Entry Level Ultrasound Student Resume

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Entry Level Ultrasound Student Resume

Entry Level Ultrasound Student Resume

A good sonographer is like a well-done scan: It shows a clear, informative image. When hiring managers see you, they want to understand who you are and how you’ve progressed in your healthcare career.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

You know you’re good at what you do – now you need to show that to recruiters. How can you convey your professionalism and compassion in a 1-2 page formatted document? Leave it in the hands of the experts. With 300+ writing guides and examples for all careers and experience levels, is here to help you express your style and experience in a way that will impress employers and patients.

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Sonographers, also known as ultrasound technicians, are people who use ultrasound machines to view and interpret images for medical purposes. These ultrasound tests are usually performed on a specific part of the body, where the sonographer views the images for evaluation and diagnostic purposes. One of the most common uses of ultrasound is for viewing the developing fetus during pregnancy. Sonographers set up the equipment and make sure the patient is in position to get the best possible image.

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Sonographers are trained to properly analyze the images and look for any warning signs that appear. They analyze images captured on ultrasounds, perform calculations and measurements, and present them to physicians. They are required to prepare rooms and equipment for patients, maintain patient records, and consult frequently with physicians and supervisors. Sonographers also speak directly with patients to explain the procedure and answer any questions.

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Sonographers shouldn’t have much trouble finding jobs in the coming decade (especially if they have a good start on their hunt). The U.S. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a need for 19,100 more technicians by 2030. That’s a 14% increase over 2020.

The median annual income for diagnostic medical sonographers is $75,920 with the lowest 10% of workers earning $53,790 and the highest at $105,340. Most ultrasound technicians work in hospitals, while others are employed in doctors’ offices, medical and diagnostic labs, outpatient care clinics or at colleges, universities or professional training schools.

Entry Level Ultrasound Student Resume

Before you start putting your sonographer together, you need to know what elements it contains. Create the following parts for your CV:

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Writing a compelling one means matching the tone and expectations of your prospective employer. Research the hospital or clinic before you start to get an idea of ​​the types of procedures they perform, the demographics of the patients and the general work environment. That information will help you target your message.

Applicant Tracking Systems, or ATS, are software programs that scan, sort and assess applicants for human resources departments. These systems search for keywords and phrases that the employer has entered into the job.

The best way to make sure you don’t screw up is to understand what your prospective employer wants. Review the job listing, carefully highlighting keywords and phrases in it that you can use in your .

The reverse chronological order format is most popular for a few reasons: listing your jobs from your most recent to the back makes it easy for recruiters to see what you’ve done recently. This format is also favored by the ATS, so if you’re applying online you’ll have less readjustment to do when yours is scanned. Unless you have a compelling reason, you should adjust your approach because recruiters and ATS prefer it.

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If you’ve changed careers, are just starting out or are a seasoned professional, you may want to consider the other formats we suggest as chronological alternatives or hybrids. The performance style is usually reserved for niche technologists or scientists because it highlights skills rather than work experience.

Ultrasound is non-invasive and is used for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Diagnostic tests can show pictures of the internal organs, blood flow and tissue characteristics of the body.

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Therapeutic sonography is used to move, push or heat tissue, dissolve blood clots or deliver medicine to a specific part of the body, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Entry Level Ultrasound Student Resume

What do you do best and how do you do it? A well-constructed resume for your sonographer will describe just that and add a healthy look to your personality. These 3-4 lines are the only place in this fairly formatted document where you can express yourself.

Cardiac Sonography Vs. Medical Sonography

Choose the career highlight that best describes how you can improve patient care or fill a vacancy now open by the hiring manager. Don’t be shy about using a strong, positive description of yourself and your work ethic.

Consider adding a sentence about why you chose the field, why you like this job in particular or your style of patient care.

This freeform section of yours may be the hardest to compile. If you need more inspiration, check out our other medical category samples. Try our healthcare example for an overview. We also offer a clinic coordinator sample, a doctor’s assistant sample or a nurse sample.

Trained sonographer with more than six years of experience performing ultrasounds in Roosevelt Hospital’s obstetrics department. Embodying expertise, an understanding of all aspects of the ultrasound process, and a commitment to superior patient care. Skilled in performing measurements and calculations, and preparing reports for physicians. Highly dedicated and skilled in performing professional and in-depth diagnostic imaging procedures.

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The work history section of your sonographer CV offers highlights of your career. Don’t think of this as a separate list of your responsibilities, instead create a compelling, linked story of your career success.

Make sure you use examples that illustrate the skills your prospective employer is looking for. Target each bullet point directly to a requirement for your new position. If you want a new challenge, describe how your previous experience transferred to the job you want.

Start each bullet item with an action word and follow it with a success you achieved. Below you will find an example of a strong bullet item and one that needs improvement.

Entry Level Ultrasound Student Resume

As a sonographer, you need expertise in your equipment and what to look for in scans, but you also need the ability to explain what you know to patients and communicate well with other medical staff.

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Need Help Critiquing My Resume For An Entry Level Medical Assistant Position.

The skills section of your sonography may seem redundant, but it’s really important. Recruiters are busy and receive more than they have time to read. The skills section gives them an overview and tells them where to read further. It also gives them an idea of ​​what you think are the most important qualities to do the job well.

Your education section is a simple list of your degrees and certificates. If you have earned any honors or recognition it should also be noted here. There is no need to list your GPA unless you are fresh out of school and it is above 3.0. You can include any training sessions or related certifications you have obtained.

An associate’s degree is the most common path to a career in sonography with 47% of professionals holding this degree. Nineteen percent hold post-secondary certification and 17% have earned a bachelor’s degree, O*Net reports.

You cannot neglect the appearance of your sonographer. Why? First impressions matter, sometimes enough to be the deciding factor in whether or not you get that interview. So when a recruiter glances at you, what impression do you want to leave? Professional, detail oriented, organized?

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Entry Level Ultrasound Student Resume

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