Do You Print Resume Double Sided

Do You Print Resume Double Sided – So you have a lot of professional experience, and thus you have a two-page resume. Impressive! The most economical and eco-friendly thing would be to print on both sides of a piece of paper… but is it a good idea?

Resume should never be printed double sided. Employers don’t have to turn a page to see new information. By keeping the two page resume on two separate pages, the employer can see all the information he needs at once.

Do You Print Resume Double Sided

Do You Print Resume Double Sided

While it may seem like you’re doing your employer a favor by handing them one piece of paper instead of two, it can also make things tedious. One-sided resumes are traditional and account for almost all resumes given to employers. If a resume is double-sided, an employer may think that a page is missing.

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Employers are not required to turn the resume upside down, so it just makes yours look incomplete. It’s possible that they might think you sent only half your resume, which would likely disqualify you from running.

It’s best if an employer can get the employee’s skills at a glance, and they can’t if they constantly need to flip a paper over.

This is especially true for those who have many years of experience, and many certifications or awards (such as CFA, Magna Cum Laude, etc.).

Employers want to get a comprehensive understanding of your experiences, so don’t be afraid to write a two-page resume, as long as it’s all relevant and impactful of the information you’re presenting.

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The rule is that you can’t have a double-sided resume, but can you piece the pages together? There is no consensus. This is because before disposal, documents containing personal information must be truncated for confidentiality purposes.

Stapled pages also run the risk of sticking out one end of the staple and taking a person’s hand out. Do yourself and your future employers a favor and give them the page unstepped.

While these rules seem trivial, it’s best not to leave your resume out for the wrong reasons.

Do You Print Resume Double Sided

Resumes follow many guidelines because they make it easy for an employer to quickly filter through several hundred resumes.

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Using a variety of abbreviations, properly listing research jobs such as dates or experiences, even achievements such as making a dean list all have rules regarding their proper composition on a resume.

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The only part of a resume that should make you stand out is the experience and knowledge that you have.

Stick to the classic resume structure rules, and never assume that an employer won’t be a stickler for these things!

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Hey mate S! It’s me, Marcel. I am the proud owner of Languages ​​have always been my passion and I studied Linguistics, Computational Linguistics and Synology at the University of Zurich. It is my great pleasure to share with you all what I know about languages ​​and linguistics in general. While a one-page resume is often considered the standard expectation of employers, there is a case for using a two-page resume.

The key to deciding whether to use a two-page resume is examining what content the second page will be filled with. When considering which length to choose, ask yourself the following questions:

You should probably try a one-page resume until you fit one of the examples listed above.

Do You Print Resume Double Sided

Basically, you should use a one-page resume for any job that doesn’t require an extensive work history section.

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The rationale behind this is that most hiring managers will have multiple applications and have to sort them out.

Now that we’ve covered where and when to use a two-page resume, let’s discuss the pros and cons of each.

However, it’s still a good idea to consider the potential usefulness of having a two-pager on hand.

When it comes to how the length of your resume will affect your chances of getting hired, it ultimately depends on the job.

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That means it’s important to read the job description thoroughly and look for key details to help you along the way.

It is always important to analyze what the employer is looking for and what type of resume will be most effective.

Example 1: You are applying for an entry-level consulting position at a company: Incorrect: Submitting a two-page resume to this position probably won’t work in your favor.

Do You Print Resume Double Sided

Why it’s wrong: There will always be a high level of competition for entry-level positions. This means that you will want to convey the most important information about yourself as briefly as possible.

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Should I Print My Resume On Both Sides?” — The Answer

Correct: A one-page resume is much better for this application. In this case, you want to get your foot in the door and showcase your most relevant and best qualities for the interview! Example 2: You are applying for a senior level position in an industry in which you have worked for 10+ years Wrong: Submitting a one-page resume will not help you stand out from the competition.

Why It’s Wrong: If you’re applying for a senior level position with 10+ years of experience under your belt, you want to show it! Employers looking to fill high-level positions will take too much time to read and analyze your resume, so don’t be shy with details.

Right: Use a two-page resume to showcase your experience, promotions, achievements and awards! Should the length of my resume be different depending on the job?

Each time you submit a resume for a new job application, it is key to create a resume for the specific job.

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This will show employers that you have paid attention to what they are asking for in your application.

It will also relay that you have taken the time and effort to put together a resume, demonstrating your competence for the job they are offering.

Want more tips on how to make your resume unique to specific employers? Check out our guide on how to prepare your resume for any job in 4 easy steps.

Do You Print Resume Double Sided

The length of your resume isn’t the only formatting concern. If you need further help with your resume format, take a look at our guide on How to Choose the Right Resume Format in 2021 (With Examples)! What to include on each page of a two-page resume

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Put both of these information in the top header of your resume. It should look similar to the following:

It is also recommended to provide some sort of indicator that the resume is multiple pages. An easy way to achieve this is to include page numbers in the footer.

On your second page, you should leave out your professional summary to save space but still include your name and contact information.

Generally speaking, if you are including a second page it should be dedicated to one of three things:

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If you can only fill the other page halfway, you should go back and edit it on page one.

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A two-page resume should be reserved for candidates who have several years of experience or several different awards and certificates.

By writing a two-page version of your resume, you can include a lot more information than usual.

Do You Print Resume Double Sided

Even if you don’t plan on submitting a two-page version, having it on hand will help make sure you’re including all of the most important information.

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It’s good to have a base resume to create, but you want your resume to be tailored for the specific job you’re looking for.

Not only will this help your resume pass the ATS inspection, but it will also show hiring managers that you are paying attention to keywords and desired qualifications.

Still feeling unclear about the optimal length for your resume? Read our guide How long should a resume be in 2021? (With Tips on How to Fit on One Page)! General Tips for Creating a Multi-Page Resume

It’s important to ask yourself when choosing between a one or two page resume: is all this information really necessary?

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For more help making your resume as effective as possible, read our guide on How to Write the Perfect Resume in 2021 (With Examples).

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Not sure which degree to list? If you should include GPA? It just so happens that there are many ways to effectively catalog your education.

Do You Print Resume Double Sided

Your resume header is the first thing an employer sees. It not only needs to have the right information, but it also needs to stand out! In this guide, we’ll teach you how to write the ideal header for your resume.

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