Google Docs Acting Resume Template

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For an actor, a resume and headshot are the two main tools you need to get started and start looking for work in the business. This is basically what gets you to casting directors to do that all-important audition and maybe book a job.

Google Docs Acting Resume Template

Google Docs Acting Resume Template

Your resume is a compilation of critical data; it contains your physical details, work experience, training, classes, your seminars you have taken and something called “special skills” – and of course your contact information. There are a number of different custom resume templates, but there is a common industry format that you should adhere to and follow if you want to be taken seriously.

Best Model Resume Example

When you’re first starting out, the whole resume thing can seem a little daunting… I mean, what are you going to put in it? But keep in mind that we’ve all been beginners at some point and you really have to start.

Here are some tips on how to format your resume as a beginner or new actor and keep it polished and professional.

Include your phone number, email address and website along with your agent’s contact information. Don’t put your address on your resume, and if you use your personal phone number, just be careful where you send it!

These include your height, weight, hair and eye color. Never put your age on your resume. If you are under 18, you can include an age range ie. “plays 11 – 14”

Downloadable Entertainment Resume Templates

This includes SAG-AFTRA, Equity/AEA, ACTRA, BAFTA, as well as several other divisions of the above. If you are not a member of a specific union, just leave this part out. Some people put SAG-AFTRA in line with the requirements if they can join the union. This is a personal decision and should be made with your representatives.

Okay, now that we have the introduction out of the way, let’s move on to what is actually contained in the body of the resume. Your work experience or credits are divided into categories: Film, TV, Theater, Commercials, Voiceover, Short Films, New Media.

Seasoned actors won’t put all of this on their resume, and they’ll almost never include commercials and voice-overs

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Google Docs Acting Resume Template

New Actors: Since you won’t have many credits yet, consider combining categories such as Film & TV, Short Films, and New Media

Artist Resume/artist Cv Sample—examples And Writing Tips

You want to organize these sections strategically and maybe even have different resumes depending on what you’re going out for. If you’re trying to book TV roles, don’t put your theater credits at the top, even if they’re bigger roles.

Film and TV: For this section, list the following: Name of Production, Type of Role (indicates size), Network or Production Company, and Name of Director

Short Films and New Media: So much of this is being made today that it deserves its own category and is most likely where you’ll start as a new actor. The format for this is the same as above: name of production, type of role (indicates size), network or production company, and name of director

Theatre: In the theater section you will list: Name of the show, Your role, Theater company and Location of the production. You don’t need to add the director’s name unless it’s a very big production and he’s well known. And yes, listing community theater is perfectly fine or school productions for younger actors.

Model Resume [sample For Download]

Training and education: Casting directors are interested in who you studied with and what you studied. Did you go to Yale School of Drama? Have you taken voice lessons? How about audition techniques, scene study, improv, stage fights, firearms training……? Do you see what I mean…? Your training paints a picture of who you are as an actor, where your interests and abilities lie, and gives casting an idea of ​​where your skill set is right now. Acting classes and workshops are most commonly organized by Subject, Teacher(s), and Location.

Special Skills: Last are the special skills. It also helps give casting an idea of ​​who you are as a person, and you just might book a job because of something you do. (I booked a job a few years ago in part because I’m a certified scuba diver.) This is also where you’d include any languages, accents, or dialects that you’re really super good at. If you have a cute British accent, don’t put it here. There are plenty of British actors working in North America and they’ll just get the job over an American, BUT if your parents are Italian and you grew up speaking Italian, definitely include it!

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IMPORTANT! if you say you can do something you better be damn sure you can do it – you will be asked and may even be tested before the audition!! I was talking to a casting director a few years ago who needed real divers as in swimming. She had about 100 potential actresses for the audition, so she rented a commercial swimming pool and had them come there, in bathing suits, to demonstrate diving abilities and audition – only about a third of the people who showed up could actually dive ! Seriously, don’t lie.

Google Docs Acting Resume Template

For New Actors: If you have nothing to fill in these sections, then this is the first thing to take care of – do something, do

Actor’s Basic Resume: What To Include, What To Avoid (plus A Free Template To Download!)

. Take classes, take a workshop, do a play, or work on a student film for free just to get experience and credit. Even a few credits are better than sending a blank page with just your name and contact info 🙂

Nothing demonstrates better than an example, so to make it easy for you, I’m including a resume template for FREE DOWNLOAD… really, totally free, no email signup, just click! It’s in DOCX (Microsoft Word) format, so you can easily open it on a Mac, PC, or Google Docs.

Hope this really helps you! If so, share it, post it, pin it, tweet it! Send the link to your actor friends and definitely share it on social media. It’s a tough business and everyone can use a little help! Questions or feedback? Head to the comment section below and I’ll be sure to respond.

Did you like this or like it? Was it helpful or useful? Don’t forget to pin it, post it, tweet it, share it! It’s a tough business and we all need a little help!

Resume Template Google Docs Professional Resume Template

As always, questions, comments or feedback? Head to the comments section below…I promise to answer everyone!

* Please note: I am not an agent, manager or casting director. I do not provide work for actors. All information, seminars and trainings are for educational purposes only and are not a guarantee or promise of employment. Thank you for being here!

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Google Docs Acting Resume Template

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Free Actor Resume Template In Google Docs

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