How Long Should A Resume Be 2022

How Long Should A Resume Be 2022 – Resume length is one of the great mysteries of the job application process. Because of this, you may be wondering, how long should a resume be?

If you have a work history that goes back because you’ve been working for 25+ years, is three pages okay?

How Long Should A Resume Be 2022

How Long Should A Resume Be 2022

Well, it doesn’t help that you can find arguments for just about any length online if you look hard enough.

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Fortunately, we’ve analyzed resumes of real users who have been hired at competing companies like Spotify,, Verizon Digital Media Services, Amazon, Intercom, and more. Instead of throwing opinions around, all your questions about startup length are answered in this guide.

Alternatively, you can skip this entire section and search for PROVEN resume examples for your specific job position. From there, your resume and see what works is simple and easy. Best of all, it’s free to use!

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Job placement has changed a lot in recent years. Not even 20 years ago, keeping your resume to one page was both a strategic and cost-effective move (ie, cutting down on printing costs).

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Going even further back in time (as far back as Kiplinger’s Exchange Times 55 job search advice issue) you can read that keeping your resume to one page is your best option.

Today, these worries are less obvious. In fact, there is a growing trend of employers preferring a two-page resume over a one-page resume.

According to a study by ResumeGo, it was found that hiring managers are 2.3 times more likely to choose a two-page resume format than a one-page resume. No matter what is the professional level of the candidate, it does not make a big difference.

How Long Should A Resume Be 2022

Some recruiters and hiring managers will follow the one page rule to the letter while others will consider the rule redundant. To help overcome this difficulty, it’s best to research the hiring practices of the organization you’re applying to and look for common characteristics related to page length.

High School Resume Examples Of 2022

Depending on the job description and your work experience, your resume should be one or two pages long. If you have more than 10 years of relevant experience, a multi-page resume works better than a one-page resume.

However, there are a few things you should keep in mind if your resume is several pages long. So, be sure to keep reading!

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As mentioned, it depends on where you are in your career and how much work experience you have. There are factors that are different for each candidate that can determine what your resume should look like.

To better understand where you are in your career can match the length of your resume, see below!

What Should Your Resume Look Like In 2022?

Before we take a closer look at case studies for different resume lengths and why it works, your resume should answer four simple questions:

These four questions will help you determine what your resume should be and keep the hiring manager’s perspective in mind. By answering who you are, the employer has someone to match your work experience with. More than that, they learn about your personality and potential cultural fit.

Your motivation for the role ensures that HR can see you’re not just looking for a job, you want it.

How Long Should A Resume Be 2022

Most importantly, your potential impact is what will most attract employers as it directly relates to their performance and business goals. To do this, always remember to quantify past experiences.

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That being said, let’s dive into case studies of how one-page, two-page, and three-page resume candidates got hired in the most competitive places.

Speaking three languages ​​all the way from starting his own company to leading software solutions, you could say he was spoiled for choice.

On one page, he successfully told the recruiter who he was, why he was motivated for the job, the experience he would bring, and how he would make an impact.

Amidst the fog, you’ll hear different opinions about how long your resume should be. For someone with over 10 years of experience, most professionals and job seekers will expect a two-page resume.

How Far Back Should Your Resume Go In 2022?

Since Gall’s resume was one page, it was completely different from the other applicants. In other words, it was a gateway to stand out from the crowd and hear his voice amidst the chaos.

Be cheeky and get competitive job postings at your dream company using a free resume builder. Use the one page formula below now!

Gall had all the experience in the world, but his goal was not to list as much as possible in his work experience section, skills section, or education section.

How Long Should A Resume Be 2022

Recruiters can resume in less than 7.4 seconds. A long, well-crafted resume can be the difference between a ‘no’ and a ‘maybe’ pile.

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High School Resume

One page of Gall gives a quick, incomplete record of his work history and talents. He knew that once he secured an interview he could get the job. It was important to gather the employer’s attention with a short introduction.

(Tip: You can add a short bio at the top of your resume in a bold color to quickly grab the employer’s attention and save space.)

He went into detail on his most recent job and other relevant experience down to two bullet points. His industry expertise was quickly conveyed using a word visual.

Business growth is rooted in your ability to communicate and do it as effectively as possible. Gall knew that recruiters would be looking for brief words about how he had led previous businesses to success.

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(Tip: Describing your previous experience with a couple of bullet points will allow you to focus on your key accomplishments and save space.)

Two years of experience doesn’t sound like much. But the influence he had during this time was so great that it left him with much to say.

The nature of his work requires more detail about who he is and his ability to fit the company culture despite the distance. It was also important to explain the reasons why he was attracted to remote working.

How Long Should A Resume Be 2022

Less than 10 years of experience will usually lead us to a one-page resume. However, in this case, two pages were required.

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The hiring manager wants to see the value you can provide for the company. Even if you don’t have as much experience as Gal and you’re like a guy, you want to talk about the results you’re responsible for.

When an employer sees what you are capable of, it is more likely that they will hire you for the job posting because they understand how valuable you are.

If you’re like Daniel and want a proven two-page resume template to secure your new career, click the button below to get started for free!

HRs are interested in culture to identify whether employee actions and attitudes are consistent with the employer’s goals.

Resume Examples That Will Get You The Job In 2022

Daniel begins with a brief summary of his career, and later goes on to provide useful links to where HR can learn more about him (for example, his website).

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By using a two-page resume, he didn’t have to worry about whether including these details would detract from his previous experience.

Hiring managers need to clearly see the extent of Daniel’s knowledge on his resume. This means looking for projects he has worked on and technologies he has experience with. He devotes just under two full pages explaining them and highlighting his projects under the project section.

How Long Should A Resume Be 2022

(Tip: You can use the technology section to briefly mention all your technical skills, software, and languages ​​you’ve used before.)

Teacher Resume Examples That Worked In 2022

From her undergraduate work to her current postdoctoral work… her drive to make a difference in the world has produced publications, presentations and awards.

In pursuit of postdoctoral research, demonstrating his expertise in the field is an absolute must. There are also expectations for an academic resume – to put it simply, having the right style and organizing your design.

To meet these requirements and prepare a resume to discuss her previous work, a three-page resume was required.

First, they are modern resumes that stand out. Above all, it’s resume design and the way it highlights important information like your certifications and a variety of skills using the appropriate visual aspect. This is what makes them so compelling to the hiring manager.

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Chances are, recruiters at your company aren’t used to modern resumes like this one. So, it’s not hard to make an impression and get your foot in the door.

If you’re not sure what to write and are struggling with writer’s block, the entire resume building process makes it easy for you.

When you use any of these proven examples, you have in front of you a resume that someone has achieved in the most competitive places. More importantly, they can be just like you.

How Long Should A Resume Be 2022

Meaning, you can easily get ideas and modify the content with your work experience and tailor it to the job resume so that it works for you.

How Long Should Your Resume Be In 2022

Why not spend just a few minutes and get the job done

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