Good Python Projects For Resume

Good Python Projects For Resume – Every project is an opportunity to learn – to identify challenges and challenges, to innovate and rethink.

As a developer, working on projects can not only improve your skills, but also your work experience – which can increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Good Python Projects For Resume

Good Python Projects For Resume

Have you ever come across a job description that requires candidates to have a certain number of years of work experience? I have—in fact, almost every job ad I come across. This job description can lower your self-esteem and make you feel unprofessional, especially if you’re a fresh graduate or just learning to code.

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So what if you don’t have work experience in the tech industry and want to apply? Well, the answer is simple – your portfolio is everything. You just need to use your previous projects (and maybe build some) to stand out.

In this guide, we’ll learn how to use experience from your projects to help your job applications. Our focus will be on some basic Python projects that can help you improve your learning environment in a business environment.

You can use Python in many ways, including software and web development, machine learning, data analytics, and more. Knowing Python is a valuable skill for a coder. But if you’re new to coding, it’s hard to show off your experience at school when applying for jobs.

Completing Python projects that you can describe clearly and that a hiring manager can look at is a great way to demonstrate your skills

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If you’re not sure how to write a resume or need a complete resume update, there are online resources to help you:

Server Health Checker is a script that allows you to monitor whether your server is up and running. It can show you the uptime of your server and update its performance regularly. It will also alert you immediately when the server is down.

Here’s some information to get you started to show you how to get started with such a project.

Good Python Projects For Resume

URL Shortener is a program that takes long URLs and converts them into short forms that users can easily remember. Among the most common sites that offer such services are and Cuttly.

Python Developer Resume Sample

It’s a functional, useful tool that can easily be tested by a hiring manager to test your skills, such as using Python’s APIs.

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Although there are already many such tools out there, you can build one that offers a specific feature, such as customizable short URLs.

Almost everyone has encountered a long, short URL that isn’t user-friendly or too long to remember, so creating a URL shortener shows that you can identify common problems and find solutions.

This includes articles, social media posts, videos, photos, etc. is a tool that collects data such as It then displays all that information under one page. This means users don’t have to manually search each website for what they’re looking for.

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Creating one is another good way to show how you can use your Python experience to create a useful tool. Content aggregators can be used for many purposes, but they search much of the web to find specific information.

You can create a general content aggregator or a more specialized one. For example, you can create a weather aggregator that pulls weather data from several major sources in your area to provide comprehensive weather information.

When you think of an assistant, think of Alexa, Siri, and Google’s virtual assistant. Recently, the development of intelligent assistants has increased, take a closer look at the capabilities of your favorite website, there is a bot that answers a common question that is constantly asked.

Good Python Projects For Resume

Here are some common tasks you can do with the helper on your local machine:

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You may need some modules to help you build the desktop assistant. Some of the main ones are: Pyttsx3, Speech Recognition, Twilio, Subprocesses, Wikipedia and Web Browser.

A desktop assistant can perform one task or multiple tasks depending on the complexity of the coding. The more advanced your resume is, the more effective it will be to potential employers.

With experience, this can be a really cool project to work on. Although I haven’t been able to explore more functionality, check out my thoughts on the desktop assistant and feel free to add your own thoughts on the features.

A project automation can be similar to a desktop assistant. But it can be more specialized for specific tasks. Here are some of the most common automations to give you an idea of ​​how developers use Python:

Top 20 Python Automation Projects For Beginners In 2022

You can do a lot more with Python—think of the things you do every day, not just on your computer, but around the house. You just need to figure out the tools you need and how to write and run the script.

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Speaking of tools, since Python is an open source language, we have a ton of tools at our disposal, as well as many libraries and frameworks to help you get started. Some great tools that can help you:

A good resource to help you on your automation journey is the excellent book How to Automate Boring Things with Python. A practical guide on how to use various programming tools.

Good Python Projects For Resume

Python has many libraries to help you build games, as well as cross-platform libraries for creating Android and iOS apps. Typical game libraries include Pygame, Pyglet, Panda3D, Pykyra, Ursina Motor and others.

Exciting Python Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners [2022]

Both games and apps can range from very simple to highly complex, and creating both can be a great way to show off your personality, creativity, and Python skills.

If you want to develop projects within this framework, you will need to use some Python modules and libraries. The most common include:

Some of the skills you can demonstrate after building this project are: mobile app programming and development, UI/UX, & API

To help you get started with this idea, here are links to some of the most common games developed with python: Python Games.

Built Some Projects Finally To Add To My Resume. Tried To Work On Some Improvements Would Love To Get Some Feedback. Looking For A Python Role.

Algorithmic or Algo traders not only showcase your Python skills, they can also earn you money – if you write a good script.

This is a more advanced project and may not be suitable for beginner coders. You need to write a script that analyzes past and present stock values ​​and uses machine learning to predict future values.

To work on such a project, you will need to be comfortable with Python and understand basic topics like Data Structures and Object-Oriented Programming. It would also be helpful to know how to use external libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, and SciPy.

Good Python Projects For Resume

To help you get started with this knowledge, check out this course Algorithmic Trading Using Python (which also includes some sample repos).

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A Sudoku solver is another project that is easy for a hiring manager to see and test. Of course, while the goal of sudoku puzzles is for users to solve them using their brain power, an automatic sudoku solver shows that you have full command of Python.

Being comfortable with Python algorithms is really necessary to work on this type of project. These include:

Another good project idea is to code a file manager that renames or organizes files, archives unused files, or automates tedious file management tasks.

This type of project is very easy and can be a good way to get started in Python.

I Am A Self Taught Python Programmer And Would Love Some Feedback On My Resume!

Some modules to know and keep in mind for developing this type of project are:

Below is a Twitter thread with more project ideas that can help improve your school:

If you don’t have work experience in the tech industry, your portfolio is everything. Here are 20 projects based on your skills;

Good Python Projects For Resume

If you have some ideas for Python projects to include in your classroom, here are some really effective ways to list them.

Full Stack Developer Resume Example + Guide

If you’re a freelancer or just starting out in the industry, it may be more effective to use an operating result rather than a chronological format.

To use functional information, replace the work experience section with the projects section. If you have some professional projects and some personal projects, you can divide it into more sections.

Give each project a name, estimate the duration, and include the technologies you used to complete it. In each entry, use bullet points to describe the project in more detail, highlight your specific contributions, and summarize the project’s purpose.

If you have some professional experience as a coder but want to list your personal projects, you can stick with the chronological resume format above that shows your work experience.

Python Projects: From Beginner To Full Stack

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