Floor Hand Resume Example

Floor Hand Resume Example – When you’re looking for a big break into the world of culinary and restaurant careers, take a look at our great Kitchen Hand CV example. As a support resource, getting a job as a kitchen worker is strongly advised to learn the ins and outs of kitchen conduct. Gaining experience in the kitchen will provide you with an excellent foundation if you want to progress to the role of chef later in your career.

Competition in this field is tough, so you need to make sure your application gets noticed by sending out a quality CV to potential employers.

Floor Hand Resume Example

Floor Hand Resume Example

2. Profile Summary: The recipe for success starts with your resume summary. No missteps are allowed because those three little lines at the top of your resume page could be the difference between landing the job or not.

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3. Qualifications Summary: Getting a job as a kitchen worker doesn’t require any qualifications that are part of a high school diploma, but if you want to move up the culinary ladder, diplomas and associate’s degrees could go a long way boost your career growth. Provide specific details of the certifications and qualifications you have earned along with the institution, qualification name and dates.

4. Relevant Kitchen Experience: Provide details of your work history in reverse chronological order starting with your current position first. If you have completed any internships or apprenticeships related to the culinary industry, include those details in your work experience as well. Remember, you’re not writing a recipe, treat your job description as a list of ingredients, and use bulleted sentences instead of paragraphs.

5. Other Work Experience: This will include events or work history outside of the formal culinary realm, but which may be important for the employer to know about, such as part-time servers or server gigs or working at the School cafeteria. This section is particularly important. if you are looking for your first without having formal experience as a kitchen clerk.

6. Skills Summary/Key Competencies: Job posting keywords are like SEO on your resume. Incorporate them into your job descriptions, profile summary, and accomplish statements to boost your compatibility with the role.

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7. Relevant Education/Licenses/Certifications/Courses/Training: There are many training and development programs and courses available for Kitchen Hands to supplement their practical experience with theoretical knowledge Start with your formal catering certifications and diplomas or post-school accreditations if you are a member of a culinary training institute. List any additional professional development courses that have better prepared you to work in the culinary field, such as food preparation, wine pairing, or kitchen safety.

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Kitchen Hands are instrumental in maintaining the workflow of the kitchen, especially when it comes to the preparation and clean-up processes. Regardless of your years of work experience in restaurants, hotels, or catering events, employers and recruiters are looking for specific items in your resume document to make sure you’re the right fit for their team.

The first aspect to highlight is the type of Kitchen Hand experience you have. You may be assigned prep duties or washing up as your primary responsibility. With other roles in smaller establishments, your duties may overlap with those of a line cook where you also prepare salads and sauces. In leading restaurants, Kitchen Hands might be solely responsible for cleaning and sanitizing tasks. The cook’s duties may change depending on the style and theme of the restaurant.

Floor Hand Resume Example

Second, you can indicate your level in the “food chain” of the kitchen environment. Some Kitchen Hands assist the head chef, while others may be assigned to a chef or pastry chef. Restaurant managers will also use Kitchen Hands to help with inventory, disposing of old stock, and unloading new supplies and food items from delivery vehicles.

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Next, you need to elaborate on your work environment. The role of a kitchen assistant in a food truck will be very different from that of someone employed in one of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant chains. Kitchen Hands can work in many different environments including restaurants, company canteens, fast food outlets, hotel kitchens, hospitals, military services and school cafeterias. Be sure to highlight the types of industries you’ve worked in on your resume summary and in each job description.

You can create a great first impression by showing them what you can do by categorizing your main tasks and then providing concrete examples of how you would perform those tasks in your day-to-day work.

Below, we’ve given a few examples of how to uniquely showcase your basic cooking skills that will grab the attention of hiring managers in an instant.

Instead of just writing that you clean and disinfect all surfaces and floors, give specific details. For example, that you meet OHSA standards, that you know how to safely mix cleaning chemicals. Also mention the areas that you clean individually, for example workstation areas, the entire service line, the lunch room, the lunch room, the storeroom, the loading dock and the cold storage container.

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A monotonous but absolutely vital task to ensure the health and safety of the customer by avoiding contamination of crockery and cutlery. Proper dishwashing requires maintaining the correct water temperature and using enough sanitizing liquid, whether the dishwashing is done by hand or in an automatic dishwasher. You may also be responsible for polishing silverware and chemical soaks for kitchen equipment.

Food preparation is another function that deserves its own explanation. Do you peel, dice and chop vegetables or crack eggs on the grill? When assisting the pastry chef, you may need to mix dry items like flour, baking powder into sugar in exact quantities for which you will need to know how to weigh ingredients, follow recipes and of course a steady hand. In some restaurants, Kitchen Hands may have sole responsibility for the preparation of certain food items. Therefore, mention if you are in charge of preparing salads or sauces and desserts.

Kitchen maintenance is usually on the to-do list for most kitchen hands. If you are responsible for minor repairs to equipment, list them by name, for example, slicing and juicing equipment, hot grills, ovens or freezers. Managing supplies and inventory is part of keeping the kitchen flowing. Are you the person responsible for signing vendor deliveries and updating inventory records on the system? Do you take a weekly inventory of items such as condiments, baking supplies, or liquors and fill out purchase orders for inventory that needs to be replenished?

Floor Hand Resume Example

F&B (Food and Beverage) managers typically receive many applications for permanent and professional positions. Your resume should pique their interest instantly, and you can do that by dropping a perfect career summary at the top of your resume page (this summary should be bold and in a larger font than the rest of your resume to be immediately visible) ).

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A career summary consists of three parts: industry exposure, years of experience, and a wow factor (special achievement, multilingual and reputable accreditation). Also, be concise and precise, in a paragraph containing between three and six sentences at most.

Dedicated cook with an impeccable work ethic for over five years and accustomed to the long hours of a 24-hour fast food and catering establishment. Bring meticulous cleaning and sanitation skills complemented by an advanced certificate in safety and hygiene practices in restaurants.

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A confident, trustworthy and diligent kitchen worker who takes great pride in facilitating seamless workflow processes in high volume commercial kitchen environments. A specialist in cutting and slicing acquired over a decade of seniority and numerous courses and culinary workshops. Mandarin conversation, which greatly facilitates collaborative communication between the Korean kitchen staff and the restaurant manager.

Very knowledgeable cook in the areas of kitchen cleanliness and inventory management. Demonstrated ability to maintain stock and inventory records. Holds an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts. Equally comfortable standing in for line cooks were needed in the preparation of gourmet pastries and desserts.

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An employer would expect to see the following proven fundamental duties and skills on a candidate’s resume, depending on education level and career stage.

When writing your achievement section, you might be tempted to copy-paste the list of tasks you performed as detailed in your job description. Keep in mind that there is a considerable difference between achievements and activities. To imagine your accomplishments, think about what you are most proud of, what you have accomplished in your previous roles and what has resulted in positive feedback from your supervisor.

The impact of achievement statements can be amplified by quantifying your accomplishments in numerical values, specified time frames, frequencies, or percentages of improvement.

Floor Hand Resume Example

The education section of your Kitchen Hand resume should still receive proper attention even if you don’t have formal credentials. Professional development programs, courses, workshops, and even continuing education can be listed in your education section.

Flooring Resume Sample & Ready To Use Example

Here’s how you can list your qualifications: first, the start and end date, then the title of the qualification, followed by the name of the institution, city, and state abbreviation.

List your high school diploma details in the same way, but only include it if you have less than five years of work experience.

The restaurant industry requires specific technical skills, but future employers

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