Front Of House Job Description For Resume

Front Of House Job Description For Resume – When applying for a Hotel Receptionist role, you need a killer resume document to ensure you land at the top of the application stack. Our Hotel Receptionist resume sample below is full of information and examples to help you create an interview-winning application. Hotel receptionists are the face of the institution they represent, but the job involves a lot more than a bright smile and a breezy demeanor.

Other job titles you can look out for under the Hotel Reception category include Resort Receptionist, Guest Liaison, Front Desk Clerk, Receptionist, Member Service Representative, Motel Assistant, Receptionist Cruise Line, Front Desk Clerk, Hotel Reservation Clerk or Client Relations Agent.

Front Of House Job Description For Resume

Front Of House Job Description For Resume

2. Profile Summary: A booster area of ​​your resume must grab the reader’s interest immediately, encouraging them to continue looking through the rest of your resume. Include a comprehensive summary of your background, years of business experience, and qualifications. We included profile outline examples further down in this guide.

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3. Summary of Qualifications: For Hotel Receptionist positions, a high school diploma is often the only requirement. However, some job openings may also require post-secondary qualifications in Hospitality, Tourism, Business Administration, or Culinary fields.

4. Relevant Hotel Reception Experience: Provide information about your work history in chronological order (last first). Use bullet points and punchy sentences to list your most valuable reception activities.

5. Other Employment Experience: This will include a permanent work history outside of reception duties, but still in a customer relationship position or temporary and professional jobs where you were in direct contact dealing with customers or clients. Only elaborate on these with job descriptions if you have less than five years of reception experience. Otherwise, just list the company job title and the time period to delete the ethics in your work history.

6. Skills/Key Skills Summary: Include vocabulary, essential skills, and keywords from the posting. You should weave them throughout your resume to reinforce your relevancy.

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7. Education/Licenses/Certifications/Coursework/Relevant Training: The Hotel Receptionist has access to comprehensive post-secondary education options through courses, in-house training, workshops and development programs. Show that you have acquired the relevant theoretical knowledge to complement your practical knowledge.

Employers are constantly inundated with resumes, especially in the hospitality and tourism sector where employee turnover is relatively high. If your resume doesn’t stand out from the crowd, you may spend hours and hours submitting applications with zero return on effort. Instead spend the extra time now to perfectly tailor your resume for each position and apply for fewer roles. The focus should be on quality applications and not on quantity of “spray and pray” efforts.

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Where do you start then? Think about the essential tasks of a Hotel Receptionist and turn each task into a value added activity (benefit statement).

Front Of House Job Description For Resume

The first activity of the Hotel Receptionist is to greet guests and patrons at the establishment. What does this mean and how can you turn this activity into added value for a potential employer? Perhaps the fact that you are confident, approachable enough to greet the guest as soon as they walk through the lobby doors by giving them your undivided attention.

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Then comes the registration process. Hotel receptionists must be quick and efficient to ensure that guests are checked in, given their room keys, and informed about the hotel’s layout, facilities, and events. to come All this in less than 15 minutes (according to industry standards) so that tired guests can be brought into their rooms to rest and relax, without feeling that they are chased or harassed.

Another aspect of navigation is your ability to deal with guests’ questions and complaints in a professional manner. Hotel receptionists often replace Google Maps, event calendars, and tourist directories. Also, a Hotel Receptionist is also the first point of contact to calm irritated guests and deal with troublesome issues from noise complaints to faulty air conditioning while keeping them cool, calm and collected under scrutiny. .

Next comes a phone/switchboard function to facilitate reservations, change arrangements, or provide information about hotel rates and amenities. You should explain your phone tenure by giving examples of a “typical day at the office” (how many calls you take, frequency of phone calls, etc.).

What goes in must come out. A hotel receptionist is also the last face guests see when they leave (apart from the doorman perhaps). A friendly, fast check-in procedure is essential to put the final cherry on the cake of a great guest experience. Hotel Receptionists are responsible for processing payments such as additional room charges and also providing deposit refunds where necessary.

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You can make a great first impression by showing potential employers that you could be a brand ambassador for their establishment and be instrumental in increasing bookings in the long term. One way to do this is through a Feature and Benefit Matrix, like the one below:

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Able to empathize with tired arriving guests by offering them a free drink or sending extra comfort items to their rooms.

Willing and enthusiastic to go beyond the scope of KPIs to increase guest satisfaction, for example, offering to take them on an informal tour or arranging champagne and roses for a special anniversary or birthday.

Front Of House Job Description For Resume

Offers a solution before a problem occurs such as ordering a crib or bottle warmer to a family room with a child.

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Advising guests on off-the-grid attractions, providing directions to attractive restaurants or interesting local events they will enjoy.

Able to step in when an emergency occurs and when it comes to a standstill to offer alternatives, for example recommending a dentist for a broken tooth or a hairdresser for a bride left to her own devices on her wedding day her

A career summary could either suggest or be a trigger for depression screening. This is the introduction to your resume and should go at the very top of the page, preferably in bold or different than the rest of your resume script. You have 6 seconds to grab the reader’s attention, so make it count!

Start your career summary with your years of experience in the industry and key responsibilities (as is the purpose of your role). Increase the impact of your summary by using a key phrase or two borrowed from the job ad. Then finish by mentioning your highest qualifications or qualifications (most relevant). Spice it up with metrics or numerical values ​​to reinforce your message.

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Energetic hotel receptionist with five years experience in luxury hotel settings. Highly skilled at cultivating rapport with both new and regular guests, proven by a 95% review rate over the past few years. Ambitious and committed to increasing guest satisfaction at every opportunity. We completed our Bachelors in Hospitality with a summa cum laude result.

Enthusiastic and resourceful Front Desk Receptionist with 3+ years of experience working at a corporate hotel and convention center. Skilled in facilitating search volumes, around 30 per day. Proficient in Amadeus and CGSP Certified Guest Services Professional).

Country motels and inns is an efficient front desk receptionist with over 15 years of experience in serving guests. Proficient in POS terminal use and fluent in German and French often working as a translator for European guests on travel tours.

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Front Of House Job Description For Resume

An employer would expect specific organizational responsibilities and skill sets within a Hotel Receptionist resume. Here are a few examples of the main duties of a Hotel Receptionist in different sectors.

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Humility is a must for any Hotel Receptionist, just not your starter. You should dedicate a special section just for performance reports. Don’t be tempted to copy and paste the list of tasks you performed under your performance category. Leave them where they are (in your job description).

Think about the toughest problems you solved, promotions earned, positive reviews collected, and value-added activities that deserve their own place in your resume document. You can make them bold or use a larger font type for added impact. Numbers, values, percentages, and scores are your friends. Use them to create strong performance statements showcasing your ability and uniqueness with strong verbs (executed, arranged, headed) and describing adjectives (patient, enthusiastic, diligent).

The education section is an essential part of your resume and degrees, diploma courses, and certificates obtained in this field will give you an additional advantage against the other applicants. Remember to include any current qualifications you are currently completing as well.

Start your most recent certification and then work backwards. First, start and end dates, then certificate/course name, followed by institution, location (city) and abbreviated state name.

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While the reception area requires specific technical skills, your soft skills are even more important for employers to know. Soft skills are personal qualities and personality traits that would suggest you to be suitable for the job of Hotel Receptionist. Sprinkle these strategically into your resume, or profile, and into your performance statements.

Instead of giving a long list of short skills in bullet form, instead put your soft skills in a table (more comfortable to read): Front of House Manager job is usually found in restaurants, hotels hotels, resorts, etc. to ensure the normal operation of the restaurant works smoothly except for kitchen functions. he is

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