Homeless Man Hands Out Resume

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Homeless Man Hands Out Resume

Homeless Man Hands Out Resume

A homeless man has been handing out his resume on the highway, and he says he’s landed hundreds of job offers

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A few resumes and a viral tweet later, this man received hundreds of job offers. Kron4

Last week, a viral post on Twitter changed a man’s life completely for the better. A homeless California man says he received hundreds of job offers just days after standing on the freeway to drop off his resume, KRON reports. The good news is proof that social media can sometimes be used for good.

On Friday, Twitter user Jasmine Scofield posted a photo of 26-year-old David Casares, a homeless man, standing at a Mountain View intersection. Casares wears a suit and tie and holds a sign that reads, “Homeless, Hungry 4 Income, Get Your Resume.” Indeed, he submitted a carefully crafted resume that showcased years of experience as well as an impressive list of skills and accomplishments.

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A look at Casares’ life reveals an interesting story: According to the New York Post, Casares attended Texas A&M University, where he graduated with a degree in information systems management. He then worked as a web developer for General Motors in Austin, Texas. A few years later, Casares moved to California’s Bay Area in hopes of starting a startup.

Unfortunately, in June, Casares ran out of cash. He told the Post he’s been living in his car for more than a year and started sleeping in the park when he repossessed his van a month ago. Such developments are not surprising in the Bay Area, where even households making six figures a year can be considered “low income,” according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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He dressed up as best he could, put up a sign, and presented his resumes. He told KRON, “It was basically a make-or-break moment. I just wanted to keep my head up and keep going and see what opportunity came next. I thought, you know, this is like my last stop. If it doesn’t work out, I’m going to go home. , I would give up my dream.”

Homeless Man Hands Out Resume

Casares had been standing in the median of El Camino Real and San Antonio Road for several hours when Scofield saw him and asked if he could take a picture of him to post online. He agreed. On Twitter, Scofield wrote: “Today I saw this homeless young man asking people for a resume rather than asking for money. If anyone in Silicon Valley could help him, that would be great. RT to help David out!”

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Casares quickly began receiving more than 200 job offers from major companies such as Google, Netflix, Pandora, and LinkedIn. He told the Post: “The Bitcoin.com product manager was wondering if I could work remotely or if I wanted to relocate to Tokyo.” As a reminder of his current economic situation, he added: “But tonight I’ll be back on the bench in Rengstorf Park.”

People who knew Casares from his hometown and college recognized him on Twitter, with one user noting how cool he was.

A user wrote: “I went to college and took a few classes with him. He’s a great person… All I know is that he went to Cali to pursue his dream. He makes logos for companies and I can only get them from his FB. If anyone new looking for a logo, I can reach out to him personally.” The same user reached out to Casares to report the tweet, and Casares responded, “I’m so overwhelmed. I can’t believe the amount of support that’s coming my way…holding my head up.” .

Casares was as fascinated by his story as anyone else. He told KNTV: “I knew it was going to be posted on social media, I didn’t know it would blow up like this. I’m trying not to get paid, I really want a job opportunity, that’s all I’m asking.”

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Scofield summed it up well when he tweeted, “He came to Silicon Valley with a dream to succeed in tech and has a lot to offer the community.” he saw a man handing out resumes and holding a sign on a street corner in Silicon Valley.

Today I saw this homeless guy asking people for resumes instead of asking for money. If anyone in Silicon Valley could help him out, that would be great. RT to help David! pic.twitter.com/ewoE3PKFx7 — Complete Makeup Alchemist (@jaysc0) July 27, 2018

David Casares graduated from Texas A&M in 2014 with a degree in Management Information Systems and spent the next three years working in a technology role at General Motors in Austin. In September 2017, he decided to move to California to succeed in his startup, but the work is more difficult than he thought. Unemployed in a high-rent area (a one-bedroom apartment in Google’s hometown of Mountain View averages $2,500 a month), he burned through his savings, living in his van and falling behind on his payments. For most of the past two months, Casares slept in the park.

Homeless Man Hands Out Resume

He seemed disappointed in his situation, but he did not ask people for money while standing on the street corner. Instead, he brought a stack of printed resumes with the hope that someone with connections might snap one, or that someone in the tech hub would snap a photo, post it on social media, and spread the phone number and email address on the resume. viral. That’s exactly what happened.

Homeless Man Hands Out Resumes, Goes Viral

Casares told reporters he has received hundreds of job applications since Friday from companies in Silicon Valley and around the U.S. and Canada. Whether any of them are good or not remains to be seen, but interest is likely to see him leave the park and enter the flat soon.

Of course, not every homeless person is in Casares’ shoes. He had the resources to spend on printing resumes rather than saving for groceries, and he was able to turn down offers of money, which may have given him sympathy for those who forced him to focus on the immediate needs of the homeless. His knowledge and experience (his shirt and tie) probably helped many passengers see him as a temporary failure rather than associate him with the stigma that many homeless people face.

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Still, we’re glad to hear that Casares’ situation is turning around, and we hope that the passionate, compassionate responses will help those who have previously judged homeless people to recognize their humanity more easily. For now, we’ll focus on Casares’ future startup.

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Daniel Vaughn Daniel Vaughn Daniel Vaughn is the nation’s number one barbecue editor, and he’s eaten more barbecue than you. View Articles Email Twitter Instagram RSSAYoung man stands in the street median in Mountain View, California, home to companies like Google: “Homeless / Hungry 4 success / Create a resume.”

David Casares moved to Silicon Valley with three years of experience as a software developer and a degree from Texas A&M University. That’s according to a series of Twitter posts by @jaysc0, who provided Casares’ background and resume.

“We talked for about an hour,” said a Twitter user named Jasmine Scofield.”She came to Silicon Valley with dreams of success in tech and has a lot to offer the community. She sleeps in parks and is still trying to get freelance jobs, interviews, and applications.” .

Homeless Man Hands Out Resume

According to NBC Bay Area, Casares, 26, came to Mountain View last fall with a few months’ salary and dreams of owning his own business, but the high cost of living in the area weighed him down. According to the station, he slept in his van until he ran out of money for payments and lost the van in June.

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“I just want someone to notice and take a resume and give me a chance,” Casares told the station.

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