How Long Should An Expanded Resume Be

How Long Should An Expanded Resume Be – The education section is an easily overlooked part of any resume – which doesn’t mean it should be an afterthought. If you’re a current student or recent graduate, or if you’re applying for jobs that require a specific degree, you’ll know to think about it, but the same is true even if you’ve been in the workforce for a while.

Here are some of our best tips on how to structure it, including where to put the education section of your resume and how to make the most impact without letting it take up more space than it needs to.

How Long Should An Expanded Resume Be

How Long Should An Expanded Resume Be

We’ll go into more detail about why and how to list education versus work experience first on your resume later in the article. First, here’s a quick guide on how to write a resume training section.

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EDUCATION Name of college or university, location Date of graduation Degree, major and minor Education for students and graduates

EDUCATION Name of college or university, location Date of graduation Degree, major and minor Awards and GPA (if above 3.5) Relevant courses What to include in the education section of your resume

As a general rule, you should limit your education section to information relevant to the job you are applying for.

This is wrong. At least you should include the name of your degree and where you earned it.

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You should almost always list your major unless you completed your degree in a completely unrelated field. Listing your minor is a good idea if it is in any way relevant to the job you are now applying for.

More information: How to put a double major on a resume and what minors to include on your resume

Any major awards or honors should be listed in the education section of your resume. These include cum laude or magna cum laude, dean’s list and scholarships.

How Long Should An Expanded Resume Be

Your GPA is highly optional — only include it if you’re a current student or recent graduate and it’s above 3.5. In all other cases, leave it.

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If you are a current student, it is a good idea to mention studying abroad on your resume. You can mention the experience in the context of the host school, making sure to note that it was a study abroad program.

If you are an experienced employee, skip this step. If you have real work experience, including courses will seem strangely out of touch.

If you’re a current student and don’t have much relevant work experience, relevant courses can help you demonstrate key skills and get past applicant tracking systems. You can list a handful of subjects on a line below your degree and major.

You can include student activities as a subsection of your resume’s education section (if they only take up a line or two) or in a separate section (if you want to include key accomplishments).

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Other certifications and qualifications can be included on your resume, but be selective about what you list. This could include certificates, licenses, technical qualifications and other types of continuing education — as long as they are relevant to the job you are applying for. You also don’t need to list every conference or seminar you’ve ever attended. Keep it limited to essential qualities that help you stand out.

Projects can also be listed in their own section if you choose to break down your achievements — if you’re a current student or recent graduate, this is a great way to highlight relevant skills. If you prefer to keep it short, include a “Projects” subheading in the training section and list them there.

Internships — paid or unpaid — generally fit better into your work experience section as they take place in a professional work environment. List them in the same way as paid work experience, including the employer’s name, internship dates, and a few key accomplishments in bullet points.

How Long Should An Expanded Resume Be

You can include student placements if they were a) relevant, b) recent and c) relevant. In other words, a six-month hospital placement belongs on your resume if you’re a recent nursing graduate, but a two-week observation probably doesn’t.

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It’s fine to list an incomplete degree on your resume. List an incomplete degree if it’s relevant to the job you’re applying for, demonstrates essential skills, or explains a large career gap. Don’t mention an incomplete degree if it’s much earlier or in a different field than you’re currently working in — only include it if it strengthens your candidacy.

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It’s also okay to include your degree if you haven’t officially graduated yet — just list it as “expected May 2024” (or whatever date applies).

I would recommend uploading your resume to the tool below to find out if the education section is structured the right way. It will scan your education section and let you know if you’ve entered your degrees, majors and minors, GPA, honors, courses, and projects correctly. It will also let you know which ones belong on your resume and which ones to leave completely.

As a recent graduate, always include your graduation date on your resume. If you don’t have much work experience, a recent graduation date makes it obvious why.

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Unlike more experienced hires, recent graduates can use your education section to highlight your achievements. This includes awards, student initiatives, study abroad programs, language proficiency, key leadership skills and any significant achievements.

If you are still studying, your education section may be much longer, as you are unlikely to have much relevant work experience. You should include any significant achievements, including awards and participation in extracurricular activities. If you know when you will graduate, go ahead and list the expected date.

Try to keep the training section as short as possible. The longer you are in the workforce, the shorter it should be. If you graduated recently (eg 8+ years), it is common practice to omit the date (and a good idea for those who want to avoid any age discrimination).

How Long Should An Expanded Resume Be

If you started and finished your degree at different institutions—including transferring between four-year schools or from a community college—it’s fine to just list the name of the school you graduated from. If you are a recent graduate and have accomplishments on your resume from your previous institution (such as involvement in student organizations), you may want to consider listing both schools for clarification.

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Remember that your resume is about presenting yourself as a strong candidate for a position, not about adding as much information as possible. Normal resume rules apply — if it enhances your candidacy, leave it.

Everything on your resume should have one purpose: To show that you’re a good fit for the position you’re applying for. This means:

The convention is for your training section to be after your work experience, but there are some cases where this is not the case.

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If you are a current student and do not have much work experience, it is good to lead your education department. It’s the most recent (and probably most relevant) experience you have. Upfront about your education also prevents anyone considering your resume from assuming you’re just inexperienced or unemployed when the reality is you’re fully educated.

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The same is true if you are a recent graduate. If your education is still the most relevant or the most impressive experience you have, list it first.

The last exception is career changes. If you have returned to school as part of the career change process, you can list your education first. A new qualification is more relevant than your experience in a different industry. It also provides important context for your application, as a resume that focuses solely on your past experience in a different field may otherwise confuse a hiring manager.

If you’re looking to change careers and are looking for new qualifications to add to your education module, but aren’t sure what skills you need, use the tool below to find a list of skills and keywords needed for the job you want.

How Long Should An Expanded Resume Be

If the above situations do not apply to you and you have no other good reason to list your education first, stick to the standard contract as a head with your work experience. Employers primarily want to know about your work history and achievements, so unless your education is very recent, it’s best to focus on your professional achievements.

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