How Do I Cancel Resume Genius

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ResumeGenius has a consumer rating of 4.5 stars out of 99,465 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Resumegenius most often mention great experience, easy process and bullet points. ResumeGenius ranks #1 among resume sites.

How Do I Cancel Resume Genius

How Do I Cancel Resume Genius

I love the format of this website and the user-friendly platform. These tips and guidelines are very helpful! I also love the way the final resume looks and the different formatting options that are available. However, there were 3 separate occasions when I was fulfilling my work responsibilities where everything I typed was erased and I had to completely start over. I hope this glitch can be fixed in the future, as this is such a beneficial website for novice resume builders like me.

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Where to start, first I do it on a cell phone. After uploading my old resume, I put my phone down and came back a few minutes later and my resume was gone and the app wanted me to start over. This happened several times. Most importantly, when adding references I cannot proceed without knowing an email address. I have some former coworkers who don’t have email. Very disappointed.

I appreciate everything – beautiful choices, easy help and navigation, etc. – great design and formulation of the website. One thing – please think of a way to allow more editing – like rearranging the work experiences between each other (despite dates, if necessary), or not including a field, such as months or street address * maybe by not requiring these fields and making them optional?

BTW – it asks below if you should follow me about my order. I will mention yes only to give you the opportunity to contact me with any clarifications. Other than what I mentioned, that’s all I have to say! 🙂

Quick and easy I love the pre-written skills and the templates are also very clean and nicely set up. I wish the IOS on iPhone would have more color options for the templates. There are not too many color choices, I would like to see more natural green colors or lighter pastels of blues, greens, pinks or purples.

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I had some trouble buying the full access but the customer service was the best service I have had. Thank you for all your help and thank you for the kind words. I solved the issue if we on my end and succeeded with the purchase. Now I can finish my resume and pray I get this dream opportunity for me. Ready to finish and land this amazing job opportunity. Pray I have enough on resume to prove that I am an asset to the company

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You offered an amazing process for full access and the help with the resume was just awesome overall experience was wonderful can’t conclude about anything keep up the awesome work

This is exactly what I needed! I haven’t created a resume in over 9 years and I honestly didn’t know where to start. The “genius” of a resume building system is more than enough for me. It actually reminded me of all the amazing things I’ve done in my life with this guided program! Thank you so much, resume genius!

How Do I Cancel Resume Genius

I wish there was more of a warning that I would have to pay. It makes sense, everyone has to make money but it was advertised as free, so I spent a lot of time making my resume to have to pay in the end. I didn’t want to give up all the progress I had made, so I paid for it. Also, the prices seem high for what your website offers. Why would someone pay so much for a resume/cover letter? How many resumes does one person make a year?

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Because I thought it would be free. Many templates to choose from and it was simple to get through.

Amazing service better than those online people charging your arm in a leg. Well done. Keep up the good work. If you add more detail in summary area I kept mine because 12 options are not so great in management position.

The experience was amazing! Wow what a help you are! I loved my final result! Guys, all I did was fill in my basic information, dates, job titles, places I worked, etc, and they prepared a beautiful resume for me! I just had to pay $2.95 today for a free 14 day trial. Then if I choose not to keep my membership, they won’t charge me again. I think I understand how it turned out! Yes, and it only took 30 minutes max and I enjoyed a cocktail while doing it! Woohoo! I finally have an updated resume!

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Extremely useful and beautiful GUI. Great options for recent careers with excellent word choice and auto-fill is wonderful. Would 110% recommend using. Only took me 10 minutes.

Account Manager Resume Sample & Writing Tips

I really appreciate the bullet point recommendations and the clean resume templates. It helps me feel more confident in my ability to get a job.

I work as a counselor with various educational groups for adults and what started as a demo during a session quickly became something I wanted to use for myself!

Nursing skills are specialty areas not actual skills. Auto-correct doesn’t seem to work on every area. Building my resume took much longer than 20 minutes. Very easy to use and edit. Love that I don’t have to format. Not sure if there is an option to change the color of certain templates, but it would be nice if the feature was available. Satisfied so far, but the most frustrating part was trying to pick skills for work history and for career objective!

How Do I Cancel Resume Genius

Amazing would definitely recommend for my fellow Canadians. Fast, lots of help and gives you many options to choose from even if you choose standard.

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This is a really nice idea. I am fully capable of creating my own resume; I wouldn’t lie, though, that I’m quite lazy. I really enjoyed the simplicity you established to build my resume. The amount of time and effort I would have to invest would never be worth what your website has done for me in just minutes. Thank you so much I really appreciate the idea.

Trying to progress in my career and really needed a resume built. I’ve been toying with this idea for months.

Beautiful website with beautiful templates! Please be more upfront and transparent with your pricing on your landing page. I have a feeling this tool is too good to be free. I will gladly pay for the service, it was a great experience, but some people may waste their time putting it all together only to get roadblocked at the end and ask for payment.

This was easy to use. I love the suggested verbiage in all the sections. It was simple to build an appealing resume without any stress.

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Pretty Messed Up lets someone do all that work on their resume for free and charges them the privilege of downloading it. You should place your paid service on the front of your website in plain sight for all to see next. However, I doubt that would happen because the bait and switch method probably makes you more money.

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Had some trouble with the auto import of my resume and had to redo part of it, it would be nice to have a “drag and drop” or “move to” function to change the company a position is listed under. Otherwise, I like the user interface differently and there are many options, templates and overall flexibility. I would certainly recommend to anyone looking to save time on formatting their resume or need help with effective communication skills and experience from previous jobs

Insightful and inspiring! Love how my resumes are turning out! Quality and volume can go a long way in the job search. Plus Resume Genius makes it easy to really fine tune each resume to taste. Nice work! Thanks 10/10

How Do I Cancel Resume Genius

That’s great, guys, I’m really grateful: the bullet point hints really helped me choose the right words, avoid the “developer speak” and instead describe my achievement in the “mature business savvy individual” language.

Engineering Resume Examples & Templates

Very fast and easy resume building. Extremely helpful when you have trouble putting your experience into words. Easy website to follow.

It made everything so easy, God, God. Simple guided step by step and even suggestions to help fill in some things. Not to mention the actual styling options. Really good. Thanks for saving me time

Great site so far. You could use some more templates and maybe some options for dynamic alterations to the existing templates from the UI. New color schemes, rounding corners, … other small things to make it less likely your resume looks just like other people.

I feel confident this resume and cover letter will get me the new job I’m applying for. Thanks, resume genius.

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Resume format

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