Federal Resume Writers In Washington Dc

Federal Resume Writers In Washington Dc – I had been sending out my own cover letters and resumes for months and was almost ready to give up. DA gave me confidence. I applied to jobs I really wanted and didn’t feel like I had to lower my standards. YES resume got me a job I love! Bite your teeth and get help from people. Remember to read the questions very carefully, it may seem strange at first, but it’s worth it!

Welcome to YES Career Coaching & Resume Writing Services, one of the top rated professional resume writing and career counseling services in Washington DC. We are the top rated company in the country for USAJobs-style federal resumes! We’re here to help you find a job you’ll love. The Washington DC metro area is one of the most competitive labor markets for high-paying federal and private sector jobs. The private sector naturally includes a large concentration of non-profit and international development organizations.

Federal Resume Writers In Washington Dc

Federal Resume Writers In Washington Dc

Most of our clients are successful professionals in senior or mid-career positions in Washington, DC. They are looking for professional DC resume writing services that can help them find opportunities that will advance their careers. Many of our clients are experts in areas such as information technology (IT), government, procurement and non-profit organizations/associations. We also have many clients working in sales/business development, marketing, finance, engineering, public relations, legal, education, human resources and healthcare. Everyone needs DC resume writing services to get ahead and stay competitive with their peers. Many federal employees are also looking

How To Write A Military To Civilian Resume

For career coaching services that, in addition to their CV, can help them make the transition to the private sector easier. We also work with clients transitioning from the private sector to the federal government sector. Similarly, our clients include members of the armed forces who are looking for resume writing services in DC that can help them transition from military to civilian service.

Unlike other DC resume writing services, we are a full-service career development company. We offer regular and USAJobs federal resume writing, cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile creation, interview coaching, career coaching and business coaching.

Uniquely among DC resume writing services, our staff must complete our own rigorous resume writing certification program. Our president, Katherine Akbar, an award-winning author and communications expert, designed and directs this program.

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Well, more than a thousand of our clients have been or are in a new job in organizations such as these:

Professional Resume Writing Services & Resume Design

I am great at what I do and have a great resume. Why am I not getting interviews?

Although you may be an expert in your field, you may have less experience with written communications that focus on the needs of your prospective employer. This can include messages that create excitement and positive feelings of anticipation as they visualize the benefits of being on their team. You may be interested in ideas for improving your resume. We also invite you to take advantage of our free career success counseling. We can review your resume and give you feedback on adjustments you need to make to your resume. Many of the best professional resume writing services in Washington DC are known to provide similar services.

Getting interviews without offers is probably even more frustrating and disappointing than getting no interviews at all! There are probably many reasons for your interview performance. You can discuss this during your consultation with us. One thing is certain: if you are interviewed at a company, they have already determined that you are technically competent for the position. Now you may need to explore softer interview skills and inner game to get offers more consistently. That’s why we invented our proprietary interview technique, Interview Aikido

Federal Resume Writers In Washington Dc

. It gives you an edge in managing the process and influencing the outcome of the interview. We are the only career counseling firm in DC that offers this unique and proprietary technique. You can also learn more about these techniques during a free career success consultation.

How To Write A Resume: A Step By Step Resume Writing Guide

What happened? Is it a job you’ve always hated, or is the dissatisfaction more related to your growth, organizational changes, or the people you work with? Either way, you may want to have a free career success consultation to determine your options. Having helped thousands of clients, we can assure you that the possibilities for your future are much greater than you imagined. And no – 90% of the time we’re not saying you should go to school to retool. Instead, you want to talk to DC Career Counseling Services, who can help you assess your skills, personality, and values ​​so you can rebrand yourself if needed. In addition to the traditional route of applying for seconded jobs, we train our clients how to assess fit opportunities and explore new opportunities in the hidden job market.

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At the end of this document, we list resources for traditional job hunting and networking. However, if you don’t see many jobs that you feel comfortable with, you may benefit from free career counseling. In addition to the process of evaluating and rebranding yourself, you may benefit from researching the hidden job market. We’ll show you how to find the 38% of jobs that aren’t even advertised. These opportunities can provide you with an even more exciting and promising source of possibilities. To learn more about these strategies, schedule a free consultation with us.

Let DC Career Counseling’s expert service help you clarify your job search goals and strategies. Next, have a DC resume writing service redesign your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile and optimize them for search engines. We offer a guide that includes strategies for using your resume, networking skills and 14 industry headhunters to find the perfect job for you. You may want to include YES to learn and practice Interview Aikido

. Practicing our networking and interviewing techniques can give you the edge in success you’ve been missing. Interview Aikido

How To List Freelance Work On Resume

You can use not only in your interviews, but also during so-called market research meetings. You may want to explore some of the following resources to find out which cities you would like to work in. Then we can share with you soft strategies for developing relationships in – and “hacking” – companies like the ones you’ll find here:

Some of our clients prefer personal career, business or interview coaching. Other than that, all of our work is done online or over the phone as we support our customers all over the world.

COVID-19 Notice: Please note that due to the current health emergency, all customer communication is via Zoom, Skype, phone and our content management platform.

Federal Resume Writers In Washington Dc

Take our career strategy quiz to see for yourself which tools would work best for you. You can always discuss your findings in a free career success consultation.

Resume Writing Service Costs

Schedule your free 30-minute career consultation with our Career Success Manager to learn how you can take the next steps. You have nothing to lose because we guarantee your success.

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Yes, I want the YES Success Letter to receive regular career advancement articles and resources! I will fill out the fields below and know that I can unsubscribe at any time. I hope to get a job in the federal government? Don’t be intimidated by the high standards of getting every detail precisely right. is here to help with this writing guide and example for federal job applicants, complete with insider tips.

Job Market: Job Abundance How to Write a Federal Government Job Title Choosing the Best Federal Employee Headline Example Federal Resume Example: Make Your Best Example Employment History Example: Relevant and Specific Federal Education Example: College and Other Skills Example Resume Skills: How You Stand Out Layout and design: Keep it simple. Key Summaries for the Federal Employee

Top Resume Writing Service In Washington Dc

Landing a federal job with the US government can be a great way to start or continue your career. And as with any official job, the first step is to have an organized, strong person to provide those high salaries and stable positions! So is it easy to write a federal job?

If you’ve ever filed an income tax return or applied for federal student aid, you already know that government agencies take every type of document very seriously. Government organizations are often notorious for their formal requirements and bureaucracy, so there are many hurdles to overcome. However, read the following statement, which comes from the official government website USAjobs.gov:  “Whether you are a current federal employee or new to the federal government, your primary way to communicate your education, skills, and experience. .”

This is what we have been preaching for years. Whether you’re a dog catcher or a dentist, you need exceptional if you’re looking for a great job. And that’s where we can help. Ours

Federal Resume Writers In Washington Dc

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