During This Stage Of Resume Review

During This Stage Of Resume Review – Full circle recruiting can benefit the candidate, the recruiter, and the organization. In this article, we will look at full cycle recruitment, its advantages and disadvantages, and the six main stages of this recruitment process.

Full cycle recruitment, also known as full life cycle recruitment or end-to-end recruitment, is a term used to describe a complete recruitment process with a full cycle recruiter involved in every step of the process. There are six main stages in a full cycle recruitment process: preparation, sourcing, screening, selection, hiring and onboarding.

During This Stage Of Resume Review

During This Stage Of Resume Review

A full circle recruiter will be able to complete all stages of the recruitment cycle, from taking on vacancies and finding candidates all the way through extending a job offer and candidate onboarding.

Application Review Stage

Depending on the size of the organization, the person in charge of the entire recruitment lifecycle may be different. In a startup or smaller organization, this is often the HR generalist who works as a full circle recruiter at the same time.

In larger organisations, there is often an HR department where each member of the people team specializes in a particular stage of the recruitment process. However, there is always one person who oversees the entire process.

Having one and the same person in charge of the entire process limits the opportunities for unnecessary delays. If I’m the one leading each stage of the recruitment process and guiding candidates through, I’m not as dependent on other people as when someone else is in charge of each stage.

This, however, can only work if the person leading the recruitment process is well organized and rigorous (among other things).

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With full circle employer responsibility, it is also clear to all parties involved who is responsible. If a delay occurs, the hiring manager or candidate knows who to contact to ask for an explanation.

There are two sides to everything and end-to-end recruitment is no exception. There are a few drawbacks to this recruitment method that are worth mentioning.

In fact, there are tools available for every stage of the hiring process that can support the full circle recruiter in their job. Keeping up with the latest technology and knowing how to use it, however, can take a long time. We provide a few examples of different types of technology that may be useful in the section below.

During This Stage Of Resume Review

A word about soft skills is in order here too. For a full-cycle recruiter, things like listening, communicating, and being good at building relationships with both the candidate and the hiring manager are essential. They must master these soft skills, among others, as well as the more technical skills necessary to work with HR- and recruiting technology.

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Free To Use Online Resume Creator

In this section, we’ll move into the actual full circle recruiting process. We will describe each of its six stages and the role of the full-circle employer in them.

At this point, it’s all about gathering information from the hiring manager. Once the job application has been approved internally, the recruiter will contact the hiring manager to schedule an intake appointment.

During the induction, the employer and the hiring manager will discuss the specific requirements for the new role. It includes the necessary skills, role in the team, personality, and abilities of a suitable candidate.

The recruiter will use the information collected while taking on vacancies to write a clear, inclusive job description (for internal use).

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Based on the job description, they will then write the job posting (or have a copywriter do this). A job posting, or job advertisement, is the external text that applicants see.

Tool tip: To make sure you write job ads in an inclusive way, you can use a tool like Textio or Gender Decoder.

Planning your HR career path is essential to achieving your professional and personal goals. Map your own HR Career path with our new tool.

During This Stage Of Resume Review

Once the groundwork for the candidate search is laid (ie the job ad is ready), it’s time to start searching. This is where it is easier if the full circle recruiter, for example, focuses only on very specific positions.

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If you are only looking for candidates in a specific area, this will significantly reduce the number of potential supply channels. This, in turn, allows you to better monitor each channel. It will also help you understand which channel will bring you the most successful candidates, etc.

Focusing on specific roles also makes it easier to build and maintain a talent pool—a database that holds all the profiles of people who are interested in your organization.

A talent pool can also be a great sourcing channel, providing a safety net in the event of a sudden exit, and giving you access to passive candidates who may be difficult to connect with.

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During the recruitment phase, the recruiter communicates with the hiring manager regularly to give them updates on how things are going.

Understanding Pipeline Stages

Tool Tip: There are many search tools you can use to streamline this part of the hiring process. One example is Hiretual, a sourcing solution built by recruiters, for recruiters.

These pre-selection tests are often used for jobs with a high number of applicants. However, a full circle employer can use a realistic job preview, for example in the form of an accurate ‘day in the life’ video, to manage candidate expectations.

The aim of this stage of the recruitment process is to reduce the number of applicants to a manageable group of between 3-10 people. These candidates may be interviewed in person/via video.

During This Stage Of Resume Review

Tool tip: We already mentioned a few tools in this section, so we added a video instead. While this isn’t your typical job preview video, it gives candidates a good idea of ​​what it’s like to work at Culture Amp; useful information that they can take into account to decide if this is the group for them or not.

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This step of the selection process is about issuing assignments, arranging interviews, participating in the interview process, and providing feedback to candidates. It’s also about maintaining a good relationship with the hiring manager and keeping him actively involved.

Here, the full circle recruiter has to keep track of several balls at the same time. A large part of this stage of the full cycle recruitment process is about registration. Candidate interviews must be planned and tested. Assignments must be issued and reviewed, and constructive feedback must be provided afterward.

An equally important part of this stage of the process is the recruiter’s relationship with the hiring manager. They should be in close contact. The recruiter always communicates with the hiring manager about the shortlisting of the candidate, feedback from the latter about the candidates, reporting the requirements, etc.

In this stage of the hiring process, using an interview guide can be very helpful. It will create a structured process and ensure that every candidate gets the same experience – from the initial invitation and preparation all the way to the order of questions asked and the end of the interview. An interview guide also helps reduce the risk of bias in the interview process.

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When it comes to planning the interviews, a tool in the form of a chatbot can be helpful again. The big advantage of this is that they can, to some extent, also take care of basic questions that may come in from candidates about their interview.

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Tool tip: Although not a technical tool, the interview guide we mentioned is a good ‘tool’ to use here. Real software tools that can be useful in this phase are interview scheduling tools such as Calendly or GoodTime.

Once the recruiter and hiring manager have narrowed down their shortlist to between one and three candidates, it’s time to conduct a reference check and, in some cases, a background check. too.

During This Stage Of Resume Review

. This is especially useful if you were in doubt about a particular ability or skill during the interview.

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The use of background checks depends on the type of job and also the country you are in. It is common to make this type of check for government functions, for example. Countries like the US use it more than most European countries.

Once these boxes are also ‘checked’, it’s time to make a decision. Although the full-round recruiter is (heavily) involved in every step of the process, the final hiring decision rests with the hiring manager.

This decision is best made based on a data-driven approach. In other words, based on predefined criteria on which each candidate is evaluated during the selection process. The best candidate is then selected and a job offer is extended.

Tool tip: There are, of course, many different tools to choose from but Checkmate is both a reference check and background screening tool in one.

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Once the candidate has signed the contract, the employer’s job is not yet full circle. This is where the pre-registration period begins. It refers to the time between the applicant signing the contract and

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