Emily Vu Spotify Resume

Emily Vu Spotify Resume – As one of the many millennials who joined TikTok during the quarantine, I actually saw Emily’s videos on my page for you. I had no idea she was also a singer and songwriter, but I’m so glad I discovered her. In the mix of my favorite artists releasing new music, it’s been so refreshing to find other minority artists and women creating the upbeat pop music I crave. His latest, “Weekend” is just that. It’s catchy and so relatable. I was thrilled to be able to interview Emily and talk about her Asian American influence and music.

Emily: My new single “WEEKEND” is about falling in love with someone and growing immense feelings over time, but in the end they don’t feel as strongly about them as you do and it feels like you made the “relationship” of what it really was.

Emily Vu Spotify Resume

Emily Vu Spotify Resume

Emily: I never expected my TikTok to blow up like this. It didn’t happen overnight though, I was always growing more followers, but then I did a cover of J Boog’s “Let’s Do It Again” and that cover changed my life forever.

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Emily: My songwriting process is different depending on who I’m working with. When I work for myself, I tend to sit at a piano strumming cool chords that I hear, and at the same time I’ll start humming tunes and saying the first thing that comes to mind.

As an Asian American myself, I want to know how you navigate and find your own sound as an artist?

Emily: Trying to find my sound has been really hard, I’m not going to lie, but at this point in my career I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different genres to see what really sticks with me. I’m not trying to stick to one lane and hopefully this is the kind of music that people expect me to make. I want to be different and the best way to do that for me is to try everything and see what I really like.

Emily: One thing I’m most excited about this year definitely has to be releasing a full-length project. I don’t have details yet on exactly when that will happen, but I’m hoping to get an EP before the end of the year!

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“At 15, I begged my mom to take me to Walmart to get Taylor Swift’s deluxe debut album and I never looked back. That was my first entry point into fandom. Growing up in Memphis, Tenn. I was exposed to a ton of music, from 3 6 Mafia rapping to bopping to Justin Timberlake’s solo discography.Now in LA, I have a day job working in development with no desire to lucre but at night I’m a full blown fangirl I’ll generally listen to any genre but I’m a fan of a good pop song If you ever need someone to yell at sing E·MO·TION by Carly Rae Jepsen I’m your girl. No, I’m not over the One Direction hiatus yet. Please continue to respect my privacy. Twitter : samfonggg, Instagram : samantha_fong “Starting a new project where I’ll be designing #companythemedresumes for fun! This first one is a version I created for a friend, but I’ve changed the candidate information for confidentiality reasons. Inspired by Emily Vu for Spotify. First in the series, Google! Note: I’m not a graphic designer, just a girl with #Canva.

He wrote this article for the Intersectional Environmentalist 🌍 “Plastic pollution is as much a social justice issue as it is an environmental one, so when we think about solutions we need to focus on the individuals who depend on plastic products and the communities most affected by the negative effects of the crisis plastic”. Considering both people and the planet is the only way to go. 🐋✊🏽 #Interseccionalisme #PlasticFreeJuly #GlobalWasteTrade #FoodApartheid #PlasticPollution

Making Company Themed Resumes Part 6 with the Planned Parenthood Federation of America 🩺 Planned Parenthood has touched so many people’s lives, including the young person this resume is designed for. At 16, after experiencing sexual violence, this person became pregnant and sought guidance from Planned Parenthood. She was in the darkest period of her life, struggling with housing stability and the burden of being a survivor. Planned Parenthood treated her with patience and compassion, guiding her through her options and ultimately helping her obtain funding for the procedure. Her life improved because the PP staff empowered her to make the decision that suited her. Now, five years later, she’s a high school graduate, a fierce advocate for reproductive rights, and a new mom who’s emotionally and financially capable of being a parent. The PP template changed her life trajectory and helped her become the unstoppable woman she is today, which is the inspiration for her resume design. TLDR: Look beyond the resume, there’s a lot more to a person’s story than their work history. #curriculum #canvadesign #design #plannedparenthood #marketing #genz #socialmedia #socialimpact

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Emily Vu Spotify Resume

What does social impact mean to you? Before learning about the impact young people could have through digital awareness + organizing, I volunteered at the Senior Resource Center (SRC) in my hometown. There I listened to the old people’s stories + problems, solved crosswords and had lunch with them. I spent over 100 hours in that little yellow building, first as a volunteer and then as an unpaid intern. It wasn’t glamorous or particularly exciting, but it was one of the most meaningful periods of my life and taught me what social impact means to me. When I think of social impact, these are some of the things that come to mind: • one-on-one conversations with neighbors, focused on listening + respect • diverse leadership teams that are representative + collaborative with communities which are addressed • long-term support, mentoring, training and opportunities • self-awareness + the recognition that you will not always be the right person to lead, and the willingness to find the person who is + give los the opportunity to occupy this space • the desire to continuously learn, unlearn, adjust and grow • volunteers, nurses, chiropractors, teachers and any other profession that interacts with their community every day What comes to mind first when you think in social impact or activism? Do you think about your community and the people you know, or do you think about great metrics and press opportunities? TLDR: I want to work for companies that strive to empower others rather than “save” them. #social impact #diversity leadership #listening #socialbusinessresponsibility #sustainability

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Building Company Themed Resumes Part 5 with TikTok 🎵 This resume was inspired by my colleague’s recent success in landing a full-time job on TikTok and my love for the Mosaic Challenge starting May 2021 . #curriculum #canvadesign #tiktok #marketing #genz # Social media

Making Company Thematic Resumes Part 4, with The Conversationalist 💛 The Conversationalist (TC) is a non-partisan educational platform that empowers Gen Z to get out of their echo chambers, have tough conversations, and come together. TC does a fantastic job of elevating the voices of Gen Z and engaging people with different perspectives in respectful conversations. In 2020, I was a LIST honoree in the mental health category! Check out their site below to see the 2021 honorees + TC’s work (like the first Gen Z talk show they’re launching)👇 theconversationalist.com 🏆 Bitmoji designed by Xixi Wang ✨ Note: This resume is part of from a collection of company themed designs I’ve been working on. Each company that I’ve designed a resume in honor of has special meaning to me, and that’s why I’m so excited to highlight these companies through design! #resume #canvadesign #genzleaders #communitybuilding #marketing

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Making Company Themed Resumes Part 3, with BUILT BY GIRLS 💖 – This one is dedicated to all the STEM nerds out there. BUILT BY GIRLS prepares female and non-binary students to boldly enter technology-driven careers. I was first introduced to this community in 2019 when I became a WAVE Advisor! builtbygirls.com Note: This resume is part of a collection of business themed designs I’ve been working on. Each company that I’ve designed a resume in honor of has special meaning to me, and that’s why I’m so excited to highlight these companies through design! #curriculum #canvadesign #womeninstem #technology #marketing

Making Company Themed Resumes Part 2 With August ❤️ So excited to start the new year with this design. This company + team are so special to me! itsaugust.co #curriculum #feliçanynou #canvadesign

Emily Vu: I Want To Be Different

Today (and every day) I am celebrating and honoring you, my girl gang. I love you all so much and am infinitely grateful for our friendship. In 2019, I contacted Genz Girl Gang with a full draft of the website because I was so inspired by their work and felt they needed to showcase it. Impressed by the site, I was offered the opportunity to join the GGG leadership team taking on the role of Social Media Manager. Little did I know at the time how much these girls would grow for me. I am very grateful for the sisters I have gained because

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