Her First 100k Resume

Her First 100k Resume – In this post, you’ll find everything you need to create a compelling social media resume: examples for inspiration, a guide to all the essential resume sections, mistakes to avoid, and more!

To run a successful social media campaign, you need a solid strategy, great visuals and compelling copy. The same goes for creating a social media manager resume – so don’t worry, you can do it! Pair it with a compelling social media portfolio and employers will be fighting for you.

Her First 100k Resume

Her First 100k Resume

Looking for a quick and easy way to build your social media portfolio? Try Copyfolio and create a stunning portfolio website in less than an hour! It’s free, no credit card required.

Resume Examples That’ll Get You Hired In 2022

In this post, you’ll find everything you need to create a compelling social media resume: examples for inspiration, a guide to all the essential resume sections, mistakes to avoid, and more! So read before you write and submit new applications with confidence.

Let’s start by looking at real resume examples for social media managers and marketers. All the resume pages you’ll see here were made on Copyfolio sites.

Lisa saved her resume as an image and pasted it into a dedicated “My Resume” page on her site, made with Copyfolio. He made sure his colors matched his color palette so it would blend seamlessly with the rest of the site.

He chose an unusual and unique layout with different sections and elements scattered around. By doing so, it is sure to be noticed and remembered while reading his resume easily, thanks to the ample white space.

Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo Ceo Resume Example

Michelle also added a dedicated resume page to her social media portfolio website, but she decided to just type her resume. That way it matched his site and personal brand 100% and he didn’t have to worry about placement on the same page. .

On the resume page, it focuses on work experience: listing each position with the company name and timeline, and detailing its responsibilities and accomplishments in bullet points.

We love how she used numbers to highlight her experience and show the impact her work can have. She used Copyfolio’s Letterpress template to create her website and resume.

Her First 100k Resume

Carly decided to combine the dating page with her resume. By doing so, he helps visitors get to know him better before delving into the specifics of his professional history.

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Assistant Manager Resume Samples & Writing Guide

Learning about his experiences this way may not be as “sliding” as the skills section, but builds a better relationship that can make a difference in the long run. And the resume itself is still simple, as his previous works are listed in reverse chronological order.

If there’s anything we could add, we’d suggest adding an image, maybe after the intro, to make the page easier on the eyes as a whole.

An intro or about me page isn’t the only thing you can tie in with showing off your resume—a contact page can be a great place to do that, too. Sarah saved her two-column resume as an image and included it in hers.

The resume itself starts with the basics (his name, photo and contact information) and continues with his skills and education on the left and work experience on the right. The layout makes it easy to browse.

Winning Resumes, 2nd Edition: Ryan, Robin: 0723812263653: Amazon.com: Books

We’d like to see a little more white space on the right-hand side—whatever doesn’t fit comfortably on a resume can always go on your social media portfolio.

Stephanie’s social media manager resume is the third section on her About page. He used a gray background to highlight his introduction, then simply typed in his CV. As you can see, he started by listing his previous work experience, which led to his basic skills, and ended with his education.

If one just wants the gist, it’s easy to find and scan – but if you’re interested in more details, you can just read the introduction. If you have your resume content written, creating a resume on Copyfolio, like Stephanie did, only takes a few minutes.

Her First 100k Resume

Cassandra wanted more color than a simple black-and-white theme—but without messing with PDF designs. So she chose a “chestnut” color palette and a matching image of herself.

Corporate Communications Resume Samples

With the CV, he decided to emphasize only work experience. With the dearth of social media programs in higher education and the skills reflected in her portfolio, this is all the additional background information people will need.

Kelly skipped the introduction and immediately showed her resume. He saved each of his pages as an image and pasted them into a new page on his portfolio website. However, prospective employers can save it for later, if needed, and review its details in a familiar format.

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He begins his CV with a professional resume, which leads to his work history, which continues on page two. On the right side, you will also find his contact information, skills list and education history.

In case it’s hard to read at first, just click on one of the images to open it in a larger size and zoom in if necessary.

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A picture of Jack and his dog. Could a resume start any better? Jack opens his about me page with this and a short introduction section – like a resume summary. He then brings up his work experience, making it clear using different headings.

He rounds out his resume with his educational experience, including both a university degree (hats three degrees!) and professional certifications. Everything that’s relevant, all on one easy-to-view page.

Starting in social media marketing at Hootsuite, Sandra has had an impressive career. If you look at his CV, you can get a good idea of ​​all this in a few seconds. Social Media Marketing at Hootsuite, Digital Marketing Specialist at Sociabble, Head of Content at Mention and now Senior Content Marketing Manager at PlayPlay.

Her First 100k Resume

Using simple formatting and plenty of white space, Sandra gave us a quick but thorough overview of her career. And to make it even more fun to read and easy to process, Sandra used pictures to break it all down. A pop of color on a white background draws your eyes and gives them a break from reading text.

Job Interview Package — Her First $100k

And all this was done with 3 simple sections (image + text, gallery and text section) and just a few clicks. Painless and beautiful.

Looking at some examples for inspiration is a great first step, but the work really begins when you sit down to write your own resume. To help you get started as quickly and easily as possible, we’ve put together the sections you need to have.

Go through the list and write them down as you go. You won’t even notice the work and you’ll be done before you know it.

First: How do you explain this role in your resume? As this is still a relatively new field, some people are confused about what social media managers do and what it means when they have this position on their CV.

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How To Write A Great Developer Résumé And Showcase Your Software Engineering Skills

Social media managers can have many different responsibilities – and that’s why it’s important to write about the specific ones you had. You can do this in your summary and work experience sections, but more on that in a bit.

In general, SMM takes care of a company’s social media presence and activities. This can include things like:

Quite a list, isn’t it? That’s why it’s important to highlight the areas you’ve done and are an expert in.

Her First 100k Resume

You can do this right from the start, in your social media manager’s resume or resume. The difference between the two is that while the former talks about what you already have, the latter describes what you aspire to achieve.

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Some skip it altogether—but others decide whether to continue reading based on that alone. So be sure to write well. How?

In two or three sentences, summarize your experience, your best skills, and some specific numbers if you can. For example:

“Social Media Manager with 5+ years of experience helping startups in the fitness niche organically grow their audience. By building their social media strategy using UGC, I helped XYZ build a follower base of 450k across three platforms in 3 months.

The section of the resume that will be of most interest will be about your work experience. This gives them an idea of ​​your experience level and seniority, and they want to see if the work you’ve done so far is relevant to their open position.

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In a short summary, be sure to use action words like launch, generate, implement, develop, or analyze for greater impact.

It is difficult to fit all the valuable skills into a short summary and a few bullet points of work experience. That’s why every social media manager has a skills section on their resume. This is a simple, easy-to-scan list with a good mix of soft and hard skills.

This is where you can mention the specific software you own, the social media platforms you own

Her First 100k Resume

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