Does Working At Hooters Look Bad On A Resume

Does Working At Hooters Look Bad On A Resume – The Hooters restaurant originated in Clearwater, Florida in 1983 – a restaurant designed to cater to men looking for some “fun” from their servers. Indeed, according to the Hooters website, the six original businessmen created the concept in an effort to “open a place they couldn’t be kicked out of.” When you consider the time and place (Florida in the 1980s), as well as the intent of the owners, you can imagine it could be a restaurant where men can look at pretty girls, engage in a little “extra” flirting, and make it this. without shame or fear of consequences.

Clearly, the six startup businessmen weren’t the only ones who appreciated the “breastaurant” concept. The restaurant grew from a single location in 1983 to 420 restaurants in 29 countries as of 2021. But even though the restaurants have a somewhat unsavory reputation — especially in this day and age — the women and men (yes, men!) who work there tell a different story, arguing that it’s a fun and family-friendly work environment. So if you’ve been thinking about setting up an app but have been nervous to try, here’s what you need to know.

Does Working At Hooters Look Bad On A Resume

Does Working At Hooters Look Bad On A Resume

Sure, if you’re trying to work “front of house” at a Hooters restaurant, you’ll be taking orders and serving food, but you won’t be considered a waitress. Your current title is a “hooters girl,” and your role is that of “entertainer,” not waitress. It might seem like a strange name, but it’s how the company gets around age, gender and physical appearance discrimination laws.

The Inevitable Rise Of The Gay Hooters

In a Reddit feed, a former Hooters general manager explained that the restaurant can escape this hiring practice through a loophole known as the “Bona Fide Professional Qualification.” Because they are hiring artists with specific qualification requirements (similar to, say, a strip club hiring dancers), if someone doesn’t meet these requirements, the company can get away with not hiring them. The manager admitted that, legally, it’s a “kind of murky situation,” but that usually works in the restaurant’s favor since they’ve built their entire concept around beautiful women serving their customers.

The somewhat bad reputation Hooters has for a business model that welcomes queer men can make a potential Hooters girl worry about how it might affect her feelings of self-worth. And of course, it depends on the woman and the type of clientele that frequents each specific restaurant. That said, you might be surprised to learn that some Hooters girls get a confidence boost by working at the restaurant.

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In an “Ask Me Anything” Reddit thread led by a former Hooters Girl, tinydancer929 said, “It really helped boost my confidence… I was told I was beautiful on a daily basis. If you date enough men bad, you understand how those little compliments matter.” Of course, looks aren’t everything, but it’s always nice to know that people find you attractive. And yes, you have to balance the importance of those little compliments with the potential downsides, but there’s no reason to assume that working at a breastaurant is a guaranteed way to hurt your self-esteem.

Yes, Hooters is known as a “breastaurant,” and the name Hooters, itself, is a euphemism for breasts, but among the “requirements” to become a Hooters Girl, breast size is not one of them. In a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” with a former Hooters general manager, when someone asked if breast size was a requirement, his response was clear, “Big breasts have ZERO to do with hiring. ZERO. If a girl is hot, she is hot and she will be hired.” He then went on to explain that often, women with smaller breasts may not apply or choose to work there because they may end up being harassed by drunk customers for

Hooters Waitress Baffles The Internet By Revealing Chain’s Bizarre Tights Rule

It wasn’t just the manager who made this claim. In a special Ask Me Anything article with a former Hooters Girl, she confirmed the manager’s assessment. “Breast size is really irrelevant during the interview. A pretty face and slim body is more important. As well as a decent personality.”

Sadly, it’s true that there are quite a few creepy customers who frequent Hooters. And of course, creepy patrons who end up drinking more than their fair share of beer are going to get more pissed off. And in two separate Ask Me Anything Reddit threads posted by former Hooters Girls, the girls were happy to share their bad experiences. For example, samanthaa22 posted, “One client I had was horrible to the point where I couldn’t keep it together. He was pretty drunk and kept telling me he would never let his girlfriend work here and asked me how my dad would ever let me work there. Just pretty verbally abusive and weird.” So clearly in that customer’s mind, it’s okay for men like him to frequent the restaurant to ogle women, but it’s not okay for a woman to work there. Right…got it.

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Tinydancer929 had an even scarier interaction with an older customer, “I once waited on an older gentleman who then called me all night and waited for me in the parking lot after work. He asked me how much costing to spend the night with him was terrible.”

Does Working At Hooters Look Bad On A Resume

While there may not be a ton of truly awesome customers, it should come as no surprise that the men who frequent Hooters really want to be served by a pretty face and fun personality. So it is not too difficult for the same men to make a switch to their servers. Generally, pick up lines are pretty good – asking for a phone number or just asking to meet outside the restaurant. But sometimes pick-up lines cross into funny, cheesy, or just plain weird territory. In a Reddit Ask Me Anything with a former Hooter’s general manager, the man was asked for the worst line he had ever heard in his 10 years working at the restaurant. His answer definitely fell into the boring or weird category. “My favorite was ‘Can you play dead?’ Okay… because I’m a necrophiliac.”” Yikes.

Hey There Everyone, Im A Hooters Girl. Ask Me Anything If You Dare!

A great reason to try to land a gig as a Hooters Girl is for the tips. You are there to have fun and the men you are serving are willing to pay top dollar to enjoy the fun. That doesn’t always mean you’ll get a $20 tip for a $20 check, but you can expect to make more money waiting tables at Hooters than at other restaurants.

A former Hooters girl shared on Reddit Ask Me Anything, “I definitely tipped 20% more there than anywhere else I’ve worked. I think that’s partly because we were supposed to be really nice to our tables. We treated the tables like we were hanging out/friends with them, not just serving them.” And the former general manager of Hooters shared the same: “We were in a place with a bunch of restaurants. I’d go out to eat and talk to other waitresses. I’d say a bartender at another full-service restaurant in our general the area would do what a girl on the floor at Hooters did. Our bartenders made more than me some nights. Kind of depressing.”

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So for women looking to pay bills, put themselves through school, or build their savings account, Hooters isn’t a bad place to find a job.

Tip Hooters Girls can count on their regular tip to be higher than the average waitress … and they can get the occasional extravagant and unexpected tip, too. Former Hooters waitress Tinydancer929 shared on Reddit that her biggest tip ever was “$200 for a beer,” with her highest-grossing day coming in at almost $900.

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In the Ask Me Anything Reddit thread with a former Hooters general manager, the poster, HootsMan1 shared that the tips went beyond the money itself. “I’ve seen regular old men pay girls’ cell phone bills, car payments, rent. And he added that sometimes ‘tips’ came in the form of paying for half-decent requests. For example, when he was asked if he’d seen ever paid someone to take home a Hooters Girl’s used socks, he responded positively. “The highest I ever saw a guy pay was $50.”

You might think that in situations where a male Hooters manager is constantly surrounded by young, beautiful Hooters girls, the relationship can become … uncomfortable. But in Ask Me Anything Reddit threads about former Hooters Girls and a former Hooters general manager, the boss/employee relationship generally remains respectful. For example, when tinydancer929 was asked if any of her managers acted inappropriately, she said, “To be honest, very rarely. I’ve been lucky that most of my managers were female and respectful. They understood. that I was a student trying to make a living.”

Likewise, Hooters waitress ashley1252 said, “I’ve had more female managers than male. But either way, all of my managers have been incredible.” She added that with the way the corporation was set up, Hooters Girls were always given the opportunity to move outside the regular chain of command if there was a problem and to contact a regional manager if they were experiencing harassment of any kind from a manager. .

Does Working At Hooters Look Bad On A Resume


What’s The Big Deal About ‘breastaurants’ Like Hooters?

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