High Quality Resume Paper

High Quality Resume Paper – When creating a resume, people often focus more on the content and less on the paper on which the content is printed.

Presentation is key to creating a strong and engaging resume, so choosing the right resume paper is just as important as font, format and style. Even in today’s digital age where a large percentage of resumes are sent by email, paper choice is still important. Based on our extensive experience in CV writing services, we know for a fact that many recruiters and hiring managers still prefer reading physical CVs to scrolling through a screen.

High Quality Resume Paper

High Quality Resume Paper

Needless to say, in addition to emailing your resume, you also need to print it out on paper and send it to the appropriate person. But you shouldn’t just use any type of paper for your resume—you need to use resume paper.

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As the name suggests, a resume refers to the type of paper used to write a resume. It is thicker, heavier and more opaque than the regular 20lbs copy paper that people use to print office documents. Resume paper can also be of different materials, colors and textures.

While you can always use any type of paper for your resume, the rule of thumb is that you need to use quality paper that prints better, is made of high-quality material, and looks professional, and resume paper ticks all those boxes. It goes without saying that if you want your resume to be taken seriously by the recruiters and hiring managers who read it, then you absolutely must use resume paper.

Of course, there is more than one type of resume you can use. Below are some of the considerations and options you have when choosing the right resume for your needs.

The material you choose for your resume is crucial because it immediately shows whether the paper is of high quality or not. Some of the best options for resume paper materials include cotton, linen, and granite. Cotton is the more widely accepted material, as its crisp and clean appearance immediately makes it an excellent choice for professional-looking paper. Cotton is also an environmentally sustainable material, making it the best resume paper for many.

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Linen, on the other hand, adds a nice texture while maintaining the all-important professional look. Granite comes with dark stains that give the resume a unique quality without sacrificing a formal tone.

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Resume paper weight choices often fall between 24 lbs. or 32 lbs. Many consider the standard 20 lbs. paper unacceptable for CV writing, as it is too bland and common, making the CV look cheap and sloppy. 24 lbs. paper is the most common choice, as it can adequately handle frequent handling and printing. Most official papers sold in the market come in a weight of 24 lbs. weight. However, many believe that 32 lbs. paper gives the resume better ‘gravity’, which helps the paper feel more important. Proponents of using 32 lbs. CV writing paper cites the official appearance of diplomas and certificates – for which heavier paper is used – as good reasons.

You might think that white is the best color for your resume, and you’d be wrong. While white works for most occasions, you should consider the industry you want to work in and whether any artistic values ​​are warranted. Subtle shades of blue, brown, green or yellow can work for more creative positions, such as web designers or graphic illustrators. Likewise, off-white or ivory paper will still look formal, while giving your resume a differentiating factor that helps you stand out from other applicants.

High Quality Resume Paper

While you have many choices in terms of material, weight, and color, you only have one size option for resume paper: 8.5 x 11 inches. Go less or more and you risk your resume being viewed unfavorably. Make the best impression by sticking to the tried-and-true resume paper size of 8.5 x 11 inches.

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Professional paper comes in two general textures, coated and uncoated. Examples of coated paper include matte, matte, satin, and glass, while uncoated paper types include woven and laid paper. While any of these will work for your resume, you don’t want the texture of the paper to get in the way too much. Regardless of the paper texture you choose, be sure to check the final print before sending. If the texture distracts from the content of your resume, replace it with something more subtle.

Your choice of high-quality resume paper will be wasted if you don’t print your resume on an equally high-quality printer. If you plan to print your resume at home, be sure to use an inkjet photo printer for best results. Also check your printer manual to see if it supports the desired paper thickness for your resume and if there are any special steps you need to take to ensure your resume prints correctly.

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If your home printer doesn’t meet the standards, you can visit an office supply store, print service store, or local public library to print your resume. Don’t forget to bring your flash drive with your resume. And save your resume in a variety of file formats including *.doc, *.docx and *.pdf if you’re not sure which print service will accept.

Your resume represents you, so your choice of resume has a big impact on how recruiters and hiring managers will see you. A quality resume serves as a suitable foundation for a well-written, well-structured resume. Keep the above considerations in mind when choosing the right resume for your needs.

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Match your high-quality resume with resume content that not only grabs a recruiter’s attention, but also keeps it. A professional resume writing service comes with a 60-day interview guarantee after your resume is finalized. Give yourself a better chance to get in the door. Tell us to write your resume today. Before printing your resume, we must first consider certain aspects of paper quality. Believe it or not, the work you choose can make a recruiter think you are professional or relaxed, meticulous or unfocused, thorough or reckless. Resumes are noticed by their footprint – the paper you choose is another part of that footprint. So what paper do you need? Find out below.

As with all stylistic choices for your resume (including resume length and resume color), the resume paper you use contributes to the impression you make on the recruiter. Using a high-quality, attention-grabbing paper can be the difference between being selected from a pool of applicants and not being selected. Recruiters report that poor format and paper choices can lead to automatic rejection of your resume.

In reality, most resume selection processes come with some degree of impression labeling. If the recruiter doesn’t like the style choice you’ve made, it can lead to you ending up in the “No” pile, regardless of your content. Especially for organizations that receive countless resumes every day, you need to make the decision as easy as possible. This means that you appeal to the recruiter with everything you’ve done – right down to your resume.

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High Quality Resume Paper

Having a physical copy of your resume is important for situations where you come into personal contact with recruiters. Namely, job fairs and your interview.

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A job fair is the perfect opportunity to present your resume to recruiters in physical form. When Sam was switching careers from banking to Spotify, employees at a job fair told her, “We don’t usually take resumes, but we’ll take this one.” He now works at Spotify in a career he loves. The same could be true for you.

As we can see from Sam’s story, even if recruiters generally don’t take resumes, you can create a resume that leaves an impression that will make them change their mind. Your resume can similarly influence this influence.

Some recruiters may ask you to bring a copy of your CV to the interview. Even if they don’t ask you to, do it anyway! This can be used as a reference for them in the questions they ask you and so on.

You’ve spent several days crafting a perfectly tailored resume for a new position. You’ve spent some time going over your resume and making sure it has a purpose. It’s time to put it into action and bring your resume to the job fair. Once printed, you will notice that the edges of your resume sections are blurred and when you hold them up to the light, you can see the entire content.

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What can help you avoid all these problems? Choosing the right paper weight. Generally, resume paper comes in three standardized weights: 20 lbs, 24 lbs, and 32 lbs.

20lbs paper is what your typical home printer will have. 24lbs is a bit heavier, thicker to the touch and more opaque. 32lbs paper is the thickest paper you’ll find before venturing into weighted cards (which really aren’t necessary).

In general, I recommend using 24 lbs paper to print yours

High Quality Resume Paper

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