Does Ps5 Have Quick Resume

Does Ps5 Have Quick Resume – When Sony revealed the PS5 UI, I was certainly intrigued by the Activities feature, but I was a bit confused by it. I thought it was a way to track progress through a game or a mission, and it is in some games, but it’s also a lot more.

Sony obviously built the PS5 UI with how fast the SSD is, and rather than hold developers back from the game’s menus, they gave developers a universal, integrated way for players to load specific parts. games instantly.

Does Ps5 Have Quick Resume

Does Ps5 Have Quick Resume

The best thing about this is that you don’t need to be in the game to use the Activities. Say you’re in Spider-Man and you want to jump back into Astro’s Playroom on the level where you know you’ve found almost all the collectibles. You can do this by simply going to the Astro game icon and then going down to Activity. and level selection. Then you will literally be transported to that level in seconds.

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If you then want to return to Spider-Man Miles Morales, you can go to Activities and choose to continue with your main mission, or a side mission or challenge. It breaks the condition of loading into the game (which is also very fast) and lets you go straight to where you want.

Honestly, it has the potential to completely change how we interact with game menus. Once you’ve loaded a game for the first time, you may literally never have to look at that game’s main menu again.

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition uses the Activities feature in a completely different way. For example, you can simply go to the “Continue Game” bar instead of having to select a specific mission. So you can directly load your game without seeing a menu.

At first I was a little disappointed that the PS5 didn’t have a Quick Resume feature, and I’m still fine with it, but this completely changes the way you think about saving and loading games in-game, and me. I’m very excited to see how some games take advantage of this. Not having to navigate menus in FIFA or Call Of Duty could be an absolute blessing, so I’m really keen to see that happen. When discussing whether the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X do better at launch compared to each other, there is one. Features of Microsoft’s next-gen consoles that Sony lacks: Quick Resume feature to jump between games without exiting them completely. But PS5’s Activities Cards might be the next best thing, getting you into gaming faster than ever before on a PlayStation console.

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Xbox Series X/s Update Will Indicate Which Games Support Quick Resume

We’ve known since their introduction that these new Cards will allow you to jump through parts of the game almost instantly, but as pointed out in a now-viral tweet by @TheAP99 , specifically using the PS5’s main UI cards, there’s so much more to offer. flexibility to jump to specific points in different games.

In TheAP99’s video, you can see the use of Cards in a way that has always been an option, but not as obvious on PlayStation’s part. In the initial showcase of the new PS5 UI, the focus on Cards was mostly on their use in gameplay, such as Sackboy. With A Big Adventure, as players could progress through different levels using Cards in the PS5’s new control center. .

However, as mentioned in the video, each game will also have Activities Cards that live on their respective PS5 console pages, you’ll just have to navigate under the Game and Trophies buttons (an area many may be hesitant to enter given how slow everything below.can run on PS4). By clicking Resume on any of these cards, you can bypass the main menus, intro screens, etc. and jump right into the action. It’s certainly been a touted feature of Cards to get you through different parts of your games faster than ever before. But for players who want to make that jump from one game to another, that functionality is there, it’s just not the most obvious option, since most of your interactions with Cards will likely be through Control Center.

Does Ps5 Have Quick Resume

Again, it’s worth noting that this isn’t an exact feature compared to Quick Resume; you still exit the game and load another game, but if you’re open to the PS5 interface, you can get right to the moment. in the game you are looking for faster than just starting the game by clicking the “play” button on its page. But for example, I’m playing Demon’s Souls on my PS5 right now, and I can navigate to the PS5 console to select cards for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on its own page or in different levels, Cards on Sackboy. Via A Big Adventure page.

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The Ps5 Activities Feature Is Playstation’s Answer To Quick Resume And It’s Also A Game Changer

Of course, you can continue to access games as you traditionally do, and even use the PS5’s Game Switcher feature in Control Center to switch between games. But if you want to know more about the PS5’s hidden features and other functions, be sure to check out our comprehensive PS5 wiki guide.

Jonathon Dornbusch is the Senior News Editor, Head of Podcast Beyond!, and PlayStation. Talk to him on Twitter @jmdornbush.

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Does Ps5 Have Quick Resume

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Quick Resume In The Xbox Series X And S Is A Game Changer, Quite Literally

2 days ago 18 things to look out for in the new The Legend of Zelda. Tears of the Kingdom trailer 2 days ago – a review of all the interesting hints about the game’s story, world and mechanics. Zelda: Kingdom Tears Brendan Graeber + 3 others 51Sony PlayStation 5 may also have a Quick Resume feature similar to the Xbox Series X, according to a new filing.

Sony has been a little tight-lipped about the PS5’s features, whether its interface will look like or whether it will have a feature like Quick Resume. However, a new patent filed by Sony Interactive suggests that the PS5 may have a similar feature like Microsoft Quick Resume. (Image: Sony)

Microsoft has announced that its Xbox Series X will have a Quick Resume feature that will allow customers to multitask with ease. This will allow users to jump from game to game or resume a game after a three to four week hiatus without waiting for the game to reload. According to Microsoft, the longest game takes 6.5 seconds for this feature, which is a good thing. This is made possible by a special processor, configured SSD, GDDR6 RAM and other software.

Does Ps5 Have Quick Resume

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