Entry Level Pilot Resume

Entry Level Pilot Resume – You have a newly minted commercial pilot’s license and are ready to hit the job market. But getting your first pilot job can be difficult. Even with such a pilot shortage, employers often require or require experience before hiring a pilot. This catch 22 is tough when you need your first job to get experience to get a pilot job. Below are some tips to increase your chances.

Flight guidance is the most widely available part-time pilot job. After putting in all the effort to get your business certification, you may not need more certifications or like the idea of ​​teaching for work. But your best chance to land an entry-level job is as a flight instructor. And future employers consider it a positive mark on a pilot’s resume when they have flight guidance experience. Going the flight instructor route will set you up not only for current success, but for future success as well.

Entry Level Pilot Resume

Entry Level Pilot Resume

Get as many endorsements and ratings as your finances allow. Fly as many types of aircraft as you can. The more work you put in here, the more skills and value you bring to a potential employer.

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Where are the jobs? You need to know what employers are looking for. Don’t stick to the geographic area you live in; Because this will limit your chances and chances of finding the right employer. Clearly outlining the additional experience or skills you need to compete for a position will get you going faster.

Does your job search involve just sending your CV to random employers? This is often more annoying to them than anything else. pick up the phone Or drop by for a chat if you can make it to them in person. Although the employer is not yet open to the public, They may be in the early stages of hiring another pilot. If you can make a good impression, at worst, the employer will remember you when their next vacancy comes up.

By choice, companies prefer front-runner applicants who have received a recommendation from an existing employee. They are less dangerous to that person. Many jobs will be filled by word of mouth, not listed publicly. Be active in the aviation community. Find volunteer opportunities to get involved with aviation events and organizations. Not just the pilots, but the pilots, not the pilots, but give them as many shoulder rubs as you can. Stay in touch with your flight instructors – they’ve been ahead of you on the job through the pilot career.

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Many entry-level pilot employers are small businesses. If you can do more than just fly, it’s worth more to them. customer service; Work on your non-technical skills, such as office administration or bookkeeping. Some large employers may require assistance in regulatory/safety management areas. If you’re good at policy implementation or technical writing, it’s more useful for large employers.

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A professional and well-written resume is key to getting your foot in the door. You will be judged on the attention to detail you put into your work document. It’s an opportunity to present information that isn’t on your resume and should tell the employer who you are.

Every time you interact with a person in a company, you are being evaluated. That person is your skills, They may be evaluating your positive traits or whether they want to work with you. Even if a person isn’t directly involved in the hiring decision, they can make an impression on others. Be sure to always be professional and polite.

If you learn to relax when talking to them, you will do better and make a better impression on the employer. Remember that if the employer is talking to you, they want you to be open to the position and try to find reasons why you might be a good fit. Know your value and what you bring to the table. It might be worth practicing interviews with people around you or looking into pilot interview preparation services.

Entry Level Pilot Resume

Employers will like you more as a candidate if you show a genuine interest in their company. They want to know that you’re not just shooting off applications with little real interest in the job. Tailor your answers to that employer and job requirements.

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Job searches can be stressful and exhausting. If your search takes longer than expected, it can become frustrating. If your attitude sours, it will carry over into your conversations with potential employers and decrease your chances of getting the job. Get to know more people before you land a job by finding jobs in more challenging hiring markets than ever. The key to landing your first pilot job is to have a positive attitude and a willingness to be patient.

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Greg began his professional piloting journey in 2002 after graduating from Embry Riddle. Since then, he has accumulated nearly 8,000 hours as a pilot. Greg’s professional experience includes flying; animal tracking; Flying through the jungle forest fire fighting passenger charter; Section 135 Cargo; This includes flying for a regional airline and working as a manager in charge of Part 135 and Part 121 training programs. Greg took a 5-year suspension from flying and worked in software development and marketing. He returned to flying and worked for a major airline. Greg loves teaching and helping pilots improve their professional lives and is passionate about applying new technology and methods to help traditional challenges. We use cookies to tailor the experience of creating resumes and cover letters. For these reasons, We may share your usage data with third parties. You can find more information about how we use cookies in our Cookies Policy. If you want to set your cookies preferences, click the Settings button below. To accept all cookies; Click Accept.

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Entry Level Pilot Resume

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Unfortunately, Leonardo DaVinci’s pilot resume was spotless, so he always had his eyes on the sky. You don’t have to because you have the ultimate airline pilot resume guide right in front of you.

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