Emily Kristen Morris Resume

Emily Kristen Morris Resume – Originally from Austin, TX, I moved to NYC after booking a recurring role as an actor on a TV show that happened to be canceled right after I made my move . Which ended up being the best luck I could have, because now that’s why I’m doing the best job I could ask for! It’s funny how these things work out.

I got my degree in Acting in Liverpool, England from The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, however, I have been a painter and sketch artist since I was a little tyke. but I seem to be attracted to ‘cat people’ all the same), I like art, Scifi movies and tv shows are my favorite, (I’m also a big geek and have a lot of nerdum stuff ‘ like, just ask me…), and in general, I love what I do.

Emily Kristen Morris Resume

Emily Kristen Morris Resume

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Emily has been voted one of the top five NYC Headshot photographers by Backstage magazine. Her clients have appeared in many Broadway, Off-Broadway, Regional and National Tours, many films and TV shows such as Wanda Vision, Orange is the New Black, High School Musical The Series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Cobra Kai. Her work has also been seen on ‘The Today Show’ and many publications including Fight Master Magazine, Buzzfeed, Refinery 29, Marie Claire, Metro NY, and the cover of Yoga and Health magazine.

Emily Lambert is the most reliable, creative photographer we have ever worked with. Her photos always bring more listens to the clients who use her. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the work she is doing. there are

Hi Emily, I wanted to send you a quick email because my client Charmaine Reedy dropped by the office to rave about her recent session with you so I wanted to thank you for her producing such great end results for all my clients and friends. I’ve mentioned it your way… Looking forward to sending more clients your way soon… Hope to talk to you sometime soon. The best,

Emily, I just wanted to let you know that I am getting amazing feedback on my headshots. Fellow actors have told me how good they were or asked me where I got them. At Agent Night every agent in the room (including reps from Abrams, Avalon, and CESD) loved them, and said they were like me (which so important)! I already had two different casting directors from prominent casting agencies in town who really liked them … I got great feedback from the CBS VP of Casting. A director I had worked with before said how he noticed my new looks and went ahead to offer me a part in a paid short film which I accepted. Every time I look at them they make me so happy. Thank you so much!!! Hope you are doing well! The best,

The Hollywood Reporter’s 2017 Women In Entertainment Power 100

AMAZING! OMG! They are amazing and gorgeous and SOOOOOOOOOO much better than the headers we were using (for our clients)! SO GOOD! Thank you Thank you!

What kind of wizard are you?! We knew we were getting rid of the glamor headshot (I had), but it is officially said dead & 6 feet under. There was no chance at all, poor thing! These proofs are so AH-MAZING, amazing, fantastic, brilliant, out of this world, awesome sauce, the bomb.com, I can’t even!!!! I can’t wait to show these awesome pictures to the world. Thanks so much Emily!!! You are. yeah The best!!

Emily is my ‘Number 1’ go to headshot photographer. Her energy and love for what she does is contagious and makes the day a real joy. She is an expert at capturing what the actor/director is looking for without allowing the day to be limited and goal oriented. Thank you!

Emily Kristen Morris Resume

Emily, I was on the phone with my agent this morning and he told me, “These new headshots were the best decision ever,” because I have being called in for more and more projects lately. I just had to tell you. Agents have a keen eye, so you know it’s good news when they actually recommend you! Thanks again! 🙂

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Emily and Brad, I tried to go to bed, but I couldn’t do it without first telling you how happy I am with my pictures. I opened the gallery and raved about it…They are so beautiful…art and true! I am … within every picture, I recognize myself. My expression, my thoughts, my face – it’s all there. Brad, you made me look handsome. The effort and artistry is so clear, and the best part is that it doesn’t get in the way. I look like me!!! The makeup does not distract from the picture, it only enhances it. I wish I could be with me all the time!!! And Emily. To say you caught me is an understatement. Browsing the pictures, it felt like I was freed instead of trapped. It’s amazing how you could coax, then catch the most minute changes in thought as they moved across my face. In my humble opinion, you are a master. You and Brad both. I showed my husband one picture, and he said, “Wow, that’s a great shot.” Then I told him to go ahead. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing…so many brilliant images flashed through his mind. He loved too many to choose. As you might have guessed, this is the position I’m happy to be in. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I just wanted to take a second to send you some love. And thanks. And everything in between. I finally got a chance to look through all my photos with my family. We are speechless. I can barely type this without tearing up. Thank you for your grace. And for sharing your amazing talent with me. there are

Hey y’all, … I have to say how thrilled I am over my new looks!! Working with you both last week was unlike any other headshot experience I’ve had – you both made me feel so comfortable and created such a safe space with lots of freedom to play around and it was an awesome, energetic day collaborating with you on it. all appearances. Everything about them is better than I even imagined. In addition to the uniqueness of the HMU 🌟 The area that I have to choose is my appearance and my feelings and emotions are amazing – so many “vibes”! Especially after what was (or wasn’t) 2020, these have given my career renewed energy and ready to take on that post-quarry life!

Emily!! Thank you very much! I love them and am so excited to put them to work. I have been using your headers and EVERYONE who sees them thinks they are the most beautiful images ever. They have also made me so confident. I’ve been feeling so ready for every audition and excited for this new journey of “post-grad actor life” and I never knew headshots could do that, so Thank you! It was a pleasure working with you and I can’t wait to see what other magic you cook up!

Olivia’s Book Club Podcast: Jennifer Hillier, ‘things We Do In The Dark’

Emily!!! These are so pretty and I’m so excited!! Thank you so much for such an amazing session – you are so talented and it was literally so much fun working with you! Thank you for making me feel so beautiful and confident! I appreciate all your work!! You are the greatest!

If you need new headbands, RUN, don’t walk, to Emily Lambert. She might just be the most talented photographer in town…

Hey girl hey! Hope you’ve had a great summer and are enjoying this beautiful bee weather. I wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much your wonderful photos have done for me over the past 6 weeks. After a very difficult year and a very difficult summer, I finally got my replacement photos printed, and I sent out a little targeted email to update some people’s files. A week later, I was called in for an immediate Broadway replacement, an invitational dance call for Cirque de Soleil, and I got a call for a meeting with an agent. A week later, I signed up with that wonderful agency (Judy Boals, Inc.). A week later, I was sent two auditions – my first two as an official client – one being a national equity debut, the other a film. I booked both. So, before rehearsals begin for the Bridges of Madison County national tour, I’ll be bringing my SAG card making a movie in October! I credit your amazing talents in capturing real personality and life on film to help me take my career to a whole and completely different level. For that, I can’t thank you enough. You (and Brad!) made my whole day such a breeze, and that comfort will surely come

Emily Kristen Morris Resume

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