Hibernate Once Resume Many

Hibernate Once Resume Many – In this article I will show you how to enable Hibernate mode in Windows 11 using different methods. We will explore different methods to enable hibernation mode including Intune, Registry, Group Policy, Command Prompt, and Control Panel.

In Windows, hibernation mode allows you to completely shut down your computer while keeping your work, allowing you to immediately pick up where you left off the next time you turn on your computer.

Hibernate Once Resume Many

Hibernate Once Resume Many

Hibernation mode is similar to sleep mode in Windows. The main difference is that in Hibernate mode, documents and applications that are currently open are saved to a file on the hard disk and not in RAM like in Sleep mode. Hibernate mode consumes less power than sleep mode, which is a big advantage. However, it can use gigabytes of disk space.

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When you use Hibernate mode, your work is saved in a hidden file called hiberfil.sys. This hiberfil.sys file is responsible for managing the hibernation of the computer, helping the computer to restart from the hibernation state. Although hiberfil.sys is a hidden and protected system file, it’s safe to delete it if you don’t want to use Windows’ power-saving capabilities.

According to Microsoft, use hibernation when you know you won’t be using your laptop or tablet for an extended period of time and won’t have a chance to charge the battery during that time. Windows 11 does not come with hibernation enabled by default. You have to enable it manually from Windows settings.

When you install Windows 11 or upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11, you’ll notice that the Hibernate option is missing from the Power Options menu. This is by design and Microsoft allows users to use the sleep option instead of hibernate. Even if the hibernation option is not enabled on your Windows 11 PC, you can turn it on or off when needed.

There are several ways you can use to enable hibernation mode in Windows 11. Some of these methods include:

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I will cover all the methods in this post which will help you enable hibernate mode in Windows 11.

The easiest and recommended method to turn on the hibernate option in Windows 11 is to use the control panel. Select Search from the taskbar, type “control panel” and select it from the results. When the Control Panel starts, select System and Security.

By default, the option to enable Hibernate is disabled because the changes you make here apply to all your power plans. Select Change settings that are not currently available.

Hibernate Once Resume Many

In the shutdown settings section, select Hibernate. This allows hibernate mode to appear in the power menu. Click Save Changes to complete the process.

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To verify if the hibernate option is enabled, click Start and select the On button. The option for hibernate mode should be available.

To turn off the hibernation option, click on start and launch the control panel. Click on System and Security, and in the Power Options section, select Change what the power buttons do. Select Change settings that are not currently available. In the Shutdown Settings section, uncheck the Hibernate option and click Save Changes. This will immediately disable the hibernate option in Windows 11 power options.

Command Prompt in Windows allows you to manage Windows power plans on a Windows PC. You can also use the Windows Terminal instead of the Command Prompt to perform the same tasks. Enabling hibernation using the command prompt is easy.

To turn off hibernate mode using command prompt, run the command “powercfg.exe / hibernate off” and this will turn off hibernate mode in Windows 11.

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Note: You cannot enable hibernation on a virtual machine when the firmware does not support it. You will encounter the following error. Hibernation failed with the following error: The request is not supported. The following items prevent hibernation on this system. System firmware does not support hibernation.

You can also use the Windows Registry to enable hibernation mode on Windows devices if the above methods do not have the desired results. Press the

To open the Run dialog box. Type Regedit and press OK to open the Windows Registry Editor.

Hibernate Once Resume Many

In the Registry Editor, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlPower. Here you should find the HibernateEnabled registry setting and the setting value allows you to enable or disable hibernate mode in Windows 11.

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In the right pane, double-click HibernateEnabled. This will bring up the Edit DWORD Value box. Change the value to 1 to enable hibernate mode and click OK.

After making the above changes to the registry, restart your computer. After rebooting, you will see that hibernation mode is enabled on your system when you access the start menu.

The Intune Configuration Catalog policy makes it easy for MEM administrators to add, configure, customize, and manage user and device policy settings. With Intune, you can implement a policy setting to Show hibernation in the power options menu. You can also configure power settings using Intune.

In the Windows Settings Profiles window, select Create Profile. In the Create a profile window, select Platform as Windows 10 and later. Select the profile type as Configuration Catalog. Click Create. On the Basics tab, specify the profile name for Enable hibernation on Windows devices and you can add a profile description. Click Next.

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In the configuration selector window, type “Hibernate” in the search box and click Search. In the search results, select Power. Enable the “Allow hibernate” option. This policy setting decides whether or not hibernation is allowed on the machine. Supported values: 0 – Disable hibernation. 1 (default): Enables hibernation.

Then, on the same page, select Administrative TemplatesWindows ComponentsFile Explorer. Now enable the “Show hibernation in power options menu” setting.

In Intune, Scope tags determine which objects administrators can see. In the Scope Tags section, specify the scope tags. Click Next. On the Attributions tab, specify the groups to which you want to target this policy. Click Next.

Hibernate Once Resume Many

On the Review+Create tab, review all settings set to enable hibernation in Windows 11 and select Create. After you create a device configuration policy in Intune, a “Policy created successfully” notification appears.

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You must wait for the Intune Policy to be applied to the target groups, and once the devices are registered with the Intune service, they will receive your profile settings. You can also force Intune policies to sync across your computers. Once the policy is applied to the devices, you can verify that the Hibernate option appears by clicking the Start menu and selecting the Power button. This completes the steps to enable hibernate mode in Windows 11 using Intune.

Group Policy is a quick and effective way to configure Hibernate on multiple computers. When you want to enable hibernation for multiple Windows 11 computers, GPO is the best choice for administrators.

With GPOs, enable hibernate mode and even disable it when it’s not needed. Here are the steps to enable hibernate option in Group Policy:

Make sure the GPO is linked to an OU or you can link it to the entire domain to apply the settings to all computers. Wait for the GPO to update on the remote computers. Alternatively, you can force a GP update using the command prompt by running the GPUpdate /force command. The Hibernate option now appears in the Power Options menu.

Best Ways To Enable Or Disable Hibernate On Windows 11

To turn off hibernation mode in Windows 11, double-click the “Show hibernation in the power options menu” setting and set it to Off.

Prajwal Desai is an eight-time Microsoft MVP in enterprise mobility. His goal is to write detailed posts and guides on Configuration Manager (SCCM), Microsoft Intune, Azure, Windows Server, Windows 11 and other topics, with the goal of providing people with useful information. Hibernation mode is a useful option available. in Windows 11. Although you can metaphorically shut down the system without closing any open windows or applications. You can later resume work by activating this hibernate system. The interesting part is that Windows in hibernation mode still runs services in the background and presents various updates for programs and applications.

If you want to take a break or avoid wasting time starting up your computer, Hibernate mode is a time saver. We’ll teach you how to enable and use hibernate mode in Windows 11. But before we get there, let’s first understand what hibernate is in Windows and how it works.

Hibernate Once Resume Many

Hibernation is a power-saving state in which Windows takes a snapshot of your system and saves that content to your hard drive before shutting down the system. When you turn your computer back on, it reads the state of the storage memory and restores all your open programs and data exactly as you left them.

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Unlike sleep mode, hibernation mode uses less power. Therefore, if you do not plan to use your PC for an extended period, it is a good idea to hibernate the computer instead of putting it to sleep. In this way, you can prevent your laptop battery from draining. When you’re ready to get back to work, you can press the power button to turn on your computer.

To use Windows 11 hibernate mode, you must first enable the feature on your computer. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to activate the mode.

Step 3: Check if hibernation feature is enabled on your PC. If not, run the following command to enable it.

Even after enabling hibernate mode on your PC, the hibernate option does not appear in Windows 11 power

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