Grace Hopper Resume Database

Grace Hopper Resume Database – Here’s what you need to do before, during and after the conference to reach this year’s young talent.

Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC), the largest annual conference for women in technology, is a great way for recruiters to connect with a large number of passionate candidates from around the world, build their brand and grow a strong pipeline of female talent for careers. demanding roles and making real progress in diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts. And that includes coverage of thousands of professionals.

Grace Hopper Resume Database

Grace Hopper Resume Database

Last year, GHC brought together nearly 30,000 women from over 90 countries to learn from tech experts, build their professional networks, and interview for internships and jobs at innovative companies. And these numbers are only increasing.

Companies Attend Ghc For Reasons Beyond Recruitment

While the conference attracts women in tech at every stage of their careers, last year nearly one in five attendees were early career professionals. That’s a lot of young talent to keep up with. In addition, GHC offers free registration for women from underrepresented groups, which means you can speak to a number of female candidates at the conference.

As you prepare to attend GHC this month in person or virtually, here’s what you need to know to make the most of your time before, during and after the conference, and connect with early career talent that’s out there. It is within its scope to create meaningful relationships. Expo hall.

There are many companies that will be meeting both in-person and virtual conference attendees this year – and you should expect students and early career professionals to plan ahead so they can meet at the same time as any organization they’re in. are to be squeezed. in hopes of talking to, in addition to saving time to discover new companies.

One way to get on the radar of students and early career professionals and let them know that you will be at GHC this year is to take to social media to announce your presence at the conference. You can also highlight the roles you want to fill to give candidates time to learn about those opportunities in real time.

Grace Hopper Celebration 2022

You can also use your social media channels to direct interested candidates to a link to fill out their information so you can monitor them at a conference or schedule a 1-on-1 meeting and let them review your resume. load to your site. This also allows candidates to pencil you into their busy schedules and gives you time to screen talent for your open roles in advance.

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Pro Tip: Use relevant hashtags to reach students searching for the conference on social media sites like LinkedIn or Twitter, such as: #ghc22 #gracehopper22 #nextisnow #womenintech #womeninscience #inclusivetech

You will also have access to a range of information about conference attendees prior to the conference through the GHC Resume database. It would be a good idea to review this resource before the event to note any candidates who may be a good fit for your roles and contact those candidates ahead of time to set up a chat or interview at the conference. RippleMatch can help recruiters organize information from databases and highlight candidates who are suitable for certain roles. Furthermore, with RippleMatch, promising early career candidates are also added to the company’s talent network within the platform, and they can be seamlessly invited to future recruitment events or apply for roles.

Grace Hopper Resume Database

As with any event you host or attend, it’s also important to set goals in advance to help you gather information about how successful the event was and what you can improve next time. For example, you can set goals for how many interviews you will schedule during the event, how many inquiries you will receive from conference attendees, and how many people will be hired from the conference.

Grace Hopper Conference

And of course – don’t forget to send or pack everything you need for the conference, including booth materials and a computer, iPad or notepad to collect candidate information when you meet them during the conference. Additionally, make sure you have enough branded materials for attendees to parade around the conference to help you market your brand throughout the Expo Hall.

Whether or not you have arranged formal interviews with selected candidates at the conference, GHC is a great opportunity to add new faces to your talent network. And while it’s a great perk of the conference to start sending candidates through your hiring process in real time, remember that it’s not all about how many job offers you can fill at the conference. It’s about building a strong pipeline of female talent.

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During the Expo Hall and during the conference, you should focus on serving a friendly face to promote your brand and collect information for post-conference follow-up.

Professionals who are earlier in their careers can be intimidated by the opportunities and the slew of recruiters in front of them, so be sure to welcome them to the conference, ask them how they’re doing, and take some time before jumping in. , to learn more about them. resin A great way to determine which attendees are students or early-career professionals is to ask them what they hope to achieve at the conference this year – this will give you an idea of ​​where they are in their career journeys.

Pdf] Generating Unified Candidate Skill Graph For Career Path Recommendation

Once the time is right to advertise your open roles, make sure your marketing materials specifically focus on early career talent and the ways your company will support young workers as they begin their careers. Since GHC is focused on women, make sure you also highlight women-focused opportunities, such as the ability to connect with a female mentor or ERGs that support women in the workplace.

Whether a student or early career professional is interested in one of your roles, is currently eligible for any of your open opportunities, or is currently even looking for an internship or job, you need to collect their information. – and give them yours too. That way, when it’s time for them to apply for internships and jobs, you’ll be top of mind and have opened the door for them to apply to you.

Another important task to remember when contacting professionals during the conference is to take notes about your conversations for use in follow-up emails after the conference. For example, you want to remember what the candidate says, what they are looking for, your first impression of the candidate and any specific details that you can use in the future to invite them to apply for roles. With RippleMatch, you can tag candidates directly on the platform and flag them for matches during a conversation.

Grace Hopper Resume Database

You can also ask candidates who they would like to contact the most so that they can meet later in the conference in a more relaxed setting. With Chats, a RippleMatch feature, you can schedule an upcoming 1-on-1 chat or coffee session right on the platform by sharing a custom link with talent and syncing the event to both of your calendars.

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Conference Grant Report: Olivia Kim ’19

Don’t make the mistake of letting all your work leading up to and during the conference go to waste by unfollowing everyone you interacted with during GHC. This is where a powerful parenting strategy comes into play.

Pro Tip: While you should make a plan to connect with those candidates you spoke with during the conference, you’ll also want to connect with those you didn’t speak with but are in the resume bank as good candidates. indicated, establish relations. .

Another important post-event follow-up is to analyze the data you collected during the conference so you can already start planning for next year. In addition to analyzing the costs associated with the conference, you’ll want to answer questions like: How many early career professionals did I speak at the conference? How many of the follow-up emails I sent got a response? How many connections have I made that have resulted in an application, interview or hire, even months?

You should also consider what your competitors have to offer during the conference, which seems to attract candidates. Did they walk around the expo hall with iPads to collect data? Did anything at their stand attract a lot of attention? This may also be a good time to evaluate whether you are using the right technology to support your recruitment efforts such as participation in GHC, such as RippleMatch.

Ways To Get The Most Out Of Grace Hopper

This year, the halls of GHC include a lot of early career talent. To really get the most out of this year’s conference and build the strongest talent pipeline, you’ll need to have a plan to nurture both women and professionals. This includes letting students know you will be at the conference and setting goals ahead of time, gathering information about candidates during the conference, and following up with candidates with action items after the conference.

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