Without Word

Reese walks you through their traditional template step-by-step, asking you what career and industry level you’re in to make sure you’re using the right section for you. For example, one option is for students who want to keep projects, activities, and coursework front and center (until they gain more experience). Make sure you delete the contact information boxes and stay away from the “Rezy Alternative Format” option, which is not ATS-friendly.

Student Resume Examples, Templates, And Writing Tips

This template is designed for job seekers who want to call out the specific job they are looking for in the title front and center to maximize keywords. It can be downloaded with headers that come in five different color options, including forest green and aqua blue.

Jobskin’s focus is on helping people move past ATS and as a result, their templates are closely aligned with ATS-friendly formatting. “Classic Format Resume – Chronology” is exactly what it sounds like: a basic, classic resume with a focus on your experience in reverse chronological order. The template also comes in a functional format as well as ahybrid format, which is very popular among applicants.

This template is a solid, traditional choice. Just delete the objective section or create a summary instead, and change the label from “Expert” to “Skill”. (To download it, scroll to the green hyperlink that reads, “Restart Template Carry ([number] download).”)

This simple resume from Microsoft Word is straightforward but adds a few more design elements in the form of horizontal bars to break up the text (although these can also be removed if you prefer).

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Best Strategies To Get Your Resume Noticed In 7.4 Seconds — The Nail Executive

These resume templates are still pretty basic, but they use color to make key elements stand out and make your resume stand out a bit.

This resume template has plenty of space to include a strong resume summary at the top and reiterate your most relevant skills at the bottom.

This simple ATS-friendly template downloads as a Microsoft Word file and has space for a title and summary. Its use of paint gives it a bit more rust than some of the more bare bones options.

How To Do A Resume Without Word

Here’s another carrier reload template that takes advantage of ATS-friendly design elements to give you something more unique. But be sure to substitute “Career Objectives” for the “Summary” section (or just omit it entirely).

Professional Resume Template

This ATS-friendly resume template adds some color to help your name, titles, and places you’ve worked and studied. Note that you should remove the references section—you do not need to list them in your resume.

The “pretty” template from Resume Template inserts colored bars to highlight sections but maintains the traditional bulleted format. Note that you can delete the document footer because this information is already at the top.

If you want a light, stress-free resume that speaks for itself and your skills and experience, check out these free, no-frills templates.

This fully customizable template keeps things as simple as possible but still has room for all your relevant details.

Resume Templates For 2022 [edit & Download]

This is another option with a step-by-step path that is good for someone who wants a fully usable resume. Once completed, the resume can be downloaded as a PDF or Word file (the latter is a safe bet to get through the ATS unless the job posting specifically mentions that you can use PDF). Note: You must delete the date of birth part.

This site’s template for an applicant tracking system is pretty low-frills—but it might be just fine if you’re looking for a safer option that still includes everything you need.

This template is another very minimalistic option that places section headers on the left and details on the right, creating a good amount of white space. (Note that these columns can be read from left to right, so they are completely ATS friendly.)

How To Do A Resume Without Word

These templates are perfect for people who want their resumes to stand out from the pack—but still be readable by a computer.

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Hi, Looking For General Critique To My Cv. Looking For A Pmo/cio Office Role. It Field Without It Background (only Certs). Template From Word. 3 Pages Looks A Bit Much, No? :

Each WordPress template is fully customizable—so you can remove any elements that aren’t ATS-friendly. We recommend the Austin Belk template as a starting point. Just be sure to replace the graph-based skill section with a traditional bulleted list.

This is another Cultivated Culture Template that will get through ATS with just one change: delete the “Interest” section to remove the column.

If you want columns, this template adds them in a way that is still readable by ATS. Just make sure to leave your name and contact information out of the text box that’s currently there (where it can be missed or corrupted by ATS) and into the body of the resume. You can edit your resume directly in your web browser and download it as a PDF, Word, or HTML file. Not all of SuperResume’s templates are ATS friendly (some include graphics and columns), but you can also check out “Resume Template 5” and “Resume Template 6” for more options.

This template puts a lot of emphasis on the personal summary at the top and puts the work experience directly in the body. It is ideal for specific fields in which it is important to know the applicant as a person (in this case, chefs and restaurant employees who may be in close contact with customers and clients, but it can be adapted to any field ).

How To Create A Resume In Word Using Tables

This template keeps things short, elegant and easy to read. A colorful graphic at the top adds a nice design element to stand out, especially against a straight layout that puts your recent job experience at the top and education and skills at the bottom. Just make sure to delete the icon next to the contact information and move it to the body

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