Donna Svei Executive Resume Writer

Donna Svei Executive Resume Writer – Ever wished you could remember the words you used in a previous version of your profile:

Make it a practice to save your LinkedIn profile as a PDF before each change. Then, you won’t have to remember anything.

Donna Svei Executive Resume Writer

Donna Svei Executive Resume Writer

Yesterday, I received an email from one of my clients asking me if I had a copy of one of his old profiles.

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He is a consultant who has been evolving his business model. Every time he makes a change, he improves his profile, but he hasn’t saved every version along the way.

So, to avoid losing text you might want later, save your profile as a PDF before updating it.

LinkedIn will create a “resume” containing much of the same information as the .pdf and store it.

If you need to recover it, click “Build again.” You will receive a menu of all your saved and dated tasks.

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I prefer the .pdf approach because it allows you to duplicate most of your profile and store it on your computer. Therefore, it is an excellent backup.

It names the file “Profile.” However, the file name does not include the date of your download. Adding data will help you find the right file faster.

Change careers. Sometimes people go in old directions. When this happens, it’s good to be able to go to an earlier version of your profile.

Donna Svei Executive Resume Writer

Please invite me to connect on LinkedIn: Donna Svei, Executive Resume Writer. The more I know about my readers, the better I can make my blog.

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Donna Svei, executive resume writer and former C-level executive, retained search consultant, and CPA, author of all posts of.

She has written for and been quoted by 100+ business and general media outlets, including Forbes, Mashable, Fast Company, Inc., Entrepreneur, CNBC, New York Times, USA Today, Time, US News & World Report, CBS, the BBC, Lifehacker, Social Media Today, IT World, and Business News Daily. As we continue to navigate our post-pandemic world, many new questions and debates are emerging about the status of the COVID-19 vaccination and at what point it is appropriate to disclose this information to prospective employers.

With many workplaces mandating full vaccination as a requirement, job seekers and career professionals are questioning whether vaccine status should be included on resumes when for so long resumes have not it was a place for health/medical information. (To be clear, in some countries vaccination is mandatory for employment but this is not yet the case in the United States).

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To understand how the current debate over vaccination status is impacting recruiting and hiring, CDI’s Education Committee posed the following question to a handful of recruiters from different industries :

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With an influx of discussion and debate on LinkedIn about whether COVID vaccination status should be included on resumes, we are seeing new issues emerge that can impact hiring. What new expectations are you seeing from hiring authorities, and what new questions are you asking candidates and why?

The status of the COVID vaccination is the hottest topic in the employment world in recent years, and it’s not likely to cool down anytime soon.

Many feel that vaccination is a good idea, while others are concerned about side effects or the ability of employers to reduce worker rights. That division isn’t going away anytime soon either.

Donna Svei Executive Resume Writer

Therefore, while I feel that it is not a mistake to include your vaccination status on your resume, I would not like to see this status become a mandatory item on the resume. Employers are already taking the first step on this matter. In many cases we now see “fully vaccinated” as a mandatory item in the qualifications section of jobs.

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Also, a newer and more common interview question is: “Could you please share with us your COVID vaccination status?” Likewise, for years “We maintain a smoke-free and fragrance-free work environment.” But it would be too personal and unnecessary to include “I don’t smoke I don’t wear perfume” on your resume.

Speaking of too personal, cybercrime continues to grow rapidly. Therefore, avoid adding your date of birth or street address to your contact number, choosing only a phone number, email address, city, and state/province. Be prepared to share the most sensitive data as part of the employment onboarding stage once you decide to accept an offer.

There has been a lot of discussion lately about whether you should include your vaccine status on your resume.

Long conversations on the topic have been sparked on  LinkedIn by resume writers. Donna Svei shared a graph sharing the results of a Resume Builder survey of hiring managers. It showed the following:

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However, most of those in the career counseling business seem to be in the camp that you MUST include your vaccine status. But, there are those who say that by doing so you are revealing your age (if you declare that you have had a booster, you are telling the world that you are over 65 years old). And the very real concern about legality.

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My concern continues to be the legal connotations that accompany your including this information on your account. As I said, many of the experts have raised this issue as well. Health information has NO PLACE on your resume. It is blatantly illegal. Period. You are not required to disclose any other vaccinations or health conditions on your resume, so Covid-19 vaccines are no different.

Even in the face of the potential new federal mandate for companies with more than 100 employees, it has no place on your bill. The company MAY tell you that they have a vaccine mandate in place and that if they hire you, you will be required to provide proof of vaccination at the time of the offer (or offer proof for your exemption). THAT is totally different. This falls into the category of having to prove that you have certain licenses to be able to take a particular job.

Donna Svei Executive Resume Writer

As more and more companies are implementing COVID-19 vaccination policies, employees are required to be fully vaccinated against the virus in order to enter their workplace. Those who are not vaccinated will be required to show negative results from a recent test and will have to do this repeatedly.

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Essentially, anyone who wants to enter a shared work environment will have this additional requirement to meet, which means that recruiters are now having to screen for COVID-19 vaccination status and address this requirement during the -preliminary screening.

While many interviews still happen online, companies are starting to transition their staff back to the common workspace, resulting in more face-to-face job interviews again. Screening questions may include “Does our client’s vaccination policy in any way prevent you from attending an in-person interview or accepting the position?”, “What is your vaccination status?”, and “ Are you able to show proof of vaccination status? “

Among the recruiters we heard from, the consensus is that vaccination status should not be included on resumes, but that job seekers should expect vaccination-related questions during the interview process and on board. As career professionals this means we can educate our clients on how to prepare for these questions and ensure they have the appropriate supporting documentation in place, be it proof of vaccination or exemption.

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As far as resumes and other marketing materials are concerned, there is a strong case for omitting vaccination status, even if it is a legal work requirement in the province, country of origin. your customer. or the state. As with other health/medical information, disclosing COVID-19 vaccination status on a resume is too personal and not recommended.

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In conclusion, we should continue to emphasize starting to write best practices and focus on our client’s unique value proposition instead of their health information.

Laura DeCarlo developed a reputation as the ‘career hero’ for her pioneering efforts in the career services industry for both job seekers and career professionals as the founder of a global membership-based organization, Career Directors International. But will you NEED to find an executive resume writer to help you compete at this level? Does every executive outsource this part of the job search?

It depends. While it is true that every impression counts in today’s job market – and that many executives turn to a professional resume writer, there are cases where you can rely on a self-written document.

Donna Svei Executive Resume Writer

Weigh these 5 considerations when deciding whether to use the services of an executive resume writer or go it alone:

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If you’re a naturally expressive writer, you may be able to compose the detailed, accomplished background story you need to capture executive-level interest.

However, if you’re afraid to write in detail about yourself – and you haven’t kept up with the latest trends in executive resume writing, then it’s time to consider bringing in an expert.

This is especially true in cases where your background is complex, and you anticipate dedicating hours to weeks on the task.

Many resume experts have launched their own writing businesses after years in recruiting (as noted by Donna Svei of Avid Careerist in How to Find the Best Executive Resume Writing Service for You), and they can offer you the a powerful source of practiced hiring authority.

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Rather than spending considerable time on your leadership resume, it may make more sense to concentrate on efforts that only you can

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