Finance Resume Template Reddit

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I kept getting questions about an investment banking associate resume template, and I figured we should wrap up that series of investment banking resume templates and video tutorials – so here it is.

Finance Resume Template Reddit

Finance Resume Template Reddit

In this lesson, you will learn how to create your resume if you are at the MBA level, if you have worked full-time or if you have had extensive experience in a transaction.

A Very Dumb Question, But Where Can I Find A Resume Template Like This So That I Can Make Mine? I Tried Finding On Word But Couldn’t Find One. Please Help :

Actually, it’s even easier than that: you don’t need to “create” anything. You just need to copy these templates and modify them a little.

In case you missed it, here are the main points with the college student investment banking resume template:

These points apply to any investment banking resume, no matter what level you’re applying for – you just need to make a few adjustments.

And if you just want to read instead, here’s the same tutorial in text form. We’ll go through each of these 3 patterns and show how they differ from the ones we’ve looked at before.

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This time, though, it’s very condensed — just list your business school and undergraduate name, degree titles, and graduation dates. You don’t need GPA/SAT scores unless the bank specifically asks for them.

You still need to use a project-centric or task-centric format for every entry and focus on business outcomes as much as possible.

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When you come in at the Associate level, banks start preparing you to win clients and make money one day – so you have to convince them that you are more of a “leader” than an analyst.

Finance Resume Template Reddit

If you’ve done some kind of pre-MBA program related to finance – interning at a boutique, PE firm, etc. – and the rest of your work experience is in a different field, you should definitely make this stand out, even if it only lasted a few months.

Google Docs Resumes

If you only had 1 full-time job before business school, just list your last major internship briefly, under the full-time entry, and write 1-2 bullets about it. A work experience section with only 1 big entry looks weird.

This section becomes increasingly irrelevant the more experienced you are. You can still include it at the MBA level, but keep it short and feel free to drop it.

This is almost exactly the same template as the MBA level one – the only difference is that your Education section can be even shorter and it should be under Work Experience if you are not currently a student.

Always select 2-3 key work experience entries over the past 5-10 years unless you are a C-level executive with 20+ years of history, or you have a lot of transactional experience – which brings us to the next section. .

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Use this template only if you are an experienced Associate, VP, or above, and you have dozens of transactions to write about.

If you’re using this as a sophomore in college, it’s your fault. You will look stupid and not get interviews.

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Similar to both the college student resume template and the investment banker resume template – with one key difference:

Finance Resume Template Reddit

Rather than going into detail about all your customers and deals on the first page, you make a separate page or set of pages for your “Transaction Experience” and follow the same format there.

Financial Aid Counselor Resume Template

As with the templates above, Skills, Activities and Interests can be removed and the Education section should be very condensed.

Each entry should consist of a summary sentence and 2-3 others that capture the main highlights of each experience – working with clients, managing teams, bringing in business if you’re more senior, or doing analytical work for junior-level entries.

This person shows more “leadership” at each level by writing about how he/she managed Analysts and Associates, and also highlights more supplier and business development at higher levels.

It is good to list “Notable Transactions” so that anyone can tell what he has done at a glance without going to the second page.

Management Consulting Internship Resume

The language here is not much different from the Analyst/Associate investment banker template resume – the person still discusses valuation/modeling work and his/her impact on the deal process.

Not much difference – if you have an extensive list of transaction/investment, you should still list it on a separate page.

It can be nearly impossible to come up with concrete “results” on the buy-side because of the time frame – it may take years for a company to exit a particular investment.

Finance Resume Template Reddit

You don’t need to follow the exact format and language here – these are meant to give you ideas and guide you in the right direction.

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Financial Reporting Analyst Resume Template

As always, if you’re paranoid about having the same looking resume as everyone else, just change the font, font, or other formatting to make it look different.

You should now know 95% of what you need to create your resume, copy these templates and use them for your own purposes, from the Analyst level to the VP level and beyond.

I can cover examples of specific bullets/languages ​​you would use for different industries (marketing, accounting, wealth management, etc.) and do some “restart redesigns” in coming months.

We’ll take your existing resume and turn it into a resume that catches the attention of finance industry professionals and presents you and your experience in the best possible light.

Financial Research Analyst Resume Template

By the time we’re done, your resume will grab bankers by the lapels and won’t let them go until they’ve given you an interview.

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Finance Resume Template Reddit

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